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Water Slides & Bounce Houses

Splashy McFun now offers a great selection of water parks, floating water slides, boat slides, dry slides, backyard bounce houses, ball pits, and boat diving boards.  Whether you are on the water or not we have some splashy fun for you! With our boat slides and floating water slides, we make it easy (and fun!) to get in the water. The Lillipad Boat Diving Board is also something you just have to experience for yourself.  We carry a wide variety of backyard water parks and backyard water slides so that you can splash even if you aren't close to a body of water. In addition to inflatable water parks and inflatable water slides, we also carry a selection of dry slides and backyard bounce houses so that the fun can go on even when the temperature cools off.


               Lillipad boat diving board  Lillipad pontoon boat diving board     KidWise inflatable water park  KidWise inflatable water slide  KidWise combo bounce house    Rave Dock Slide   Rave Pontoon Boat Slide  Rave Boat Slide     Island Hopper Bounce House

$2,499.00 $1,895.00

KidWise Bounce and Slide Castle