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Ameo Powerbreather Sport

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Powerbreather Sport Edition Swimming Snorkel by Ameo

The Ameo Powerbreather Sport Edition is an advanced snorkel that is easy to use and provides several benefits to any swimmer, whether you are a beginner or a pro.  The patented design of the Ameo Powerbreather features a 100% Fresh Air System with a dual snorkel air intake system and a separate valve for exhaled air and moisture.  With a traditional snorkel exhaled carbon dioxide recirculates with incoming fresh air, so you aren't getting fully fresh air and you are drastically impairing your performance.  The good news is that those problems are now solved with the Ameo Powerbreather and you will experience a noticeable improvement in endurance and performance. In addition, the Twist Lock System allows you to comfortably but snuggly secure the Powerbreather to your head and it accommodates most swimming goggles.  You will now be effortlessly breathing 100% fresh air and you can relax into the rhythm of your swim or focus on technique and enjoy 100% endurance performance.  

The Sport Edition of the Ameo Powerbreather is tailored to open water swimmers and triathletes training in calm waters, pool swimmers not using flip turns, swimmers with neck injuries that have difficulty turning their neck, flat water snorkeling, and Seabob owners.  The Powerbreather Sport features speed vents that ensure dry, oxygen-rich air.  With a superior breathing system, you will be gracefully swimming and effortlessly breathing achieving greater performance and endurance than you thought possible.


Benefits of the Ameo Powerbreather Sport:

  • 100% Pure Fresh Air with each and every breath.  No CO2 will be recirculated and rebreathed, greatly harm endurance and performance.  Dual snorkel air intake and separate exhale release channel ensure that you get your best swim.
  • No breathing in of water.  The top tubes of the advanced snorkel are closed off unless you are breathing in.  As long as you don't inhale underwater, no water will come in.  This means you can get a breath, take a dive underwater, and no water will enter the snorkel.
  • Increased awareness of technique and form.  Training with the Powerbreather is more productive and gains in performance come quicker.
  • Easy to use and very natural.  Works with any downward facing stroke; breast, butterfly, crawl, or even a sidestroke.  
  • Breathing is easy and consistent; fresh oxygenated air with every breath.
  • No issues with moisture or saliva buildup.  All you have to do is inhale and exhale normally and any liquid will flush out.
  • Easier to enjoy your surroundings, marine life, and the environment below you.
  • Fully adjustable for a secure, snug fit on any head from about 10 years and older.

Ameo Powerbreather Sport Snorkel features:

  • Speed Vents - Dual snorkel vents give you a superior 2-way breathing system for constant dry, oxygen-rich air, free of carbon dioxide.  Different styles for different training goals.
  • Easy Fit Air Junction - Quick and easy attachment with a comfortable wear and great fit.
  • Twist Lock System - Quickly and easily achieve a secure, snug, yet extremely comfortable fit.  Easily accommodates most swim goggles.
  • D-Tubes - D-shaped design gives you an extremely comfortable fit, optimal airflow inside the snorkel, and minimal drag.

Who should be using a Powerbreather Sport?

  • Swimmers of all skill levels that are looking to improve their technique, strength, endurance, and/or respiratory training.
  • Recreational swimmers in calm, open waters.
  • Pool swimmers that are not executing flip turns.
  • Swimmers with neck issues that make turning your neck more difficult or painful. 
  • Flat water snorkeling
  • Professional swimmers looking to gain an edge. (USA Triathlon regulations permit the use of the Powerbreather, however, in Ironman events no snorkel is allowed. Many Ironman athletes use the Powerbreather for training.  Be sure to consult race officials if you intend to use the Powerbreather in competition.)
  • Seabob owners

Ameo Powerbreather Sport Snorkel Specifications:

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