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    Bixpy Universal Power Pole Adapter for Kayaks

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    Bixpy Power Pole Adapter for Kayaks

    The Bixpy Universal Power Pole Adapter combined with a Bixpy Kayak Jet Motor will have you amazed at the freedom you will have and the energy that you will save when kayaking!  With the Bixpy Universal Power Pole Adapter, you have a kayak motor mount that features a quick release so that there is no wasted time or energy getting on and off the water.  The adapter has a hinge that lifts the motor completely out of the water and sets it into place.  The Power Pole Adapter is also capable of a 360-degree rotational trim and can have a steering pole attached to it for even more convenience and efficiency.

    The Bixpy Universal Power Pole Adapter is quick, easy, and hassle-free to install and setup. If your kayak has a standard Micro Power Pole adapter slot all you need to do is screw the adapter in and you will be ready to go, you won't even need tools.  The Bixpy Universal Pole Adapter is still a fantastic option even if your kayak doesn't have a power pole mount.  You just need to lay out the footprint outline on an area that is mostly flat in the back of the kayak.  If you own a kayak that is ready for a Power Pole but needs a special mounting plate (such as some Hobie Pro Anglers, Atak, etc.), then you will need to reach out to the manufacturer first.

    Bixpy Universal Power Pole Kayak Adapter Features and Benefits:

    • Quick and easy to install and set up so that you don't waste any time that could be spent on the water.
    • Marine-grade stainless steel is used so the adapter works well in fresh water and saltwater. 
    • A hinge that lifts the kayak jet motor completely out of the water and sets it into place.  This allows you to get in and out of the water with ease while not worrying about damaging the motor.
    • The quick-release feature makes getting off and on the water extremely easy.
    • 360 Degree rotational trim capability allows for the option of attaching a steering pole to give you more convenience and control.
    • An attached wire makes it easy to connect to your Bixpy Outboard Power Pack.
    • The housing unit and components are designed to be waterproof, dirt-proof, debris-proof, and corrosion resistant which gives longevity to your Bixpy Power Pole Adapter.

    Bixpy Universal Power Pole Kayak Adapter Specifications:

    • Compatible with Bixpy K-1 and J-2 Motors.
    • Marine-grade stainless steel manufacturing
    • It is recommended  that your kayak jet motor operates at a depth 5 to 6 inches beneath the waterline
    • The length between the bottom of the motor and the bottom of the plate adjusts from 9.5 to 14.5 inches
    • Adapter Kit includes:  Bixpy Power Pole Adapter, wire to connect to Bixpy Outboard Power Pack, all required hardware, and an installation guide.  (Power Pole Steering attachment is not included.)
    • Bixpy Kayak Adapter Model # AT-PPA-2102
    • Bixpy Universal Power Pole Adapter Footprint


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