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  • Airmax EcoSeries 1/2 HP Pond Fountain

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    Airmax EcoSeries ½ HP Floating Pond Fountain

    For a pond aerator fountain that is as beautiful as it is practical, consider the Airmax EcoSeries ½ Hp Floating Pond Fountain. This pond fountain showcases an industry-leading spray while also enhancing the health of your pond. Your EcoSeries fountain includes 3 aesthetically pleasing spray patterns that are produced by an energy-efficient ½ Hp motor that outperforms most ¾ Hp and some 1 Hp pond fountains.

     The 3 included spray patterns for the AirMax EcoSeries are the Classic pattern, Trumpet, and Crown and Trumpet. The Classic is a high volume v-shaped pattern with a 6ft by 14ft spray. The Trumpet pattern produces a 10ft high burst of water into the air with a 6ft wide trumpet-like spray. Last, but not least, the Crown and Trumpet spray feature a 6ft high trumpet spray inside a 3ft 6in high and 28ft wide outer spray. You can select your desired spray pattern from the convenient control panel and by easily switching the nozzles.

     A floating pond fountain is a perfect way to enhance your pond and create a pleasant atmosphere. Relaxing outside near your pond with the beautiful spray and pleasing sounds of water splashing into your pond is hard to beat. On top of the tranquil setting it creates, it also keeps water moving in your pond which will help with a reduction in insects. Get an AirMax EcoSeries Fountain in your pond and you will quickly be raving about your setting.

     Your EcoSeries pond fountain is built with quality and precision for long-lasting enjoyment, and it works in as little as 24ft of water. A proven energy efficient 1/2 HP motor that draws 5.8 Amps and 696 watts on 120 volts of power is included. The asynchronous motor is completely sealed, which means it is fully submersible and durable. It has a silicon carbide shaft bearing and a ceramic shaft, which are housed within a stainless-steel body with a suction screen. You can choose from three spray patterns, which you can then control from a control panel.

     The pond aerator comes with a plug-and-play control panel. With the control, you can run your fountain as well as set the optional LED Light Set if you purchased that feature as well. The control panel is also equipped with a photocell and timer. Choose from the standard control panel, the deluxe control panel, or the deluxe control panel with auxiliary power.

     The AirMax EcoSeries comes with several cord options to fit your needs. You can purchase without a cord if you already have a floating pond fountain, go with the standard 100ft cord, or go with a longer power cord length. You may also choose either the standard power cord, or the poly-flex or stainless-steel options for enhanced power cord protection.

     The EcoSeries pond fountain is extremely easy to assemble and install. You don’t need any special tools for assembly or for changing nozzles. The pond fountain comes with an underwater quick disconnect cord so you can easily remove the motor and float. Because ponds come in all different shapes and sizes, the only thing not included is the mooring lines.

     To add eye-catching beauty to your pond or lake, get the AirMax EcoSeries ½ Hp Floating Pond Fountain.  With the variety of spray patterns, superior fountain motor performance, and long-lasting durability, you will be adding to the enjoyment of your waterfront property for years to come.

    Airmax EcoSeries 1/2 HP Floating Pond Fountain Features and Benefits:

    • An energy-efficient, yet high performing ½ Hp motor.  This gives you a tremendous spray that outperforms larger horsepower motors while you also save on electricity expenses.
    • Three spray patterns are included.  The Classic, Trumpet, and Crown and Trumpet spray patterns all come with your purchase, so you are really getting 3 fountains in 1.  The patterns are easy to change and do noes not require tools.
    • A control panel equipped with a timer and photocell will allow you to run your fountain and fountain light kit if you choose to add it.  This makes your life easy and allows for easy changes.
    • Easy to install and easy to change nozzles means that your high-performing and energy-efficient pond fountain is also user-friendly.
    • The asynchronous motor is completely sealed, which means it is fully submersible and durable.
    • 3-Year Warranty.  When you see a quality warranty offered, you know that you are getting a quality product.  A 3-year warranty means that you can purchase risk-free while knowing that you are getting a first-class floating pond fountain.

    AirMax EcoSeries Pond Fountain in the middle of a pond.

    Airmax EcoSeries 1/2 HP Fountain Specifications:

    • Classic Spray Pattern Dimensions: 6'H x 16'W
    • Trumpet Spray Pattern Dimensions: 14'H x 7' W
    • Crown & Trumpet Spray Pattern Dimensions: 8'H x 32' W
    • 1/2 Hp Motor draws 5.8 Amps and 696 Watts on 120v power.
    • Minimum Operating Depth: 24ft
    • EcoSeries Fountain purchase includes:  Classic Spray Pattern, Crown and Trumpet Spray Pattern, Trumpet Spray Pattern, Plug and Play Control Panel, and Power Cord with Disconnect.
    • The standard power cord length is 100ft, you can also choose from 150’’, 200’’, 250’’, 300’’, 350’’ or 400’’ power cord lengths.
    • Airmax EcoSeries™ 1/2 HP Product Manual - Prior Jun 2018
    • Airmax EcoSeries™ 1/2 HP Product Manual - Jun 2018
    • 3-Year Warranty

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