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Kayaking has long been a favorite activity for water sports enthusiasts. Now the innovative design of our inflatable kayaks and modular kayaks has seen them increase in popularity amongst kayakers over the last several years.  Splashy McFun carries high-quality inflatable kayaks, modular kayaks, and inflatable canoes; the Advanced Elements, Point 65, Sea Eagle, Airhead Blue Wave, Outdoor Tuff, Rave, and Sevylor brands all carry a lot of clout in the water sports industry.  We offer a variety of Sit-In Kayaks, Sit-On-Top Kayaks, Touring Kayaks, Fishing Kayaks, and Whitewater Kayaks. 

Most first time owners are surprised at the amazing convenience and portability of our modular and inflatable kayaks.  They are the most durable, stable, high-performing, and high-quality kayaks for sale on the market.  The inflatable kayaks are manufactured with an excellent material that produces remarkable strength. Click here for a video testament to their integrity. Order your inflatable kayak or modular kayak today and get the adventures started!