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    Bearon Aquatics F-Series Pond Aerator Fountain

    Combining the latest technology in both efficiency and beauty, the Bearon Aquatics F-Series Pond Aerator Fountain makes the perfect addition to any nearby pond or lake.  Both day and night, the F-Series fountain aerator looks amazing, with an optional LED light addition for added night-time capability. You'll appreciate a more efficient, cost-effective design that helps you stay within budget and reduces electricity usage.

     Not only does it create a beautiful display, but this state-of-the-art fountain also helps you keep the water quality in your pond or lake healthy and balanced. The pond aerator pumps water that has been depleted of oxygen and exposes it to the air, the water is then enriched with oxygen before splashing back into the pond and then transferring the oxygen throughout the rest of the area.

    Bearon Aquatics F-Series Fountains are available in 2 models.  The Bearon Aquatics F500 Aerator Fountain is a 1/2 Hp model that is available in 115v or 230v.  The Bearon Aquatics F1000 Aerator Fountain is a 1 Hp fountain that is also available in 115v or 230v.  This gives you 2 excellent options to match the right aerator fountain for your pond or lake. It is not uncommon to have a lake or pond feature more than 1 of our aerating fountains, especially for medium and large-sized lakes and ponds.

    This impressive pond aeration fountain propels water a full six feet high and as far as 21-feet outward for a truly elegant display that everyone will appreciate. For corporate offices, restaurants, or even private homes and cabins. You can now add a unique and captivating touch to your property's most featured water area as you keep your pond healthy and thriving. The circular-v pattern is an attractive display that looks fantastic nearly anywhere. 

    Enjoy the best of all worlds, by getting a fountain that can operate in as shallow as 14 ft. of water. While having the ability to process up to 130 gallons of water per minute, this high-end pond aerator uses only half the amount of electricity as comparable pond aerator fountains. With multiple available configurations and settings, you'll be able to tweak it exactly how you want it and customize your fountain to your exact specifications. Each aerator fountain is constructed to the highest standards of quality and durability, with a lightweight, sturdy design that is well-suited to the surroundings.

    There's never been a better opportunity to buy a professional aeration fountain that performs to the highest standards while keeping electrical costs and maintenance needs to a minimum. This outstanding pond aerator fountain is the perfect choice for golf courses, parks, and natural outdoor settings of every kind. You can trust the Bearon Aquatics F-Series fountains for superior performance that you can feel confident about.  Don't sacrifice quality to reduce costs, get a first-class pond aerator fountain that looks great and while working to maximize the health of your water.

    The numerous cord lengths and installation settings let you accommodate a wide variety of areas, water depths, and more. Whether you hope to achieve a picturesque display that adds to the natural wonder and beauty of your area or create lasting memories for customers and patrons with a one-of-a-kind fountain that will set your establishment apart, you will enjoy an unmatched level of quality and support from a trusted name in the industry.

     Each purchase is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can have complete assurance throughout the buying process. Start your journey today toward a magical way to enhance your property or environment, by purchasing a top-of-the-line aerator pond fountain that leaves nothing behind when it comes to reliable performance and efficiency.

      Bearon Aquatics - PowerHouse F-Series Aerating Fountain features and benefits:

      • The first-class and heavy-duty design ensures that you are getting a high-quality pond aerator fountain that will stand the test of time.
      • 1/2 Hp and 1 Hp energy-efficient PSC motors mean you will get more pond aeration while using less power.  The F1000 and F500 aerating fountains use about half of the electricity of competitors. 
      • A stunning circular V-shaped display is created that reaches heights of 6 feet and sprays as far out as 21 feet.  This adds beauty to your lake or pond and enhances your atmosphere and increases property value.
      • By pumping up to 130 gallons per minute the pond aerator fountain can enrich a lot of water with oxygen while being energy efficient. By pumping large amounts of oxygen-depleted water into the air and filling it with oxygen it can splash back into the pond filled with life and spread oxygen to surrounding areas.  This maximizes the health of your lake or pond and lets fish and other aquatic life thrive and live their best life.
      • The aerating fountains are lightweight, yet durable.  This makes them easy to set in place and move if necessary.  You also can buy with confidence knowing that you are getting a first-class aerating fountain.
      • The beauty of the fountain can be enhanced with LED Fountain Light Kits.  If you really want to maximize the beauty of your pond, adding a fountain light kit will do the trick.  The lighting accents the spray on a naturally dark background creating a calming and pleasant display.
      • 2-Year Warranty guarantees that your aerating fountain will be free from defects and allows you to buy with confidence knowing you are getting a quality product.
      • Saltwater compatible. You can enjoy your F-Series fountain in freshwater or saltwater and it will still stand the test of time. Aluminium Anode just needs to be added.

        Bearon Aquatics F1000F Aerating Fountain Specifications

        • 1 Horsepower
        • Volts/Amps: 
          • 115 volt- 7 Amps
          • 230 volt - 3.5 Amps 
        • Minimum Water Depth:  17 feet
        • Water Flow:  130 Gallons Per Minute (GPM)
        • Spray Height: 6ft
        • Spray Width: 21ft
        • Cord Lengths (ft): 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, and 350*
          • *Cords greater than 200ft only available in 230v
        • Powerhouse Aerating Fountain Models:  F1000F/050,  F1000F/050 (615),  F1000F/100,  F1000F/100 (615), F1000F/150, F1000F/150 (615), F1000F/200‐615,  F1000F/250‐615, F1000F/300‐615,  F1000F/350‐615

        Bearon Aquatics F500F Aerating Fountain Specifications

        • 1/2 Horsepower
        • Volts/Amps: 
          • 115 volt- 5 Amps
          • 230 volt - 2.5 Amps 
        • Minimum Water Depth:  14 feet
        • Water Flow:  106 Gallons Per Minute (GPM)
        • Spray Height: 4ft
        • Spray Width: 15ft
        • Cord Lengths (ft): 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, and 350*
          • Cords 200ft and longer are for 230 volts only
        • Shipping Weights: 42, 48, 56, 60
        • Powerhouse Aerating Fountain Models:   F500F/050,  F500F/050 (615),  F500F/100,  F500F/100 (615), F500F/150, F500F/150 (615), F500F/200‐615,  F500F/250‐615, F500F/300‐615,  F500F/350‐615
        • Bearon Aquatics Aerator Fountain Buyers Guide
        • Bearon Aquatics Aerator Instruction Manual

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        WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

            Customer Reviews

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            item works as described, and shipping was fast


            item works as described, and shipping was fast

            Power House F Series Aeratot

            Very pleased with our purchase. Delivery was fast and works beautifully.

            Great, we are happy to hear it, and thanks for the review!

            The Bearon Aquatics - Power House F-Series Aerating Fountain is fantastic and we are glad that you chose Splashy McFun!

            Enjoy the fountain and let us know if there is anything else that we can help you with! Thanks again!

            Power House F Series Aeratot

            Very pleased with our purchase. Delivery was fast and works beautifully.

            J W.
            Great Fountain, Fast Delivery, Great Customer Service

            We had a really great experience buying this fountain from Splashy McFun. We got our questions answered ahead of time, recevieced free shipping, and delivery was very fast and way ahead of the deadline. The fountain works great and has greatly improved the healthiness of our pond.

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