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Dock De-Icer Motors | Ice Eater Motor Replacement

It is never a fun day when you have to search for a new dock de-icer motor.  The good news is that you can fix your de-icer and we have some great deicer motor options to choose from.  We WILL get you the right Power House Ice Eater Motor Replacement so that you can get it back in the water and effectively protecting your dock, boat, pier, or marina from costly dock ice damage.  Power House Ice Eater Motors are high quality and include a 3-Year Warranty.  Buy your Power House Ice Eater Motor Assembly today and breathe easy all winter knowing that your investments are protected.

Splashy McFun Dock De Icer Motors receive Free Shipping, Fast Delivery, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, Price Match Guarantee, and First Class Customer Service.

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