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Power House Ice Eater Parts | Ice Eater Accessories

Ice Eater Motor | Ice Eater Thermostat | Ice Eater Timer | Ice Eater Shroud | Ice Eater Power Cord | Ice Eater Brackets

Power House Ice Eaters are the most efficient and easy to use dock de-icers on the market. With the addition of an Ice Eater Accessory, you can maximize performance, longevity, and convenience. 

  • PowerHouse Ice Eater Thermostats and Ice Eater Timers are very handy and convenient add on.  Enjoy the convenience of not having to turn your Ice Eater On/Off when the temperature changes or keep it set on a regular cycle.  Ice Eater Thermostats and Timers are our most often purchased add on and their convenience cannot be understated.
  • A PowerHouse Ice Eater Motor Replacement will sometimes be needed and we have them available and they are easy to setup and install.  Ice Eater Motor Replacements are available in multiple cord lengths to match your needs.
  • Sometimes the Ice Eater Motor will be fine, but a new Ice Eater Shroud is needed.  These are also available for purchase and are easy to install with the predrilled holes and ready to be hung from mooring lines.  A Replacement Ice Eater Shroud is available in 2 sizes to fit any Ice Eater.
  • For protection in salt water, an Ice Eater Electrolysis Kit and/or Ice Eater Aluminum Alloy Anode will need to be installed.  Salt water can damage the Ice Eater but these Ice Eater Electrolysis Kit and Ice Eater Anode will offer full protection for the Ice Eater.
  • Additional Ice Eater Parts and Accessories include Ice Eater Mooring Lines, Ice Eater Shackles, Ice Eater Motor Brackets, Ice Eater Screen Kits, Ice Eater Power CordsIce Eater Propellers, and PowerHouse Aerator Propellers.  These items can all greatly enhance the performance, longevity, and convenience of your Power House Ice Eater.

Set your PowerHouse Ice Eater up for maximum performance and maximum convenience with PowerHouse Ice Eater Parts and Accessories!  Order now and we will include Free Shipping on all orders above $50.  (Limited Time Offer) 

PowerHouse Ice Eater & Accessories Buyers Guide & Brochure 

Splashy Spotlight: Bearon Aquatics - PowerHouse Ice Eater Review 

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