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  • Barefoot Junior Iron Sleeveless Wet Suit

    Barefoot Junior Iron Sleeveless Wet Suit

    The Barefoot Junior Sleeveless Iron Wetsuit is double-glued and has double thick flotation padding which makes them glide like you are on ice. This allows you to perform your deepwater starts, tumble turns, jumps, and flips with ease. After 10 uses, the suit really conforms to your body which makes it the most comfortable suit you can own. 

    Barefoot International 800 IronMan Sleeveless World’s Best Barefoot Suit is made up of two distinct layers of material. The first layer is made of neoprene rubber. The second layer is made of flotation padding. These two layers and how they are constructed determine the performance of your wetsuit. In our barefoot suits, these two layers are added to the butt, hamstrings, hips, back, ribs, and chest to protect the more barefoot from the harsh friction that the water causes at barefoot speeds. What separates our Barefoot Suit from the rest is the construction. The Lane “Dawg” Bowers Signature Series Barefoot International Suit has 26mm of neoprene and flotation padding. This is twice the amount of protection that exists in any other barefoot suit. What makes this suit hands-down better is that there are also two layers of glue that are used to glue the 26mm of neoprene and flotation padding together.

    Wetsuits may be tight at first but will form to your body after 10-12 uses *Iron Shorts should be one size LARGER than your wetsuit size *Chest, Hips and Height are your primary guidelines for proper fit.

    You can download the PDF Manual here: Fly High Junior Iron Sleeveless Wetsuits Manual
    You can download the PDF Size Chart here: Fly High Junior Iron Sleeveless Wetsuits Size Chart

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