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Floating Water Trampolines & Water Bouncers

At Splashy McFun, we carry high-quality water platforms that will make your time on the water memorable. These lake trampolines, whether you use them on the lake or in another body of water, come as floating water trampolines or inflatable water bouncers.

Now you might ask, “What is the difference between an inflatable water bouncer and an inflatable water trampoline?”

In short, a floating water trampoline has springs that connect it to the outer tube, while an inflatable water bouncer, or floating water platform, is connected directly to the tube.  The floating water trampolines will provide you with a bigger bounce, while a water bouncer will offer you a bigger surface area on the same size tube.  Inflatable water bouncers are more for general recreational use and lounging, while water trampolines will perform more like a normal trampoline and give you that BIG bounce!

Check out a video comparison by clicking here


Order your lake trampolines today for upcoming events. Floating Water Trampolines and Inflatable Water Bouncers normally ship within 24 hours!


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Island Hopper Bounce N Splash Water Bouncer