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  • Bixpy Jet Kayak Motor K-1 Outboard Kit

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    Bixpy Jet K-1 Outboard Kayak Motor Kit

    The Bixpy Jet Kayak Motor Outboard Kit will enhance your days on the water and maximize your fun and enjoyment. 

    You will efficiently and effortlessly enjoy your adventures, allowing you to relax and fully take in the experience and not be worn out afterward.  You will be able to extend your adventures for longer durations with the Bixpy Jet Kayak Motor and quickly travel between areas with ease. 

    While it is referred to as the Bixpy Jet Kayak Motor, it is designed to fit almost any watercraft, in addition to kayaks, it also is perfect for canoes, inflatable boats, inflatable pontoons, SUPs, float tubes, dinghies, and more. 

    If fishing is part of your plan you can utilize this kayak jet motor to cover more water, fish more areas, and save more time traveling between spots.  Between the time saved, energy saved, and enjoyment maximized the Bixpy Jet Outboard Kayak Motor has made its case for the best kayak motors for sale, and we are confident that you will think the same.

    With a thrust of 33 lbs, the Bixpy Jet Kayak Motor will have you topping out at up to 7 mph with middle speeds between 4-4.5 mph for most kayaks.  This saves you a lot of time and energy while also enhancing your adventures and experiences.  Both the Bixpy Thruster and Bixpy Outboard Power Pack are lightweight and easy to set up. 

    You will see a run-time of up to 10 hours when traveling at trolling speeds and approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes of full-throttle constant use.  Conveniently, the PP-378 Bixpy Jet Motor Kayak Lithium-Ion Battery is easily rechargeable by plugging into a standard wall outlet and you can use more than 1 battery for extra long excursions. 

    The battery also features a 5v and a 12v auxiliary outlet so that you can charge your phone and other electronics.  Between the performance, the emission-free lithium power, and the long run time you will see why many consider it the best kayak battery on the best kayak motor for sale.

    Many features of the Bixpy Jet Kayak Motor Outboard Kit make it stand out from the rest.  The wireless remote control makes changing speed and even direction a breeze.

    You can kick back and enjoy your kayaking experience like never before. No worries about the remote control accidentally slipping out of your hand and into the water, the remote control and power pack are both waterproof, the components are corrosion-free, safe for freshwater and saltwater, and they float. 

    A 2-step magnetic kill switch allows you to completely stop the kayak jet motor or activate the kill switch emergency maneuver and operate at 50% power.

    Because the Bixpy Jet features a modular design you can use the same Bixpy Jet Kayak Motor and connect it to a Swim Jet Power Pack for use on snorkeling and scuba diving expeditions. 

    Now you are really talking about a product that will maximize your kayak, SUP, swimming, diving, and snorkeling experiences. 

    Additionally, this jet kayak motor is designed to fit canoes, inflatable boats, paddleboards, floating tubes, dinghies, and other small watercraft. This will be a game-changer for your days on the water as you won't find a more versatile, nor more experience-enhancing recreational water sports product on the market. 

    Get your Bixpy Jet Kayak Motor Outboard Kit and start maximizing your water adventures today! 

    Bixpy Jet Outboard Kayak Motor Features and Benefits:

    • The Bixpy Jet Kayak Motor features a high-tech, incredibly long-lasting, and efficient lithium-ion battery.  A kayak motor run-time of up to 12 hours at slower, trolling speeds and about 1 hour 20 minutes at constant full throttle and a speed of around 7 mph will give you ample time to explore, fish, or enjoy the day.  An easy-to-view 6-LED power light indicator is located on the top of the Bixpy Outboard Power Pack so that you will always know exactly how much power you have used and have left.  This kayak battery makes the case as the best kayak battery of any kayak motors for sale
    • The Bixpy Jet Kayak Motor Power Pack and Bixpy Thruster are both extremely lightweight while packing a thrust of 33 lbs.  Including the battery, the power pack weighs in at just 9 lbs, while the thruster weighs in at just over 2 lbs, so you will easily be able to transport your jet kayak motor and power pack between adventures and it will be easy to setup.  The jet kayak motors 30 lbs of thrust will make sure you have plenty of power to enjoy your adventure at different speeds.  This thrust will push even a 240 lbs kayak with 2 adults through the water against currents and tides.
    • Wireless remote control for the Bixpy Outboard Power Pack makes operating the kayak jet motor easy which makes your day more enjoyable.  The remote has a range of 25ft - 30ft and gives you the option of 12 different forward speeds and 3 different reverse speeds.  You will have ample options when it comes to finding the exact right speed that you want to be traveling and will be able to change that speed in an instant.  Your kayaking days are about to get easier, more relaxing, more efficient, and more enjoyable.
    • Safety features are in place to protect you and your Bixpy Kayak Motor Mount Outboard Power Pack. A 2-Step Magnetic Kill Switch allows you to stop the jet kayak motor or activate the kill-switch emergency maneuver and operate at 50% power in case you were to drop or lose the remote.  Operate your Bixpy Jet Kayak Motor with confidence knowing that there are safety features in place in the unlikely event you drop the remote.  Additionally, both the Outboard Power Pack and the wireless remote control will float in case they accidentally end up in the water.  Both the Power Pack and Remote Control are dirt-proof and waterproof and all components are corrosion resistant this helps ensure that your entire Bixpy Jet Kayak Motor Outboard Power Pack Kit is safe for both freshwater and saltwater use.  The Bixpy Jet is rated IB68 for all submersed parts and an IB67 rating for all parts that are subject to even light splashing. The attention to detail with these protective steps ensures your safety and your Outboard Power Pack with Remote Control's longevity.
    • The Rechargeable 25.2v (378 Wh) Lithium-Ion Battery is emission-free, easy to recharge from any standard wall outlet, and has 5v and 12v auxiliary cables for you to charge a phone, fish finder, or other electronics.  A charge time of just 4.5 hours will get you a full 10 hours of run time at slower speeds.  You can efficiently charge your battery for a full day of use in any wall outlet and because the batteries are removable you can also charge a second battery as a replacement for even longer kayaking adventures.  The zero-emission battery allows you to enjoy the conveniences of a powered motor without worrying about harming fish, wildlife, or the environment.  With a 5v and 12v auxiliary outlet you will be able to keep your phone or electronics in use if they get low on battery.  All of these safety features and conveniences not only make your kayaking experience more efficient and more enjoyable, they also make them safer.
    • The Bixpy Thruster's modular design allows you to use the same thruster as a Bixpy Kayak Jet Motor and also use it for snorkeling and scuba diving by attaching it to a Handheld Power Pack for a Swim Jet or Scuba Jet.  This versatility is another way for you to get more use out of your investment and allow you to kayak to a destination and then go on powered snorkeling or scuba adventure with the same Bixpy Thruster.
    Bixpy Jet Kayak Motor Performance Chart

    Bixpy Jet Kayak Motors for Sale Specifications:

    • Includes: (1) Bixpy Thruster, (1) Bixpy 333Wh Outboard Power Pack, (1) Wireless Remote Control, (1) 100-240V Charger, (1) Magnetic Kill Switch with Leash, and (1) User Manual
    • Bixpy Thruster Size: 10.75in L x 3.27in W x 3.59in H
    • Bixpy Thruster Weight: 2.2 lbs
    • Outboard Power Pack Size: 11.3in L x 8.75in W x 3.2in H
    • Outboard Power Pack Weight: 9 lbs including battery
    • Speeds: 12 speeds forward and 3 speeds in reverse
    • Thrust: 30 lbs
    • Top Speed: Up to 7 mph
    • Remote Control Range: 25ft - 30ft
    • Outboard Power Pack Battery: Rechargeable 25.9v Lithium-Ion, Emission Free
    • Watt-Hours: 333 Wh
    • Battery: 25.9 Volts, Rechargeable
    • Power Pack Status: 6 LED light indicator on top of the power pack
    • Charge Time: 4.5 hours
    • Running Time: 75 minutes of continuous use at top speed, up to 10 hours at slow speed
    • Safety: High-quality magnetic kill leash for emergency shut-off. Floating power pack and remote.
    • Protection: Waterproof and corrosion-resistant housing and components that also keeps debris and dirt out.
    • Water Use: Marine grade stainless steel components for salt water or fresh water use
    • Auxiliary Outlet: 5V & 12V

    Bixpy Jet Kayak Motor Adapters:

    User Guides and Manuals for the Bixpy Kayak Outboard Power Pack and Bixpy Kayak Jet Motor for Sale:

    Bixpy Jet Kayak Motor Mounts Instruction Manuals:

       WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm – www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 2 reviews
        Keith C.
        Bixpy J2 outdoor kit with thru the hull adapter

        Okay first off the photo is of a J1 motor, dont let that throw you.
        This is my second purchase of this J2 unit. I have had the first one 6 months and love the compact size, light weight (11 lbs. Total) with battery. The fact that it has 12 forward and 3 reverse speeds and it has a kill switch if you fall off unlike most trolling motor set ups. The power for such a small prop is good. Run time is great.
        Price sucks compared to a trolling motor but size, weight, remote and run time does soften the blow a bit. For me the plug and play thru the hull adapter puts it over the top for me. I am using two Pelican Getaway pedal drive kayaks and the Bixpy set ups work great on them. The extension cable helps make it that much more adaptable.
        Would I buy it again? Well, I did this is the second purchase so yes I would.

        William S.
        Awesome product!!!

        This kit is the simplest installation and perfect to upgrade your kayak.

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