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Ameo Powerbreather Snorkel

The¬†AmeoÔĽŅ Powerbreather¬†is an¬†advanced snorkel¬†that is both easy to use and maximizes endurance, performance, and training. Any swimmer, whether you are a beginner or a pro will quickly notice the advantages of the Ameo Powerbreather Snorkel.¬† The patented design of the¬†Ameo Powerbreather¬†features a¬†100%¬†Fresh Air System¬†with a¬†dual snorkel air intake¬†system and a separate valve for exhaled air and moisture.¬† With a traditional snorkel exhaled carbon dioxide¬†recirculates with incoming fresh air, so you aren't getting fully fresh air and you are drastically impairing your performance.¬† The good news is that those problems are now solved with the¬†Ameo Powerbreather¬†and you will experience a¬†noticeable improvement in endurance and performance. In addition, the¬†Twist Lock System¬†allows you to comfortably but snuggly secure the¬†Powerbreather¬†to your head and it accommodates most swimming goggles.¬† You will now be effortlessly breathing 100% fresh air and you can relax into the rhythm of your swim or focus on technique and enjoy 100% endurance performance.¬† The Ameo Powerbreather is currently available in 3 designs; Powerbreather Wave, Powerbreather Lap, and Powerbreather Sport.¬† We will help you find the Ameo Powerbreather that will work best for you and with our fast shipping, you will quickly be seeing the numerous benefits of the advanced snorkel.

Ameo Powerbreather Snorkel Banner.  Shows the underview of a man using the Powerbreather in a pool.

Ameo Powerbreather Owners Manual and Instructions

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Ameo Powerbreather Wave advanced snorkel.  From the mouth the snorkel goes up each side of a users face, so there are 2 snorkels.  Each is white with light blue highlights, the end vents are light blue as well. The black mouthpiece and black twist lock head clamp are also seen.  Below the Powerbreather Wave are the Speed Vent Easy and Speed Vent Easy Long attachments. Ameo Powerbreather Wave
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Ameo Powerbreather Lap display picture. The advanced snorkel features a snorkel that does up each side of your face.  The white snorkels have light blue highlights with light blue end pieces.  The mouthpiece and twist lock head clamp are black.  There is a closeup of the 2 Speed Vent Easy attachments and 2 Flip Cap attachments below the Powerbreather Lap.  Both attachments are light blue. Ameo Powerbreather Lap Snorkel
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Ameo Powerbreather Sport Display image. There is a snorkel that goes up on each side of the face.  Each snorkel is white with light blue highllights.  There is a black mouthpiece and black twist lock head clamp. Ameo Powerbreather Sport

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