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  • Benefits of Getting a Full Body Wetsuit

    Benefits of Getting a Full Body Wetsuit

    Diving and surfing are the most common water activities for a swimmer. Wearing a wetsuit protects your body from these activies. They offer a wide range of benefits to keep you warm and protected. One of the best types you can get is a full body wetsuit. If you’re new to this and haven’t worn one, you might be thinking why the full body ones are some of your best options.

    Get an answer to that in this article. Learn what this type of wetsuit actually is. Most importantly, find out what benefits you can get and enjoy from getting and using one. Discover how they can make your experiences in the water more enjoyable and safer.


    What Is a Full Body Wetsuit? 

    One of the most well-known wetsuit type is a full body wetsuit. This type of wetsuit that covers the entire body: your arms, head, and legs. Unlike the other types, a fullsuit is specifically designed and used for cold-to-cool water environments, usually those below 80 degrees Fahrenheit. These has 2mm to 5mm thickness.


    Benefits of Getting and Using Full Body Wetsuits

    A full wetsuit is a versatile wetsuit and it offers the following benefits:

    Protects Your Skin From Damage

    This is the most obvious and immediate benefit of using a full wetsuit. If you wear one, almost your whole body is protected against many things. Wetsuits can protect you from getting sunburnt—except for your face, hands, and feet.

    Most importantly, this wetsuit can also protect you from getting scratched and cut while in and out of the water. Plus, it can also protect you from getting harmed by small sea creatures, like jellyfish.

    More and Better Buoyancy

    Wearing a whole-body wetsuit will help you float in the water more easily. This is because they’re made of a kind of rubber called neoprene that has natural buoyancy. It will let you sit higher in the water than you would without a wetsuit. This results in less drag and easier swimming.

    With a full body wetsuit, you’ll feel less resistance when swimming. This mainly affects triathletes who want an advantage to save time. That's why swimmers often wear wetsuits in warm water.

    Keeps Your Body Warm

    Since the wetsuit covers your body, it can help you stay warm in the water. The coldness of the water can make it hard to swim and stay in the water for a long time. But with a wetsuit on, your body is protected from that temperature.

    This is mainly because of how the wetsuit holds and is tightened around your body—it provides insulation. You can stay in the water for an extended period when wearing a full wetsui. But this doesn’t mean that a person cannot wear a full suit in warmer climates.

    Faster Swimming Speed

    There are certain models of full wetsuits that have coatings that repel water. This coating will make it easier and faster for you to glide through the water. Some scientists say that this coating can reduce the drag by about 15%. Even professional swimmers mention that it can make them 5% to 10% faster. This is a big benefit for triathletes and open-water swimmers.

    Improved Confidence

    For some people, swimming might be intimidating and startling. Having that additional buoyancy and speed, wetsuits provides extra confidence when swimming. With a fullsuit, you can remain in your comfort zone and perform well in the water. This can boost your confidence while in and out of the water.

    Muscle Compression For Better Performance

    Lastly, one of the best benefits of getting and using a full wetsuit is muscle compression. When a wetsuit is very tight, it automatically compresses your body, especially your muscles and joints. With one on, your entire body will feel tighter and ready to perform in the water. This advantage can help you perform and work harder as a swimmer or surfer.



    A full body wetsuit can protect you from various things in and out of the water. It can also help you perform or swim better in the water. Whether it’s cold or warm, you can wear one to do various water activities, especially diving and surfing.

    If you want to take a look at some product options, you can visit our full wetsuit collection. We offer high-quality wetsuits from reliable brands that you can use for your water adventures!

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