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    Rave Sports Aqua Jump Eclipse Water Trampoline

    Are you ready for some serious summertime fun? Get a water trampoline built to amaze, with quality construction from a known leader in the industry. The Rave Aqua Jump Water Trampoline is among the safest and most responsive trampolines on the market, with 30% more useable surface area and half the setup time of competitors. Only the best equipment and engineering methods are ever used, so you are guaranteed a top-of-the-line product with every purchase. Safety is also a top priority that has been built into the overall design of this premium water trampoline.

    The Rave floating trampoline has been optimized for nearly every environment, making it easy to bring along on vacation, trips to the lake, or wherever you please. Enjoy a limited lifetime warranty that ensures your purchase for as long as you own it. The included five-step ladder makes it simple to get onto the trampoline and off without any danger or inconvenience. There are also plenty of available attachments to customize your water trampoline exactly to your liking, including an Aqua LaunchAqua Log, or Inflatable Water Mat.

    Spend less time waiting around and more time enjoying your water trampoline, by making use of the included high-speed inflator/deflator from Rave. You'll appreciate the classic and fun look of either the Classic blue and yellow or Northwood's green and tan color schemes. The commercial-grade reinforced construction means that you can expect a reliable, long-lasting product that will live up to any set of weather conditions. The attachable anchor weight allows you to set up anywhere, forget about it, and simply enjoy your premium water trampoline.

    Plenty of built-in springs give the water trampoline a responsive and consistent feel, letting you jump anywhere on its surface without any problems. Enjoy maximum buoyancy and performance, with a level of construction that is simply second to none. More surface area and higher build quality mean more people can use your water trampoline at a time for fun in the sun anywhere you go. When available attachments are added to your trampoline, it becomes your floating water park!

    The Rave Aqua Jump Water Trampoline is available in three (3) models:  

    • Rave Aqua Jump 120: 12-foot water trampoline with 44 ft2 jumping surface.
    • Rave Aqua Jump 150: 15-foot water trampoline with 65 ft2 jumping surface.
    • Rave Aqua Jump 200: 19-foot water trampoline with 124 ft2 jumping surface.

    The green and tan color scheme make for a perfect fit in locations where it is favorable to blend into the environment. This could be in front of a lake house or cabin, where scenic beauty is one of the key features. Make more out of any water area, with a great way to relieve stress and have fun. Family members of all ages will be thrilled to take their turn on the Rave water trampoline, with capabilities that support multiple people and weight classes. Jump higher and do more with a trampoline that is built to amaze!

    With the high-quality Rave Aqua Jump Water Trampoline, you'll get a state-of-the-art and responsive trampoline that won't let you down. While some water trampolines are hampered by the fact that water absorbs a portion of each bounce, the Rave inflatable water trampoline is specifically engineered for enhanced performance. Invest in the very best, purchase the Rave Water Trampoline today, and take your summer fun to the limit!

    Rave Aqua Jump Water Trampoline features and benefits:

    • Bigger Jump Surface: A 30% bigger jump surface gives you more square footage of water trampoline to have fun on! More jump surface equals more fun!

    • Lighter Design:  A 30% lighter design makes the Aqua Jump easier to transport and to move to your preferred location.

    • Easy to Setup: The new Aqua Jump design allows for a quicker and easier setup than other models.  You can now be all setup and ready to go in 1/2 of the time that it takes to set up other models.  Minimal setup time means maximum time on the water.

    • Sturdy and Durable:  A commercial-grade design with heavy-duty reinforced construction means you are getting a quality product. Your water trampoline will not only be high-performing, but it will also stand the test of time.

    • Aesthetically Appealing: With 10 alternating panels on the Aqua Jump 120 and 150 and 14 alternating panels on the Aqua Jump 200, you are getting a beautiful water trampoline. The Classic Blue/Yellow is our original design.  If you prefer something that blends into the background better, we recommend the Northwoods Green/Tan color scheme.

    • Quick and Easy Setup: A Rave high-speed inflator/deflator is included so that your setup and takedown times are as quick as possible.  Less time setting up means more time for fun on the water. An anchor connector kit is included so that you can easily get your water trampoline setup in your ideal location.

    • Fun Attachments:  Rave also several attachments to add on to your water trampoline to create your own floating water park.  Now you are really going to have some fun!  Available attachments include: Aqua Launch, Aqua Log, or an Inflatable Water Mat.

    • Limited Lifetime Warranty:  Enjoy your water trampoline worry-free for the life of the water trampoline. When a lifetime warranty is offered you can be sure that the manufacturer has full confidence in their product.  Now you can buy with confidence knowing that your water trampoline will be top of the line.

    Rave Aqua Jump 120 Water Trampoline specifications

    • 44 sq ft jumping surface
    • Inflated Dimensions:  12'2" x 26"
    • Max Capacity: 2 adults or 4 children up to 500 lbs. total
    • 65 lbs. product weight
    • 25-35 min. set-up
    • 10' water depth required
    • 25-75 lbs. recommended anchor weight
    • 70 (5-1/4") springs
    • 3 step ladder included
    • Styles:  00120, 00121

    Rave Aqua Jump 150 Water Trampoline specifications

    • 65 sq ft jumping surface
    • Inflated Dimensions:  14'11" x 36"
    • Max Capacity: 3 adults or 5 children up to 700 lbs. total
    • 130 lbs. product weight
    • 30-40 min. set-up
    • 10' water depth required
    • 50-100 lbs. recommended anchor weight
    • 80 (5-1/4") springs
    • 5 step ladder included
    • Styles:  00150, 00151


    Rave Aqua Jump 200 Water Trampoline specifications

    • 124 sq ft jumping surface
    • Inflated Dimensions:  18'11" x 36"
    • Max Capacity: 3 adults or 6 children up to 1050 lbs. total
    • 185 lbs. product weight
    • 40-50 min. set-up
    • 10' water depth required
    • 75-125 lbs. recommended anchor weight
    • 112 (5-1/4") springs
    • 5 step ladder included
    • Styles:  00200, 00201

    Rave Aqua Jump Eclipse Water Trampoline Owner's Manual

    *Anchor weight recommendations depend on your lake bottom and conditions. 

    Attachments Sold Separately 

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