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  • A Guide to the Top 4 Best 'On the Go' Fishing Kayaks

    by Ringo Ladue December 19, 2022 5 min read

    A woman paddles her fishing kayak across the clear blue water. A large mountain is in the background with forestry covering large side hills.

    Are you looking for a fishing kayak that is easy to transport? Do you feel like you are always on the go, but want to get in kayak fishing when you can make time? We are in the same... kayak. Free time is hard to come by, so we try to be as efficient as possible. Having a kayak that is easy to transport, makes things easier.

    After many expeditions on a variety of styles of fishing kayaks we have come up with our 'Top 4 Best Fishing Kayaks for Anglers on the Go. We are here to help make your kayak fishing expeditions as easy as possible. This means more time for fishing!

    You feel a tug on your fishing pole, and suddenly, your heart leaps. The catch you've been waiting for all morning finally arrives, and you feel on top of the world out there in the middle of a lake.

    You're not the only person who loves fishing, either. Research shows that more than 40 million Americans go fishing in a year's time.

    The question is, what are the best fishing kayaks for sale? Here's a rundown of the four best fishing kayaks in 2023 for all types of anglers.

    1. Sea Eagle 385 FastTrack Angler Inflatable Kayak

    A Sea Eagle kayak remains one of the best kayaks for fishing due to its high performance and quality.

    These inflatable kayaks are perfect for solo anglers and fishing enthusiasts who want to share their love of the sport with family and friends. Thanks to their portability, durability, and lightweight design, these kayaks make for the perfect companions out on the water.

    Unlike other inflatable kayaks, which tend to be rigid, the Sea Eagles FastTrack 385FT Fishing Kayak cuts through waves and wind easily with its narrower, sharper, tapered bow. It also offers faster and smoother paddling performance due to featuring a proprietary NeedleKnife Keel.

    With the Sea Eagle 385fta Inflatable Kayak, a day on the water can be effortless, productive, and enjoyable for any angler.

    2. Advanced Elements StraitEdge Angler Pro Kayak

    Looking for an ultra-convenient inflatable that can meet your kayak fishing needs? This one ticks all the boxes as well.

    Because Advanced Elements kayaks are inflatable, they are very convenient to pack up and pull out when you're ready to catch fish. At the same time, they are as stable as traditional kayaks are. With the Advanced Elements StraitEdge Angler Pro, you will get a first class kayak fishing experience and maximize time on the water.

    The StraitEdge Angler Pro's drop-stitch floor design combined with a wide beam and built-in aluminum ribs gives the inflatable kayak great stability and tracking. This feature provides every angler and water sports lover with increased performance and safety.

    Advanced Elements kayaks for anglers are additionally stylish and sleek, perfect for making your fishing adventure even more enjoyable.

    Note this kayak works best for open/coastal waters and slow-moving rivers, such as Class I to Class II rivers. You can also use them for fishing in inland waters, bays, and lakes.

    3. Point 65 KingFisher Modular Fishing Kayak

    The Point 65 KingFishing Modular Fishing Kayak is another great choice when on the go. The kayak breaks down into 2 or 3 pieces depending on the model. This allows you to easily get the kayak into a hatchback, SUV, or truck. With this brand, you'll find kayaks equipped with sturdy rod holders as well as deck mounts for adding more holders and other fishing equipment.

    You will have plenty of room and carrying capacity for your fishing gear. In addition, a measuring feature is located on the boat's side so that you can easily measure any fish you catch. The kayak is strong, stable, and safe. It comes with extremely comfortable seats with adjustable backrests for those long fishing days and nights.

    The KingFisher Kayak is the creme de la creme of portable kayaks. It comes at a higher price point than our other recommendations, but you are getting a premium fishing kayak complete with a pedal drive motor! This is one of our most raved about kayak options.

    Additional Point 65 Kayak Perks

    A bonus of a modular kayak is that its shape is more streamlined, thus reducing drag and allowing your boat to move more quickly. These types of kayaks also offer the benefit of being simpler to control. This makes a Point 65 kayak perfect for a beginning kayaker who hasn't yet explored all of this sport's nuances.

    Because each Point 65 kayak features a modular design, you can convert a solo kayak into a tandem kayak with ease. The kayak is simple to store as well. For instance, it's small enough for you to stow away beneath your bed or in a closet.

    4. Sea Eagle 350fx Inflatable Fishing Kayak

    Another top rated option from Sea Eagle is the Sea Eagle 350fx Inflatable Fishing Kayak. This is another durable kayak that is high performing and easy to transport. It features the highest quality materials that will makes it long lasting.

    This self-bailing kayak can support almost 600 lbs, so you can bring all your favorite gear with you. A rigid drop-stitch floor with non-slip eva pad will give you an efficient ride and keep you steady when standing up in the kayak.

    Built-in rod, tool, hook and lure holders mean all you have to do is fill it with air and you will be ready to get on the water! With a trusted brand like Sea Eagle, which has been in business for over 50 years, you know that are getting a high quality and high performing kayak.

    How We Can Help You to Find the Best Fishing Kayaks

    The best fishing kayaks for those on the go, whether Sea Eagle, Point 65, or Advanced Elements stand out for their ultimate comfort and versatility. These kayaks are also widely praised for their durability.

    Feel free to use these kayaks for a leisurely day of fishing on a stream, river, or lake to relieve stress, bond with a loved one, and enjoy the thrill of fishing.

    At Splashy McFun, we take pride in offering high-quality boating, water sports, and marine gear. When you shop with us, you can rest assured that you will always receive the best deals.

    Get in touch with us to learn more about our stellar fishing kayaks, and order today!

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