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Kokopelli Packrafts for Sale

Kokopelli Packrafts for Sale

Kokopelli Packrafts are an incredible way to experience the water. These inflatable packrafts are high quality, high performing, and easy to transport. A packraft is designed specifically for adventure seekers on the go. If you are camping or hiking and want or need to get on the water, then a Kokopelli Packraft will suit you well. Lightweight and quick to inflate, packrafts are easy to get on and off the water and won't weigh you down on your journey.

If you are just looking for a good portable watercraft for the lake or ocean, Kokopelli Packrafts are an excellent choice. They can take on the waves and are also great for relaxing journeys. If your adventures include shallow water, a packraft is great because you are less inclined to get held up by a creek bottom or debris.

For added fun or simply for convenience, Kokopelli Packrafts are the way to go!

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