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    Asiwo Mako Electric Kickboard

    ASIWO MAKO turns any moment by the pool or beach into a great opportunity for fun and quality family time. Now even the kids can have a exciting gaming time in water.

    The ASIWO MAKO Electric Swimming Kickboard, featuring three adjustable speeds, is a versatile training tool tailored for water sports, catering to both adults and kids relishing their time in the pool.

    The Asiwo Electric Swimming Kickboard, with three-speed modes hitting up to 1.5m/s in water, transforms standard kickboard workouts into an exhilarating experience.

    Prioritizing Safety: The kickboard features a self-floating design to prevent sinking, while the propeller includes a safety net to shield young kids' fingers from accidental harm. Simply press and hold both side buttons to start, and release any button to stop.

    An hour-long runtime, the ASIWO Mako swimming kickboard inspires enjoyable and imaginative play for family members of all ages.

    Portable and light, the Asiwo Electric Swim Kickboard, at 3.2 kilograms (7 pounds), is perfect for travel, easily taken anywhere, even on flights.

    Asiwo Mako Electric Kickboard Features and Benefits


    • Buoyancy [265lb]Buoyancy [265lb]

    • Max Running Time [60 Mins]Max Running Time [60 Mins]

    • Max Speed 5 ft/sMax Speed 5 ft/s

    • 3 Speed Modes3 Speed Modes

    • Feathery Light [5.7lbs]Feathery Light [5.7lbs]

    • Easy User ControlsEasy User Controls

    • Safety CertificationsSafety Certifications

    • Eye Catching DesignEye Catching Design


    This image shows the different variants of Asiwo Mako Electric Kickboard being held by 3 people, one in the photo is jumping onto the pool holding the green Asiwo Mako Electric Kickboard while the other two holding the blue and yellow boards respectively are sitting on the edge of the pool watching the jumper.
    Safe for all ages

    The MAKO electric kick board is perfectly suitable for users of all ages. It features a fully encased propeller system as well as rounded edges to prevent injuries. Moreover, an auto shut-off mechanism turns off the propulsion if you accidentally let go of the device, ensuring that it does not continue to move on its own.


    This is showing the green Asiwo Mako Electric Kickboard being held by a child jumping onto the pool.
    Portable and Lightweight

    The Asiwo Mako electric kickboard has been engineered to be compact, portable and feathery light in weight. Weighing only 5.7lbs (2.6kg) and measuring just 19x15x6” (49x38x15cm). Whether you're headed to the beach, lake, or pool, the Mako will always be easy to carry, transport, and move around.

    The 3 people are using the Asiwo Mako Electric Kickboards to play in the water.
    Bring More Fun to The Whole Family

    MAKO Kick Borad facilitates enjoyable and inventive interaction among family members spanning various age ranges. It stands as an exceptional training tool designed to aid novice swimmers in conquering their fears, improving their skills, and achieving water balance mastery.

    The green Asiwo Mako Electric Kickboard is in action, being held by a child swimming underwater.
    60 mins Running Time

    The 36V 2.5Ah Lithium-ion battery uses ultra-efficient 18650 cells to provide up to an hour of thrilling water experience on a single charge. And, with a quick 3-4 hour charge time, you can get back on the water faster than ever.


    Asiwo Mako Electric Kickboard Specifications

    Model MAKO
    Main Body Size 487 * 380 * 155mm / 19.2 * 4.9 * 6.1 inch
    Operating Temperature -10℃~40℃
    Weight 5.7lbs/2.6kgs (including battery)
    Speed Mode


    Slow mode: Speed - 2ft/s, Running time - 60mins, Thrust - 3.5kgf
    Middle mode: Speed - 3.3ft/s, Running time - 30mins, Thrust - 5.5kgf
    Fast mode: Speed - 5ft/s, Running time - 18mins, Thrust - 8kgf

    Manta Operating Time

    60mins (Slow Mode)

    35mins (Middle Mode)

    18mins (Fast Mode)

    Thrust Up to 9kgs/19.84lbs
    Battery Li-ion 18650 37V/2.5A
    Rated Capacity 2500mAH
    Rated Energy 92.5WH
    Charging Time 3 - 4 hours
    Battery Weight 0.9kg
    Input Voltage AC 110 - 220V 50-/60Hz
    Output Voltage DC 42V/1A

    What's in the box?

    • MAKO Kick Board
    • Battery Pack
    • Adapter
    • User Manual

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