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    Sea Eagle FishSkiff 16 Inflatable Fishing Boat

    The Sea Eagle FIshSkiff 16 Inflatable Fishing Boat allows you to access the very best fishing locations without the trouble of having to tag along a hefty vessel. The FishSkiff 16 makes it easy to store your fishing boat almost anywhere and set it up at a moment's notice when the time is right. This incredible fishing boat will travel with you anywhere; to airports, campgrounds, or straight to your favorite lake, pond, river, or stream. There's no limit to where you can go. You will be able to access any fishing spot your desire, including those that are hard to reach by larger fishing boats or by land.

    Enjoy an extremely durable craft, with heavy-duty 1000 Denier PVC material that will withstand even the harshest conditions. Premium drop-stitch construction ensures a high-quality product that's sure to last long into the future. Virtually unsinkable, the uncompromising inflatable fishing boat from Sea Eagle features three independent air chambers to help it stay afloat no matter the conditions. Customize your Sea Eagle FishSkiff however you choose with Scotty pads that are located on the bow and stern for any of your favorite gadgets and gear.

    The level of versatility you will enjoy with your Sea Eagle inflatable fishing boat is virtually unmatched. You can choose between either paddling with the included paddles to get you from place to place, or an easily-attached motor that is compatible with the available transom mount. There's plenty of room to accommodate solo excursions, as well as configurations for two so that you can have some company on your outings. When not in use, roll it up and keep your inflatable boat in the closet, your car trunk, your garage, or anywhere you see fit. Low profile gunwales offer easy access to fish right where you need it most, yet protect you from small waves. The Sea Eagle FishSkiff 16 is also completely self-bailing, so any water that does get inside the boat will easily flow out.

    These gunwales are also ideal for those who enjoy snorkeling or scuba diving, letting you get in and out of the water completely trouble-free. Two built-in fish rulers on either side of your inflatable boat allow you to quickly and easily find out if your catch is legal and one to keep… and how much you can brag to your friends. The extremely efficient design minimizes drag and also boosts fuel efficiency for long trips into the river, lake, or pond. Designed with fishing enthusiasts in mind, the boat is also perfect for campers, hunters, and outdoorsmen of every variety.

     Those seeking to use their inflatable fishing boat in inclement weather can attach the optional sun and rain canopy to brackets on the craft to guard against rain, snow, and every kind of weather. Be prepared for any situation, with an incredibly flexible and portable fishing boat that functions around your personal lifestyle. With plenty of room for all of your gear and fish, you'll be able to stay on the water and keep fishing for as long as you choose. The double reinforced flooring with a non-slip surface lets you stand and cast your rod at will without any worry of slippage or instability.

     With a length of 16 feet and a weight capacity of 1765 lbs, the Sea Eagle inflatable fishing boat is truly any avid fisherman's very best friend. Buy one today for yourself or as a gift for the fishing enthusiast in your life, and experience new opportunities and horizons for unmatched fishing adventures. 

     Sea Eagle FishSkiff 16 Inflatable Fishing Skiff features

    • Heavy-duty 1000 Denier PVC material for a highly durable and long-lasting inflatable fishing boat.  This boat is designed to be able to endure any conditions including streams with low water areas and rocks.
    • Drop stitch construction combined with three (3) independent air chambers with up to 15psi of air pressure makes the fishing skiff extremely stable and durable.  This design is also safety-focused and is extremely user-friendly.
    • The completely self-bailing design combined with the separate air chambers design makes the inflatable fishing skiff unsinkable.
    • Low profile gunwales get us extremely close to the water and make bringing fish on board and catch & release easy, and less stressful on the fish.
    • Scotty Pads are located on the bow and stern so that you can customize your inflatable fishing boat with a variety of accessories
    • Non-slip EVA foam decking gives you secure footing.  You can stand and cast with no worries and also stand to get the right angle to reel in any fish that wants to put up a fight.
    • A removable transom makes the inflatable boat lighter, more portable, and easier to check on an airplane.  When the transom is in place you can easily attach a 6hp outboard motor.  FishSkiff 16 will travel up to 17 mph with a 6hp motor.  You can quickly get around and hop to different fishing spots easily.
    • Two (2) built-in 40" fish rulers are conveniently located on each side of the inflatable fishing skiff.  Now you will quickly know if your catch is legal, and also let you know of the exact size so that you can start bragging to your friends!
    • Easily rolls up and can be transported in the trunk of your car and stored in a closet or storage area at home.
    • Efficient design minimizes draft and drag and maximizes paddling and fuel efficiency.  No wasted paddles and no wasted fuel.  We think everybody can get behind that.
    • Six (6) grab handles conveniently located throughout the inflatable fishing boat make it easy to transport and get in and out of the water.
    • Easy to use by either 1 or 2 fishermen.  Whether you are looking for a solo fishing trip and have some company, this inflatable fishing boat will suit you well.
    • Rubbing Strake to protect against wear and chafing.  This added durability increases the life of your fishing skiff so that you can be enjoying it for years.
    • Canopy brackets to easily attach the optional Wide Sun & Rain Canopy. Now your fishing adventures won't be stopped by any weather conditions.

    Sea Eagle FishSkiff 16 Inflatable Fishing Boat specifications:

    • Max Capacity: 2 people, up to 1765 lbs including gear and fish
    • Length: 16 feet
    • Width:  4ft 6 inches
    • Interior: 12 feet by 3 feet
    • Hull Weight:  101 lbs, 110 lbs with transom in place
    • Deflated Dimensions:  5 ft x 2 ft x 1 ft
    • Tube Diameter:  6 inches
    • 3 Independent Air Chambers
    • 1000 Denier Drop Stitch Material
    • Quadruple overlapped and superior glued seams
    • Double reinforced flooring with a non-slip surface
    • Inflation Pressure:  15 psi
    • Estimate Speeds: 17 mph with 1 fisherman, 14 mph with 2.
    • Certified by the National Marine Manufacturers Association and the CE (European Certification)

    Sea Eagle FishSkiff 16 Owner's Manual and Instructions

    The Sea Eagle FishSkiff 16 is available in 3 discount packages:

    FishSkiff16 Solo Startup package includes: 

    • FishSkiff 16 inflatable hull
    • Green Swivel Seat Fish Rig
    • SUP Paddle, Carry Bag
    • Manual Select SUP Pump
    • 7" Pedestal
    • Repair Kit.

    (A $2,570 Value after shipping, before pkg discount)

    FishSkiff16 2 Person Swivel Seat package includes: 

    • FishSkiff 16 inflatable hull
    • 2 Green Swivel Seat Fish Rigs
    • SUP Paddle
    • Carry Bag
    • Manual Select SUP Pump
    • (2) 7" Pedestal
    • Repair Kit

    (A $2,824 value after shipping, before pkg discount)

    FishSkiff16 2 Person Swivel Seat with Canopy package includes: 

    • FishSkiff 16 inflatable hull
    • 2 Green Swivel Seat Fish Rigs
    • Wide Sun & Rain Canopy
    • SUP Paddle
    • Carry Bag
    • Manual Select SUP Pump
    • (2) 7" Pedestal
    • Repair Kit

    (A $$3,053 value after shipping, before pkg discount) 

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Matthew Lantgen
    Sea Skiff 16’ inflatable boat

    I am beyond pleased with my purchase and for the service of SplashyMcfun, specifically Nate who handled ALL of my questions concerns and me changing my mind like 4 times. I got the boat when promised even though it was back ordered. Had it on the lake on the 4th and it was great. It’s like almost owning a real boat but not having to take up my whole driveway. 10/10 would smash bank again.

    Thanks Matthew, we are very happy to hear that!

    Have a great summer and we hope to see you again!