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Floating Pond Fountain - Lake Fountain

Floating Pond FountainsĀ and Lake Fountains are a beautiful addition to any water feature that willĀ bring elegance, tranquility, and soothing sounds to any landscape. Not only will you have a stunning landscape, but floating fountains are also beneficial to water quality and pond eco-systems. A floating fountain oxygenates the pond water and eliminates stratification, two of the main points of proper pond aeration. With a Floating PondĀ Fountain or Lake Fountain,Ā you will also see a reduction or elimination of pond muck, sludge, algae, and insects such as mosquitos.Ā 

Floating pond fountains and Lake FountainsĀ are durable, have a variety of spray options, and are easy to set up.Ā  Floating fountains continue to grow in popularity and are prominent in both commercial and residential areas as they have shown to increase property values. When you get your floating pond fountain or lake fountain, you will benefit the ecosystem of your pond or lake, you will create an eye-popping landscape, and you will increase yourĀ value. Let's find the floating fountain that is ideal for you!


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