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Lillipad Diving Board for Boat

The Lillipad Diving Board for Boats is the quickest way to maximize fun on the water! Kids and parents agree this is the best boat accessory to add. Once it is installed, the fun won't stop!

The Lillipad Diving Board is the only diving board in the world specifically designed to be used on a boat. You will often find them used as pontoon boat diving boards, but they can easily be installed on almost any boat that is at least 18ft long and 7ft wide!
The Lillipad Diving Board has been getting rave reviews since its introduction in 2015. Right off the bat, they won the Innovation Award at the Miami International Boat Show! When you win an award at the world's largest boat show, you know that you are on to something!
We continuously get praise and thanks from customers after they purchase a Lillipad Diving Board and we only expect that to continue. Lillipad recently introduced a new 'Ghost Mount' for the diving board and it promptly won the Ibex Innovation Award for 2021! Get a Lillipad Diving Board on your boat and your friends and family will thank you forever!

Lillipad Diving Board Mounting Kit Information:

The first step in selecting your mount is deciding where on your boat you are going to mount the diving board. This lets us know what we are working with and what type of mount will work best. (Yes, you can install multiple mounts if you want to be able to use the board in different positions on the boat.)

3 Mounting Options: Ghost Mount, Surface Mount, Underfloor Mount Lillipad Diving Board Ghost Mount

Ghost Mount- Lillipad introduced the all-new 'Ghost Mount' in 2021 and promptly won an IBEX Innovation Award!  “Nearly invisible yet unbelievably strong, this versatile floor-mounting system is a true game-changer for both builders and consumers,” said IBEX judge Brady Kay. The Ghost Mount installs flush to the surface so that you don't have to worry about stubbing your tow or snagging something on it. 

With a LIllipad Diving Board you will have a 3-point system to secure your diving board. A great bonus of the Ghost Mount is that it can also be used as a single-point mounting system for other boat accessories such as flag poles, grills, fishing rod holders, cooler tie-downs, and more.


Lillipad Diving Board Underfloor Mount

Underfloor Mount- The Underfloor Mount will be your mount of choice if your boat allows easy access to the underside of the deck and there is the correct spacing for placing the mounting plates without obstruction. 

The underfloor mount is most often used for side door mounts on pontoon boats and pontoon boats with lower horsepower ratings.


Lillipad Diving Board Surface Mount Installation

Surface Mount - The Surface Mount Kit is normally used on boats with a lot of bracing in the mounting area. It is most often used on tri-toon boats for aft-deck installations and horsepower ratings above 150. Surface Mount Kits are also the go-to mount for fiberglass installs. 

The Surface Mount secures the diving board by utilizing the strength of the boat cross members. After drilling a few holes and tightening the eye bolts your diving board will be installed, secured, and ready to go quickly.

If you need help selecting your mount simply contact us here or give us a call at (888)-897-7527. Use the Mounting Kit Guide, Boat Specifications, and Installation Guides below for reference.

 Lillipad Boat Diving Board Reference Guides:

Lilypad Diving Board for Boat Free Cover

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