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    Island Hopper 6-Person Towable Banana Boat Tube

    If you're looking for a fun addition to your days on the water, consider the Island Hopper 6-Person Banana Boat Tube. This inline towable boat tube accommodates six people at a time and was designed for commercial use such as summer camps and water parks as well as recreational use on the lake.

     The Island Hopper 6-Person Banana Boat has several rugged construction features that ensure you get many seasons of fun out of your banana boat ride. It is made from thick and durable 1100 denier, 9.0 mm PVC material. This durable design not only makes your banana tube long-lasting, it also gives it stability. This stability gives you a smooth ride, even out on the ocean and in choppy water conditions. The material is also UV-resistant, which means it stands up to the sun with less wear and fading.

    The 6-person model of the Island Hopper Banana Boat Series is available in several options, so we are sure that we have one that you will love. The traditional yellow banana boat tube is available with both side-by-side and inline seating. Also available in the 6-person inline model are the Island Hopper Red Shark Banana Boat and the Island Hopper Whale Ride Banana Boat. These models each add extra fun to your boat tubing experiences and are universally loved by kids.

    This banana boat tube by Island Hopper is a great addition to anyone's plans for fun on the water. It's also perfect for private and commercial use when entertaining large groups. Fun and durable, this towable boat tube will last you for many summer seasons. Get your 6-person banana boat tube today and let the fun begin!

    The 6-Passenger Island Hopper Banana Boat is available in 4 great options:

    • Banana Boat with Inline Seating - Passengers ride inline with all 6 passengers on 1 tube
    • Banana Boat with Side-by-Side Seating - Passengers ride side by side with 3 passengers on each tube.
    • Red Shark Banana Boat with Inline Seating - Passengers ride on a banana boat that looks like a red shark cruising on the water.  6-person inline seating.
    • Whale Ride Banana Boat with Inline Seating - Passengers ride on a fun 'whale ride' banana boat, with inline seating.

    Island Hopper 6-Person Banana Boat features and benefits:

    •  1100 denier UV resistant 9.0 mm PVC Material. This thick and tough material makes your banana boat tube long-lasting so that you can enjoy it for many years. The durable construction includes welded seams and nose cones which also gives the banana tube stability for a smooth and comfortable ride that you can enjoy.
    •  3 valve & air chamber construction. The separate air chambers and air valves add to the banana tube's stability. This enhances the performance of the boat tube and gives you a better experience. 
    •  The extended stainless steel D-ring tow harness gives you a durable attachment for a secure attachment that is easy to connect.
    •  With double reinforced seats, knuckles & footings you will get a comfortable ride and secure seating. You will feel comfortable and not like you are always battling to stay on.

    Island Hopper 6-Person Banana Boat specifications:

    • In-Line seating
      • Width: 4'5"
      • Length: 19'
    • Side by Side
      • Width: 6'9"
      • Length: 12'6"
    • Banana Boat Style: PVC-6-INLINE, PVC-6-SBS, PVC-6-WR-SBS, RSPVC-6
    • Max Capacity: 1200 lbs
    •  Commercial 2-piece boat valves
    •  Ships complete with storage bag, foot pump & repair kit

    Island Hopper 6-Person Banana Boat Tube Owner's Manual

    Island Hopper 6-Person Banana Boat Tube Warning Label

    Our Banana Boat Tubes normally ship within 24 hours

    About Island Hopper Banana Boats

    Island Hopper has been manufacturing high-grade banana boat tubes for over 25 years.  These banana boats offer a unique way to ride right on top of the water, whether you are on a lake, river, or ocean.

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