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Yamaha Sea Scooters for Sale | Yamaha Under Water Scooter

Yamaha Sea Scooter with GoPro Mount | Yamaha Underwater Scooters

A Yamaha Sea Scooter will take your underwater adventures to new... depths.  These underwater scooters are sure to enhance your diving and snorkeling adventures by seeing more and doing it with less effort.  Flowing through the water, you will be amazed at the energy that you will conserve, the amount of area that you can see, and the new areas that you can now explore with an underwater scooter.  We are not done yet though, the Yamaha Sea Scooters also have a GoPro Camera Mount on them so that you can record and share all of your snorkeling or diving expeditions.  There are different Yamaha Sea Scooters designed for different ages, skill levels, and preferences.  There are 3 models of Yamaha Professional Dive Series Sea Scooters, 4 models of Yamaha Recreational Dive Series Sea Scooters, and 2 models of Yamaha Recreational Series Sea Scooters.  Whatever your age or skill level is we need to get your hands on a Yamaha Sea Scooter so that you can enhance and maximize your underwater adventures and experience life like you may have only imagined.

Yamaha Professional Dive Series Sea Scooters

The Yamaha Professional Dive Series Sea Scooters are comprised of the Yamaha 500Li Sea Scooter, Yamaha 350Li Sea Scooter, and the Yamaha 220Li Sea Scooter.  Yamaha Professional Dive Series Sea Scooters are a top of the line underwater scooter that are sure to maximize your diving adventures.  The Yamaha 500Li Sea Scooter is the signature under water scooter in the Yamaha Sea Scooter family and it is one of the fastest sea scooters that you will find.  Reaching a maximum cruising speed of 4.35 mph you will be rapidly flowing through the water.  These Yamaha Sea Scooters all use a Lithium-Ion battery, similar to those in electric cars, for maximum performance.  Experienced divers will thoroughly enjoy whichever Yamaha Professional Dive Series Sea Scooter meets their preferences and will experience diving on a whole new level.

Yamaha Sea Scooters Professional Dive Series Under Water Scooters. Models shown are Yamaha 500Li, 330Li, 220Li, and Jet Pod Pro Sea Scooters

Yamaha Recreational Dive Series Sea Scooters

The Yamaha Recreational Dive Series Sea Scooters are dynamic underwater scooters that are both lightweight and powerful.  These sea scooters are also amongst the fastest sea scooters in the water led by the Yamaha RDS 300 Sea Scooter that tops out at a fast 3 mph.  There are 4 models of underwater scooters that make up the Yamaha Recreational Dive Series Sea Scooters.  In addition to the Yamaha RDS300 Sea Scooter, you also have the Yamaha RDS280 Sea Scooter, Yamaha RDS250 Sea Scooter, and the Yamaha RDS200 Sea Scooter.  Yamaha Recreational Dive Series Sea Scooters are high performing and ideal for passionate recreational divers.

Yamaha Sea Scooters Recreational Dive Series Under Water Scooters. Yamaha RDS200, RDS250, RDS280, and RDS300

Yamaha Recreational Series Sea Scooters

 The Yamaha Recreational Series Sea Scooters feature 2 models, the Yamaha Explorer Sea Scooter and the Yamaha Seal Sea Scooter.  These underwater scooters are designed for younger and entry-level divers, snorkelers, and swimmers.  Both sea scooters are great choices for snorkeling and shallow dives.  Those that are young or new to snorkeling will find this a great under water scooter to start with that allows you to use less effort so that you can comfortably get used to diving or snorkeling with an under water scooter.  Once you get the hang of it you will enjoy how a Yamaha Sea Scooter lets you kick back and let the under water scooter do the work for you.  You will be able to take in more scenery and enjoy the ease at which you can explore.

Yamaha Sea Scooters Recreational Series Under Water Scooters. Models are the Yamaha Seal Sea Scooter and Yamaha Explorer Sea Scooter
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Yamaha Jet Pod Pro Sea Scooter

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