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Solo Kayak / 1 Person Kayak

Sometimes you want to be able to get out on the water by yourself, or you are amongst friends but want to be able to control your own destiny.  You are looking for one of our 1 Person Kayaks or Solo Kayaks.  Both Solo Modular Kayaks and Solo Inflatable Kayaks are available for different levels of kayakers, from beginner kayaks all the way up to the pros. With our Solo Modular Kayaks, you can quickly grab a friend, add a middle section, and be back on the water as a duo.  The Solo Inflatable Kayaks are great backpack kayaks that are easy to transport.  Our Solo Fishing Kayaks are some of the highest quality you can find and are available as a Solo Modular Fishing Kayak or a Solo Inflatable Fishing Kayak.  Buy one of our solo kayaks for sale now and wait till you see the fun you are having!


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