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    Bearon Aquatics Weeds Away Muck Blaster and Water Circulator - W1000, W750

    Is the water in your swimming hole full of debris or muck? Are there weeds or silt around your dock? Do you have a pond or lake that you want to clean up? The Bearon Aquatics Weeds Away Muck Blaster is likely to be able to greatly improve the quality of your water.

    Working with the benefit of over 40 years of experience, Bearon Aquatics created the amazing and energy-efficient 'Weeds Away' water circulator. The design showcases a 3/4 Hp (W750) or 1 Hp (W1000) stainless steel motor and a 16 gauge stainless steel motor housing. A custom-designed propeller maximizes thrust and performance.

    All of the features combine to allow the Weeds Away Muck Blaster to operate in as little as 2 feet of water and clear open an area of approximately 70-100 feet! It will keep debris, fine silt, and sediment particles from floating in the water and settling at the bottom where you swim, around your dock and boat, or in a pond that you want to enhance the appearance of. This muck mover does great work and will amaze you with the work it does.

    Bearon Aquatics is environmentally conscious, so the motor is oil-free and instead uses an environmentally safe dielectric lubrication fluid. A bronze endbell is in place to make sure everything stays corrosion-free in fresh and saltwater.

    The included dock mount makes it easy to change the depth of the muck blaster, the direction of the water flow, or the angle at which the water flows from the Bearon Aquatics Weeds Away. A quick-disconnect power cord makes things as easy as possible. This muck mover is the full package and will get the job done!

    Once you have your Bearon Aquatics Weeds Away Muck Blaster setup you will see it go to work right away. The thrust will create a continuous flow of water that will move silt, sediment, muck, and debris out of the area and keep it away. With an easy angle adjustment, you can point it right where you want it and move it whenever you would like to. Now the degree of the radius that you can keep debris out of is even larger!

    Another great use of the Weeds Away is to keep water from freezing over when waterfowl hunting. It can be a duck hunter's dream to have the only open and unfrozen water in the area.

    Just combine a Weeds Away with a Shallow Water Stand, and you will be amazed at how quickly you can thaw out a pond. As an added bonus the moving water will keep your decoys moving and appearing more life-like. Now you have multiple uses for this high-performing water mover!

    The Bearon Aquatics Weeds Away is a fantastic product that we get many compliments about. You will be hard-pressed to find a better-performing and more energy-efficient muck mover. If you have any questions, please contact us, we are happy to help.

    Bearon Aquatics Weeds Away Muck Blaster Features and Benefits:

    • First-Class Design Based on 40 Years of Experience: The 'Weeds Away' design is tried and tested, over and over. This is the best product we have seen to move muck and create desirable water conditions. You don't have to deal with that muck, the 'Weeds Away' works wonders. You will be enjoying pristine water without that annoying silt and muck buildup, floating debris, and bothersome weeds. The water will not only be great for swimming but will help keep the water insect and pest free so that you can enjoy its beauty.
    • High-Quality Stainless Steel Motor: Available in 3/4 Hp (W750) or 1 Hp (W1000), Bearon Aquatics motors are known for their reliability. These motors create enough thrust to move water approximately 70 - 100 feet. 316 Stainless steel is used because it is best for use in saltwater. The motor exceeds NEMA specifications and is UL and CSA compliant and C.E. certified.
    • Highly Effective Power Shroud: The motor is fantastic, but the shroud is no slouch either. Constructed of 16 gauge 304 stainless steel, the elongated shroud helps channel the trust and force the current of water to remove the sludge, muck, weeds, and debris out of the way. Say hello to clean water!
    • Custom Designed Propeller: The 'Weeds Away' utilizes the power of the motor and the effectiveness of the shroud with a specially designed propeller. This propeller helps create tremendous thrust for maximum performance.
    • Energy-Efficient Motor: The W750 and W1000 both feature energy-efficient designs with single-phase motors. The 3/4 Hp W750  is available in 115 or 230 volts and runs at t6.3/2.35 amps. The 1 Hp W1000 is also available in 115 or 230 volt and operates at 7.0/3.5amps.
    • Bronze Endbell and Aluminum Alloy: A bronze endbell gives the muck move corrosion-free operation in freshwater, brackish water, and saltwater. Comes complete with a sacrificial custom-designed aluminum alloy anode. This will extend the product's life and give you clear water for years.
    • Oil-Free Design: Instead of oil an environmentally safe dielectric lubricating fluid is used. You can use it with confidence knowing that you aren't doing any harm to the water or aquatic marine life.
    • Easy to Install and Setup: You will have no worries getting your 'Weeds Away' up and running. Easy to disconnect, easy to set up; no wasted time. Cords are available in 50ft increments up to 400ft (200ft - 400ft available in 230 volt only).
    • A Duck Hunters Best Friend: Combine your Weeds Away with a Shallow Water Stand and you can have the only unfrozen water in your area. The waterfowl will flock your way if that is their only option for a water landing. Keeps the decoys moving and makes the water look more attractive. You will be amazed at how well it works.
    • 2-Year Warranty: A 2-Year warranty lets you buy with confidence knowing that you are getting a high-quality product backed by a sound warranty. It is rare, but If you have any issues with the motor in the first 2 years Bearon Aquatics will get it fixed or replaced asap.
    • Effective and Easy to Adjust Dock Mount: You will be able to easily adjust the depth, direction, and angle of your 'Weeds Away'. This is helpful when conditions change or when there is muck across a wider area. The dock mount securely holds the water circulator in place so that it can go to work. Mounting base, bail with clevis pins & clips, tightening handle, and pipe holder with nuts and bolts are all included. **Due to shipping limitations the 1in steel pipe is not included. This can be purchased at your local hardware store. Only stainless steel should be used in saltwater. To prevent bending, the max pipe length that is recommended is 6 feet.**

    ** Note: For effectiveness, the 'Weeds Away' needs to be at least 2 feet from the surface of the water. **


    Bearon Aquatics Weeds Away Muck Blaster Specifications:

    Weeds Away W750:

    • .75-hp Energy Efficient, made in the USA, motor
    • 6.3/2.35 amps
    • 115 or 230 volt
    • Single-phase
    • 50/60 cycle
    • 3/4 hp clears approximately 70 feet
    • Weight: 43 lbs

    Weeds Away W1000:

    • 1-hp Energy Efficient, made in the USA, motor
    • 7.0/3.5 amps
    • 115 or 230 volt
    • Single-phase
    • 50/60 cycle
    • 1 hp clears approximately 100 feet
    • Weight: 43 lbs

    Bearon Aquatics Weeds Away purchase includes:

    • Weeds Away Motor Assembly
    • Quick Disconnect Power Cord
    • Dock Mount
    • Sacrificial Anode

    Bearon Aquatics Weeds Away Muck Blaster Owners Manual

    WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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