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Kasco De Icers | Kasco Ice Eaters for Sale

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Kasco Dock De Icers / Ice Eaters for Sale

Kasco De Icers will protect your investments from the havoc that ice can cause. Ice damage can be very expensive and time-consuming to repair, so you must protect yourself.  If you have a boat, dock, marina, pier, etc that is in water that may freeze, you are going to want to protect yourself. Kasco De Icers are amongst the most trusted brands when it comes to dock deicers and they have been protecting against ice damage for more than 50 years! 

Ice jacking and ice expansion can completely destroy a dock or pier as the temperatures get colder in the winter. Pilings can be forced out of their footing and can also crack or break. Cables securing docks in place can snap from the pressure of the ice and from fluctuations in water levels from tide changes and when dams are used on bodies of water regulated by man. 

Dock de-icers push warm bottom water to the surface creating an ice-free area of protection around your boat, dock, pier, or other in-water properties. In addition to protecting your investments, de-icers also help protect fish and other aquatic species, by oxygenating the water and creating more viable living conditions.

Kasco De Icers feature a single open propeller design that increases water flow and decreases the possibility of getting clogged. A coated stainless steel cage guards the propeller against debris and also assists in preventing clogging and maintaining maximum water flow.

Kasco Dock De Icer Features and Benefits:

  • High Performance - Kasco De Icers feature a high-performing 1750 rpm single-phase motor that is available in 120v and 240v options. The 1Ph Kasco De Icer is available in 120v (4400D) and 240v (400HD) options, the 3/4 Hp Kasco De Icer is available in 120v (3400D) and 240v (3400HD) versions, while the 1/2 Hp Kasco De Icer is available only in 120v (2400D).  The motor creates a high energy thrust (2400, 31lbs thrust; 3400, 36lbs thrust; & 4400, 44 lbs thrust) to successfully clear openings of up to 90 feet for the 4400 models, up to 75ft for the 3400 models, and up to 50ft for the 2400D.) A High-quality internal seal protects against leaks and keeps the components sealed in an oil pool for thermal protection and long-lasting performance. Ball bearings are used to ensure smooth operation. Kasco De Icers are the only de-icers that are ETL approved to UL and CSA standards.
  • Durability - Non-corroding stainless steel components ensure that your Kasco De Icer will stand up to tough conditions and maintain its performance throughout; great for fresh and saltwater use. You can count on a Kasco De Icer no matter how abrasive the conditions are. The SJTOW underwater-rated power cord is designed for use in low temperatures. A zinc anode is used for additional corrosion protection. Kasco De-Icers are protected by a 2-Year limited warranty.
  • Energy Efficient - Kasco De-Icers feature the most energy-efficient design on the market, ensuring that your power consumption is kept to a minimum. The 120v 2400D runs at 5.7 amps, the 120v 3400D at 6.7 amps, and the 120v 4400D at 9.1 amps.  The 240v 3400HD runs at just 3.1 amps and the 240v 4400HD at just 4.4 amps.
  • Easy to Use, Easy to Maintain - Your Kasco De-Icer will arrive ready to use and will require minimal upkeep. Taking it out of the water to check the zinc anode and clean the motor housing a couple of times a year is about the only maintenance. This will allow you to get your Kasco De-Icer in place and have a worry-free winter knowing that you have to spend much time keeping it operational.

Kasco De Icer Comparison Chart | Kasco Ice Eaters for Sale

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Kasco De-Icer for Sale Mounting Options:

  • Mooring Lines - Kasco De-Icers come with (2) 20 ft. suspension mooring lines so that you can quickly, easily, and securely suspend it in place vertically to pull water from deep below the surface to the top. This will create a circular opening and is often done by attaching the mooring lines to either side of a boat slip. This is effective whether or not there is a boat docked in the slip.
  • Universal Dock Mount - This mount allows you to mount your 1/2, 3/4, or 1 Hp Kasco De Icer directly to your dock, piling, wall, etc. This de icer dock mount allows you to alter the depth, position, and angle of the de icer so that you manipulate the water movement how you want it. The opening will change from a circle to a more elliptical shape as you angle it closer to horizontal. Customers will provide a 1in / 25mm threaded or unthreaded pipe and attach it to the Kasco Universal Dock Mount. Features galvanized steel on out of water parts and Series 300 stainless steel and thermoplastic on underwater parts.
  • Industrial Dock Mount - This Kasco dock mount is a heavy-duty dock mount. It is similar to the Universal Dock Mount but is designed for harsher conditions. All parts are corrosion-resistant stainless steel parts to stand the test of time in all conditions. This mount uses a 1.5 in / 40mm pipe up to 10ft long, which is to be provided by the consumer.
  • Horizontal Float Mount - This Kasco De Icer mount is great for shallower water and is better in less extreme conditions. It can be quickly and easily assemble and features Series 300 stainless steel components attached to a floatation block. There are 5 angle points to position your de icer in and the closer to horizontal you position the de icer the more oval and then elliptical the shape of the opening will be. 2, 50-ft braided nylon suspension ropes are included for mooring.

Kasco Ice Eater Specifications:

  • Available with 1 Hp, 3/4 Hp, and 1/2 Hp Motors and 120v and 240 options.
  • Power cords available from 25ft (2400D only), 50ft, and 100ft
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Proudly Manufactured in the USA 🇺🇸

 Additional Uses for Kasco De Icers

Kasco De-Icers can be used year-round for improved health and beauty of your water. They will keep your water free from algae, debris, odors, weeds, and muck for excellent water health year-round! Continuous water movement is key in preventing stratified or stagnant water that stinks, isn't visually pleasing, and isn't viable for aquatic life. So, in the winter you can protect against ice damage to your dock and you can create a healthy ecosystem year-round. This will prevent fish kills and also limit mosquito populations by creating a less desirable situation for them to live in.

Protection from ice damage and creating healthy water are the 2 main uses for Kasco De Icers, but they are also used in water treatment, sewer systems, and to mix chemicals and dyes in tanks. Kasco De Icers can help you out year-round.

    Kasco De Icer Manuals and Documents:

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    WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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