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Bixpy Jet Motor for Sale

Bixpy Kayak Jet Motor is one of a kind and the best kayak accessory that you can add! It is also great when added to a SUP or inflatable boat.

The Bixpy Jet Motor is one of kind and it is the only portable water propulsion device for kayaks and SUPs on the market. Adding a Bixpy Jet Motor to your kayak or SUP will provide you with entirely new and improved adventures! The Bixpy Jet Motor is great for kayaks, SUPS, inflatable boats, and more.

No more fighting the wind, current, and tides, the Bixpy Kayak Jet Motor can easily propel you home in any condition.  The Bixpy Jet is quiet and uses clean energy and no pollution to our waters.

You will be as amazed as the judges at the 29th Annual Most Innovative New Products Awards who awarded the Bixpy Kayak Jet Motor the winner in the Sport and Active Lifestyle Technologies Category. Add a Bixpy Jet Motor to your kayaking, paddleboarding, snorkeling, or scuba adventure and experience the water like you never thought possible.

There are a number of Bixpy Jet Motor Attachments to accommodate most kayaks, SUPs, personal pontoons, and other watercraft.  No matter the watercraft there is Bixpy Jet Motor Attachment and/or a Bixpy Steering Attachment that will take it to the next level and make your days on the water better than ever before.  You will be amazed at the energy that you save and the efficiency at which you operate.  Your days on the water just got more relaxing and enjoyable and if fishing is your game the reduced time traveling between spots means you are almost guaranteed to catch more fish.  Combine a Bixpy Jet Motor Attachment with the innovative Bixpy Jet Motor and maximize your experience on the water!

Bixpy Jet Motor for Kayaks, SUPs, and Swimming Innovation Award Winner

Bixpy Jet Motor Manuals and Guides:

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