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    Jenlis Weed Razer Lake Weed Cutter

    The original Weed Razer lake weed cutter has simplified the lives of thousands of customers.   It takes a problem (lake and pond weeds) that people have struggled with for countless hours and turns it into something that can be managed in minutes.  Our customers tell us it is “easy-to-use”.  The professional-grade Weed Razer cuts through almost any type of rooted lake or pond vegetation (ex. lily pads, cattails, milfoil, curly leaf pond weed, eel grass etc.)  This simple and effective aquatic weed cutter is easy to throw and retrieve and clears a path of 48 inches with each cast. Its uniquely designed V-shape ensures the optimal position and action to cleanly slice underwater weeds. The razor-sharp blades cut lake and pond weeds at their base. After cutting, nearly all rooted aquatic vegetation float to the surface and need to be removed.

    Tip: Use the Weed Raker to remove weed fragments after cutting underwater plants.

    Weighing less than eight pounds, the Weed Razer is light enough so it can be thrown easily but heavy enough to sink to the bottom of your lake or pond.  The Weed Razer is environmentally friendly, easy-to-use, and safe to operate.  Each Weed Razer comes with Lockdwn ™ blade covers, a sharpener and a floating rope which allows a reach of up to 30 feet from one location

    The handle comes in two sections which can be easily separated for tool storage.   Lockdwn ™ blade covers are specially designed for ease of use and maximum coverage to keep your Weed Razer safe while not in use.  The Weed Razer has stainless steel blades a galvanized steel frame.  This tool should last you a lifetime.


    1. Throw the blades out and over the area to be cleared

    2. Pull it back in using short, hard jerking motions

    3. Repeat as needed

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