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Bearon Aquatics PowerHouse Ice Eaters for Sale

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Bearon Aquatics - PowerHouse Ice Eater for Sale

The damage that ice can do to your dock, boat, marina, or pier is nothing to take lightly. You have a lot of money in those investments and protecting them from expensive damages and time-consuming repairs should be high on your priority list.  The good news is that protecting those investments is easy with Bearon AquaticsPower House Ice Eaters

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In the winter these energy-efficient dock deicers are your best insurance policy and protection from ice damage and they are also great when used as a pond de-icer for duck hunting. 

In the summer they are great for pond and lake aeration, weed control, removing muck from your cove, lake, or pond, creating currents to attract fish, and removing oil spills around your dock or boat. 

Bearon Aquatics Ice Eaters use an energy-efficient 115v or 230v motor that is available with a 1/4 Hp Ice Eater Motor, 1/2 Hp Ice Eater Motor, 3/4 Hp Ice Eater Motor, or 1 Hp Ice Eater Motor to create a powerful thrust that forces warmer water from below the surface up to the top. The PowerHouse Ice Eater creates a continuous flow of that warmer water to melt existing ice, prevent ice from forming, and open up to an 80ft diameter hole! 

There is a Bearon Aquatics Ice Eater model for small boats all the way up to large boats and multi-slip docks.  All Bearon Aquatics - Powerhouse Ice Eaters features the patented heavy-duty PVC Venturi Housing to circulate more freshwater and saltwater than any other dock de-icer while also protecting the de-icer propeller and motor and ensuring elite performance, efficiency, and effectiveness in any climate. 


The Power House Ice Eater P750-25-115 dock de-icer melting ice in 4 different examples.  A circle of water has been created around the docks and boats after the Ice Eaters by Powerhouse have been put into the water.


Another great use of the Ice Eater is for waterfowl hunting. When combined with a Shallow Water Stand You will quickly see how an ice eater can open up a frozen pond and create a hunter's dream! When you are duck hunting and you have the only open water in the region, you can see a lot of activity. As an added bonus it will keep the water moving which keeps your decoys moving and lifelike. Get ready for a great day of hunting!

The Bearon Aquatics - PowerHouse Ice Eater will protect your dock, boat, marina, or pier better than any other dock deicer, but there is more!  First, your PowerHouse Ice Eater purchase includes a 3-Year Warranty straight from the manufacturer, a warranty that is unmatched in the boat and dock deicer industry. 

A few reasons that Bearon Aquatics is able to offer that warranty on their Ice Eaters for sale are: a bronze end-bell that protects the Ice Eater from cracking or warping, 316 stainless steel motor shafts (the best material for saltwater use), 2 heavy-duty ball bearings that support the rotor, and heavy-duty PVC custom brackets that connect the motor to the shroud. 

All Bearon Aquatics Ice Eaters are not only built for performance and durability, but they are also environmentally friendly.  Instead of oil that can harm the ecosystem, a dielectric lubricating fluid that is non-toxic and biodegradable is used, ensuring we protect the environment.

All of the features and benefits of the  Bearon Aquatics - PowerHouse Ice Eater are great, but this last feature may be your favorite. All Bearon Aquatics - PowerHouse Ice Eaters come ready to use with no additional hardware or labor needed!  

When you buy an Ice Eater it comes complete with two (2) 25ft x 3/8in hollow braided suspension lines, two (2) shackles, and an aluminum anode.  All you have to do is take the Bearon Aquatics - PowerHouse Ice Eater Dock DeIcer out of the box, secure the ropes to the dock, boat, or pier, plug the Ice Eater in, and put it in the water. 

Now the ice will begin to disappear or stay away before it even gets a chance to form if you can get it in place before the freezing starts.  This will give you the best dock ice protection plan and you can ease your mind knowing that your investments are safe. 

As many before me have said, a dock deicer is the best insurance policy for the marina, pier, boat, and dock ice protection.  Click the link to compare Bearon Aquatics Ice Eater models


PowerHouse Ice Eater for Sale Comparison Guide | Power House Ice Eater Comparison


Bearon Aquatics Powerhouse Ice Eater Dock De-Icer Features and Benefits

  • Energy-Efficient: a 115 Volt or 230 Volt Bearon Aquatics - Powerhouse Ice Eater motor pulls warm water from deep below the surface of the water and forces it to the surface with a thrust of up to 36 lbs to open up to a circle up to 80 feet in diameter to keep your boats, docks, piers, or marina free from costly damages from ice and the time-consuming repairs that come with the damage.
    • Heavy Grade Motor Housing: built with 16 gauge 304 stainless steel, bronze endbell, and 316 stainless steel motor shaft to operate corrosion-free in freshwater and saltwater.  This ensures that your PowerHouse Ice Eater will be keeping your property protected from ice damage for years.
      • #1 in Water Movement: Bearon Aquatics Ice Eaters are energy efficient while still circulating more freshwater or saltwater than any other dock de-icer on the market.  You will keep a larger area protected from ice while using less energy than competitors, minimizing electric bills.
        • Permanent Split Capacitor: ensures quick, high torque, and smooth operation while performing at the same high efficiency as a single-phase induction motor.  The split capacitor is in sync with the motor for unmatched productivity.
          • Environmentally Friendly: No Oil! The rotor is cooled by an environmentally friendly dielectric lubricating fluid and supported by two heavy-duty ball bearings.  Internal mechanical seal and stainless steel components and additional double lip shaft seal are in place for extra protection and also use the environmentally friendly fluid.  This ensures we get our desired result without harming the environment or ecosystem.
          • Pound for Pound the Best Ice Eater: Bearon Aquatics Ice Eaters are custom designed from housing to motor to propeller so that we ensure that we maximize ice removal.  You will get more bang for your buck out versus any competitor.
            • Maximum Performance - Multiple Options:Venturi shroud features ends that flare outward to create greater upward thrust to pull warmer water from deeper areas than other boat or dock deicer.  The unique housing also allows you to utilize the dock deicer in 5 different patterns.  This allows you to control areas that are protected and choose the optimal solution for your ice protection. The PowerHouse Ice Eater generates more freshwater and saltwater flow than any other dock de-icer.
              • Double Checked, Certified, and Ready to Operate: All PowerHouse Ice Eaters are performance tested and certified for appropriate output and leaks before they are shipped to you.
                • Custom-designed Propellor:  Maximizes results and features screws on the shaft for quick and easy replacement.  Great performance and easy to replace; that's a hard combo to beat.
                  • Easy to Setup/Install:  Unlike some other dock de-icers, PowerHouse Ice Eaters requires no setup.  We will quickly ship your Ice Eater to you and all you will have to do is take it out of the box, secure the Ice Eater with the 2 included 25ft suspension ropes, place it in the water, plug it in, and sit back and watch the ice melt. Unlike some other models, no additional hardware is needed to get different ice eater patterns.
                    • Great for Waterfowl Hunting: When you add a Shallow Water Stand to an Ice Eater you can keep a pond from freezing and create a dream situation for duck hunting. You will quickly and easily open up a frozen pond and now you will have the only open water around. The Ice Eater will also keep the water and decoys moving to make the water look even more attractive.
                      • Heavy grade Quick Disconnect Power Cords: Ice Eater power cords are oil and water-resistant and excel at preventing voltage loss.
                      • Industry Best 3-Year Warranty You can rest assured that you are getting a quality product with a PowerHouse Ice Eater. Unmatched Performance, Unmatched Durability, Unmatched Warranty.
                      • Made in the USA 🇺🇸: Proudly manufactured right here in the United States. Top-Notch American Quality from Top-Notch American People.


                      Link to Ice Eater Mounts:


                      Bearon Aquatics Powerhouse Ice Eaters for Sale Specifications:

                      • Available as a 1/4Hp Ice Eater, 1/2Hp Ice Eater, 3/4Hp Ice Eater, or 1Hp Ice Eater.
                      • Voltage:  115v or 230v
                      • Thrust:  up to 36 lbs
                      • Effective in waters as shallow as 2ft
                      • 15 amp breaker recommended
                      • 16/3 water and oil-resistant cord with 3-prong molded plug. Available in lengths of: no cord, 25ft, 50ft, 100ft, 150ft, 200ft, 250ft, 300ft, 350ft, and 400ft.  (200ft cords and longer are only available on the 230v Ice Eater and only the P1000 and P750 Model offer cords longer than 200ft.) (*Using extension cords with de-icers is not recommended)
                      • Suspension ropes:  Two 25ft x 3/8in braided suspension lines and two (2) shackles are included
                      • Only stainless steel bolts and locking aircraft nuts are used.
                      • Recommended water depths:  Ice Eater shall be set at least 1ft below the surface and at least 1ft above the bottom of the body of water.  The normal setting is 2ft-3ft below the surface.
                      • US Patent #4247261
                      • Proudly made in the USA 🇺🇸


                      Why Buy an Ice Eater?


                      Bearon Aquatics Powerhouse Ice Eater P250 Dock DeIcer Specifications:

                      • Boat and Dock DeIcer Motor: 1/4 Hp
                      • Running Voltage/Amps: 115v/2.5amps; 230v/1.25 amps
                      • Thrust: 20 lbs
                      • Diameter of opening: 20 to 25 ft
                      • Dimensions: 11" x 9" x 8"
                      • Weight: 25 pounds
                      • Designed for small boats and light ice.
                      • PowerHouse Ice Eater P250-25-115v, P250-50-115v, P250-100-115v, P250-150-115v, P250-25-230v, P250-50-230v, P250-100-230v, P250-150-230v, P250-200-230v
                      • Bearon Aquatics Ice Eater P250 UPC: 652443001276


                      Bearon Aquatics Powerhouse Ice Eater P500 Dock DeIcer Specifications:

                      • Boat and Dock DeIcer Motor:  1/2 Hp
                      • Running Voltage/Amps: 115v/6 amps; 230v/3 amps
                      • Thrust: 28 lbs
                      • Diameter of opening: up to 40 ft
                      • Dimensions:  13" x 13" x 14"
                      • Weight:  32 pounds
                      • Designed for small boats and individual boat slips.
                      • PowerHouse Ice Eater P500-25-115v, P500-50-115v, P500-100-115v, P500-150-115v, P500-25-230v, P500-50-230v, P500-100-230v, P500-150-230v, P500-200-230v, P500-250-230v, P500-300-230v, P500-350-230v, P500-400-230v
                      • Bearon Aquatics Ice Eater P500 UPC: 652443000040


                      Bearon Aquatics Powerhouse Ice Eater P750 Dock DeIcer Specifications:

                      • Boat and Dock DeIcer Motor: 3/4 Hp
                      • Running Voltage/Amps: 115v/6.5amps; 230v/3.25 amps
                      • Thrust: 32 lbs
                      • Diameter of opening:  60 ft
                      • Dimensions:  15" x 15" x 17"
                      • 1,650 RPM
                      • Weight:  43 pounds
                      • Designed for mid-size boats, large slips, multi-slip docks, and thickening ice.
                      • PowerHouse Ice Eater P750-25-115v, P750-50-115v, P750-100-115v, P750-150-115v, P750-25-230v, P750-50-230v, P750-100-230v, P750-150-230v, P750-200-230v, P750-250-230v, P750-300-230v, P750-350-230v, P750-400-230v
                      • Bearon Aquatics Ice Eater P750 UPC: 652443000101


                      Bearon Aquatics Powerhouse Ice Eater P1000 Dock DeIcer Specifications:

                      • Boat and Dock DeIcer Motor:  1 Hp
                      • Running Voltage/Amps: 115v/7amps; 230v/3.5 amps
                      • Thrust: 36lbs
                      • The diameter of the opening created:  80ft
                      • Dimensions:  38" x 15" x 17"
                      • Weight:  50 pounds
                      • Designed for large boats, marinas, and established ice.
                      • PowerHouse Ice Eater P1000-25-115v, P1000-50-115v, P1000-100-115v, P1000-150-115v, P1000-25-230v, P1000-50-230v, P1000-100-230v, P1000-150-230v, P1000-200-230v, P1000-250-230v, P1000-300-230v, P1000-350-230v, P1000-400-230v
                      • Bearon Aquatics - Ice Eater P750 UPC: 652443000163


                      Bearon Aquatics PowerHouse Ice Eater Warranties, Manuals, and Instruction Guides:


                      These helpful articles will give you more information on dock deicers:


                      WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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                          Gil P.
                          United States United States
                          I recommend this product

                          No ice with this ice eater

                          Been using one since 2004, Starter windings finally gave out. While out for repair ordered a second one so there will be a back up. Does a fantastic job. While there has been up to 20” of ice on the lake in the past, there is water at the dock

                          Merrill T.
                          United States United States
                          I recommend this product

                          1 Hp ice eater

                          I have not used the product yet. The experience buying it was great

                          Bruce W.
                          United States United States
                          I recommend this product

                          Communication and service for Ice Eater

                          I was very impressed with how easy the website was to use and how user friendly it was. The order shipped immediately and SplashyMcFun was in constant communication about the delivery and afterwards. I was very impressed. I am a total idiot and read elsewhere online that the 230 volt would be better than the 110 or 115 volt product would be better and ordered the 230 volt not realizing it would not plug in to our standard outlets. I plan on ordering another Ice Eater today from Splashy McFun with the 115 volt motor. I should have taken advantage of their well educated staff and called with questions. I look forward to receiving the new 115 volt unit and am sure I will get the same fast service and constant communication through the order process.

                          4 S.
                          United States United States
                          I recommend this product

                          Impressive product

                          We got this to protect docks during a bitter cold snap in 2021. I was almost in disbelief at how well it worked and how quickly it started melting ice. It was as cold of a stretch as I have seen in all my years in the midwest and it got the job done well. Temperatures were around 0 for several days and saw temperatures as low as 15 below. Used the P1000. I ordered 5 for the marina so they gave me a great price.

                          John F.
                          United States United States

                          fast turn around

                          great prices and fast service.


                          Splashy McFun

                          Thanks for the great Ice Eater review, John! We appreciate you choosing Splashy McFun. For anybody else that is shopping, we get these out the door quickly because we know time is important. Normally we ship these Bearon Aquatics Ice Eaters out in 1-2 business days.

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