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  • Body Glove Wetsuits for Women: Finding the Perfect Fit & Style

    Body Glove Wetsuits for Women: Finding the Perfect Fit & Style

    Choosing the right wetsuit is important. It should fit well and feel comfortable, just like choosing a special outfit. A wetsuit that fits well makes water activities more enjoyable. It should feel pleasant; that makes time in the water better.

    This article talks about women's wetsuits from Body Glove, which can help in choosing the right size and style for water sports. This includes guides to finding different wetsuits, their materials, and how to take care of them for a more comfortable and better experience in the water. Keep reading!


    Why Choose Body Glove Wetsuits

    Body Glove was founded by twins Bill and Bob Meistrell in 1953. They created the first practical wetsuit, transforming water sports. Their family has owned and operated the business for almost 60 years. Wetsuits that fit well and provide warmth and sun protection are available for women.

    They work to make their wetsuits better, comfortable, and good for use even in tough conditions and big waves. That's why Body Glove wetsuits are perfect for anyone seeking quality and high performance in the water.


    Finding the Perfect Fit

    A good wetsuit should fit tightly like a second skin for comfort and better performance in water. If it’s too tight, it can limit movement and make you feel tired quickly. If it’s too loose, it won't keep you warm by not holding enough water close to your skin.

    How to Measure Yourself for a Body Glove Wetsuit

    You must know your body's measurements to pick the correct size for a Body Glove wetsuit.

    • Stand straight with your arms at your sides and your feet together. 
    • Use a tape measure to find your hip, waist, and chest measurements. Then, measure from shoulder to shoulder across the front, between your knees, and back up to the same shoulder to determine your torso length.
    • Since different brands might size their wetsuits differently, always check the Body Glove size chart for the best fit. Also, look at customer reviews to see how the sizes match up with real people.


    Understanding Sizes and Fits

    Achieving comfort and optimal performance heavily relies on obtaining the correct size wetsuit. It's important to assess your height, weight, chest, and waist measurements for the perfect fit. Wetsuits have sizes like XS, S, M, L, and XL, but also sizes for specific body measurements.

    They are made differently for men and women because their body shapes differ. It should be tight everywhere, without any baggy parts or folds.


    Choosing the Right Body Glove Wetsuit Style

    Body Glove has different wetsuits for various water activities and weather conditions. Here's how to pick the right one for your water fun:

    • Full Suits: These suits cover your entire body except your hands, feet, and head. They are excellent for cold water because they provide great warmth. While they protect against the cold most, they might be too warm for hotter climates.

    • Spring Suits: Also called ‘shorties,’ these have shorter arms and legs and are good for warmer water. They let you move more freely, keeping you comfortable in less cold conditions. However, they are less effective in cold water as they cover less of your body.

    • Separates: You can wear these separate tops and bottoms together or apart. They’re very flexible because you can adjust them based on the weather and what you do in the water. They give you the freedom to change your outfit for warmth and comfort.


    Key Features for a Better Wetsuit Experience

    Consider the following when purchasing wetsuits:

    Zipper Design: Back zippers are easier to use, while front zippers keep more water out and help you move better.

    Seam Construction: The way the seams are put together can keep you warmer and help your suit last longer by letting less water in. Here's what to know about different seams:

    • Overlock Stitch: Best for warmer water, above 65°F. The stitching is on the inside, so it feels smoother against your skin.
    • Flatstitch/Flatlock: Good for water that's a bit cooler, above 62°F. You can spot this stitch because it looks like a train tracks and is comfortable.
    • GBS (Glued & Blindstitched): Great for colder water. This type of seam helps stop cold water from getting into your suit.
    • GBS with Seam Tape (Fluid Seal): Choose this for very cold water, below 50°F. It helps keep you the driest and warmest.

    Extra Features: Some wetsuits have useful extras like pockets for keys, durable knee pads, and warm linings for extra comfort in the water.


    Materials Used in Body Glove Wetsuits

    They keep you warm and flexible by utilizing the newest technology. They are designed to make your time in the water enjoyable, using top materials and technology for comfort.

    • Neoprene: The Warmth Keeper

    Neoprene is the main material in these wetsuits. It works like an extra skin, holding a small layer of water close to your body. Your body heat warms this water, creating a warm layer that protects you from the cold ocean. But it’s not just any neoprene. Body Glove has pushed the boundaries, making their neoprene more flexible and warmer than ever before.

    • Magna-Flex and Thermoplush: Flexibility and Comfort

    The technological advancements don't stop with neoprene. Body Glove's Magna-Flex material is very stretchy, so you can move it easily. They also have a Thermoplush lining that keeps you warm for a long time. This ensures the cold waters never cut your adventure short.

    • Vapor X with X-Dry: Conquering Cold Waters

    For those who brave the coldest waters, Body Glove introduces the Vapor X wetsuit with X-Dry technology. This innovation uses a special design to keep the suit light and warm while speeding up drying time.


    How to Take Good Care of Your Body Glove Wetsuit

    Properly caring for your Body Glove wetsuit ensures its longevity and optimal performance. Here are the simple steps combined with tips to avoid wear and tear:

    Step 1: Rinse Your Wetsuit After Each Use

    Wash your wetsuit with cool, clean water every time you use it. This removes salt, chlorine, and dirt, protecting the neoprene. Be gentle to avoid small tears; use the pads of your fingers instead of nails to prevent accidental damage.

    Step 2: Wash Your Wetsuit Properly

    If your suit gets smelly, wash it gently by hand using wetsuit cleaner or mild soap, like baby shampoo. This keeps it fresh and prevents damage from harsh chemicals.

    Step 3: Dry Your Wetsuit Correctly

    Dry your wetsuit inside out in the shade. Don't let it dry in the sun, as it can harm the material. Once the inside is dry, turn it outside to dry the rest. Don't hang your wet wetsuit by the shoulders because it can ruin their shape. Instead, hang it from the waist on a wide hanger.

    Step 4: Store Your Wetsuit Properly

    Once completely dry, store your wetsuit on a wide-shouldered hanger or fold gently at the waist. Ensure it's fully dry before storing it to prevent mold and unpleasant odors.

    Additional Tips for Avoiding Wear and Tear:

    • Preventing Small and Large Tears: Handle your wetsuit carefully. Use your fingertips instead of nails when putting it on. If you get a big tear, use a wetsuit repair kit to fix it.
    • Preventing Stretched Shoulders: Don’t hang a wet wetsuit by its shoulders. Use a wide hanger and fold the wetsuit from the waist to distribute its weight evenly.
    • Preventing Odor: Rinse regularly and wash with the right shampoo to avoid bad smells. This keeps your wetsuit fresh for every swim.



    Wetsuits are needed for surfing and diving. They keep you warm, help you float, and protect you from bad weather. Body Glove makes good wetsuits that are comfortable and work well for women. Find your perfect fit and style for water adventures with their guide. Trust Body Glove wetsuits to keep you comfortable and ready for action in the waves or beneath the surface.

    Ready to gear up for your next water adventure? Explore our collection of Body Glove wetsuits now and dive into comfort and performance!

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