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    Scott Aerator Dock De-Icer with Dock Mount Will Give You Great Protection From Costly Ice Damages

    When temperatures begin to fall below freezing it is time for waterfront homeowners to protect their investments. Ice can build up and wreak havoc on your dock, marina, boat, piers, pilings, cables, and more. Ice damage will not only take your boat, dock, marina, etc out of commission for an extended period of time, the repairs are often quite costly.

    One of the best ways to protect yourself is with a Scott Aerator Dock Mount Dock De Icer. Scott Aerator Dock De-Icers are high quality and offer up to a 500 gallon per minute flow rate. With a 5-year unconditional motor warranty, you can make your purchase knowing that you are getting a high-quality product with an excellent warranty.

    The Scott Aerator Dock Mount De Icer can open up to a 70ft diameter circle in the ice. With 1/3hp, 1/2hp, 3/4hp, and 1 Hp motor options, there is a Scott Aerator De Icer for you. These motors create a tremendous thrust that pulls warmer water up to the surface to keep ice from forming and to melt existing ice. You can easily alter the angle of the dock de-icer to pull from the deepest depths or to create a longer, elliptical-shaped opening.

    High quality is the cornerstone of the Scott Aerator Dock Mount Dock De-Icer. Stainless steel and high-density polyurethane construction make it a very high quality and durable design built to last even in brackish water conditions. A high-quality dock plate, pipe, and yoke assembly complete the Scott Aerator Dock DeIcer, solidifying it as one of the best dock de-icers. It is also easy to adjust for changing water levels.

    To maximize the performance of the Scott Aerator Dock Mount De-Icer you can add a fully programmable oscillator attachment. The oscillator rotates in 20-degree intervals at whatever radius that you wish. The dock de-icer will change positions every 20 minutes.

    If you are looking at an alternative option, check out the Free-Standing Post option, Slinger, or Floating Dock De-Icer.  All of these are good options, it is just a matter of which dock de-icer will work best for your situation.  Let us know if you need more assistance deciding which type of dock de-icer would be best for you.

    Scott Aerator Dock Mount Dock De Icer Features and Benefits:

    • Fantastic Performance: Other models of de-icers only show the capability of moving around 200 gallons per minute, while the Scott Aerator Dock De Icer, running at 2450 rpm, moves up 500 gallons per minute.
    • Born in the USA: 🇺🇸 The high-quality design features American-made stainless steel, even the motor. Other brands will use galvanized metal, an inferior type compared to stainless steel.
    • Industry Leading Warranty: Protected by a 5-year warranty.  The only way that a company can offer an unconditional 5-year warranty is if they have a high-quality product. You can buy the dock de-icer knowing that you are getting a quality product and that if anything goes wrong you are going to be covered. The De-Icer comes standard with an unconditional, 5-year motor warranty. Competitors' models warrant their de-icers for just two years.
    • Environmentally Friendly: Scott Aerator Dock De-Icers are environmentally friendly and completely oil-free. Other dock de-icers will need oil to be added and/or changed often. This oil-free design keeps your waters free of pollution and maximizes performance in colder temperatures.
    • Maintenance-Free Motor: A motor that is designed to be maintenance-free means you won't have any downtime and you don't have to waste time periodically cleaning your dock de-icer.

    View our handy Dock De-Icer and Ice Eater Information Guide

    Scott Aerator Dock Mount Dock De Icer Specifications

    • Flow Rates: 
      • 1/2 Hp Motor - 400 Gallons/minute
      • 3/4 Hp Motor - 450 Gallons/minute
      • 1 Hp Motor - 500 Gallons/minute
    • 1/2 Hp Motor runs at 115v, 10 amps, 680 watts
    • 3/4 Hp Motor runs at 10.5 amps, 875 watts
    • 1 Hp motor runs at 11.5 amps 1095 watts
    • Stainless Steel from the USA
    • 12-gauge submersible power cord with rugged Hubbell marine style plug included.
    • 25ft power cord comes standard.
    • Runs at a constant 3,450 RPM's
    • 48 lbs of thrust with 1/2 Hp model.
    • GFCI required. Please disconnect power when swimmers are present. Greater cord lengths are available.
    • Scott Aerator Dock Mount De-Icer Owners Manual
    • Scott Aerator DeIcer Warranty

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