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Floating Pond Fountain - Lake Fountains

Floating Pond Fountains are a beautiful addition that will bring elegance, tranquility, and soothing sounds to any landscape. Not only will you have a stunning landscape, but floating fountains are also beneficial to water quality and pond eco-systems.

Have you ever looked at a serene lake of pond fountain, and wondered, if you could have one for yourself? Well, it's about time you invest in your own floating pond fountain! Be it for your private landscape, or any other water body, our selection of the Best Floating Pond Fountains are all about 'splashing' a dash of beauty to the scene! 

A beautiful landscape is every homeowner's dream. If you wish to go a little further and introduce a floating fountain to the outdoor decor, there's hardly anything that can beat its charm. Not just for the visual appeal, but a fountain can also result in significant improvement to the water ecosystem. It's easy to set up, and makes your property look like a million bucks! 

 Why would a Floating Pond Fountain be Great for You?

  • Beneficial to the Aquatic Ecosystem 

When you have a lake or pond fountain in place, it will improve the water quality of your pond significantly. When you have excellent aeration in your water, you can expect increased oxygen levels and a greatly reduced chance of algae proliferation, stratification, or other issues. As a result, your pond will look clean and smell fresh at all times!

  • Multiple Spray Options 

These uniquely designed floating fountains come with a wide array of spray options, making them the center of attraction in your home. So if you are looking forward to infusing an eye-catching element into your waterbody, nothing can match our creations! 

  • Fountain Light Options

Adding a fountain light kit to your setup is a great way to maximize what you get out of the fountain. At night, your pond fountain will look nothing short of majestic, with the infusion of lights enhancing its beauty even further! 

  • Safe & Reliable 

Floating pond fountains are designed to add optimum value to your life. They are tested for safety, so you can make a purchase with full confidence. Our entire selection of the best floating fountains feature premium engineering, and they are 100% reliable.  

  • Suitable for Both Residential & Commercial Properties 

These fountains look amazing no matter where you install them– be it your luxurious office setting, your residential home, farmhouse, golf course, or anywhere else that you please. 

  • Guarantee 

Besides a guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction, each of our fountains is backed by premium warranties, leaving no room for complaints! Buy with confidence knowing that your investment is protected.

  • Aesthetic Appeal

Besides all of the above, a floating pond fountain is an element that elevates the aesthetic appeal of your property. Whether yours is a luxurious villa or a cozy little private home, you can never go wrong with a fountain. It matches every style of outdoor decor and ensures that your property is forever effortlessly charming. So, with one of these floating fountains in place, you can expect a shower of compliments from your friends and neighbors! 

  • Operates in Freshwater and Saltwater

Whether your water is freshwater or saltwater, most of our selection of fountains are designed to work it both. In some cases, you may need to add an anode, but that is an easy and inexpensive process.

At Splashy McFun, we have a large number of the best floating fountains in-store catering to various price ranges. They offer unique stream options and are available in various sizes. So no matter if your water body is large or small, we have a product for everyone. Go through all of them, and pick one that fits your budget and requirements! Are you ready to take your landscape to the next level?



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