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    5 Great Reasons to Buy From Us:
    5 Great Reasons to buy from Splashy McFun: Free Shipping, Fast Shipping, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, Low Price Guarantee, and Secure Ordering.

    The Lillipad Diving Board for Boats is the #1 Way to Maximize Your Boating Fun!

    The Lillipad Diving Board is an incredible addition to any boat and is the only diving board patented and specifically designed for installation on boats. When looking to increase the fun on the boat this is our #1 recommendation. Kids and adults both fall in love with it quickly!

    You will be amazed at the amount of non-stop fun that the Lillipad Diving Board provides. We are not alone in our praise, not only did it win the Innovation Award at the world-renowned Miami International Boat Show, but we also continually get messages from new owners who are overjoyed with their purchase!

    Lillipad Diving Board for Boats being used on a pontoon boat and a young man is doing a flip off the boat diving board. 


    Buy a Lillipad Boat Diving Board and receive a Free Boat Diving Board Cover! Limited Time Offer.


    Why is the Lillipad Boat Diving Board the Best?

    Lillipad Boat Diving Board on the back of a pontoon boat. A young girl prepares to jump off the boat diving board into the lake. 

    ⭐️  Full Diving Board Bounce 

    ⭐️  Boat Doesn't Rock When Jumping

    ⭐️  BIG Fun for Kids, BIG Fun for Adults

    ⭐️  Easy to Setup, Easy to Stow

    ⭐️  Match Your Diving Board to Your Boat

    Can the Lillipad Diving Board be Installed on YOUR Boat?

    The most likely answer is... YES! The diving board is easily compatible with most boats over 18 feet. It is often used as a pontoon boat diving board, but is also popular on cruisers, houseboats, and yachts. Now you have a safe and fun way to plunge into the water.

    The innovative design includes a spring-action board that transfers the energy and amazingly keeps the boat steady while springing you into the water. Now you can relax without worrying about the boat rocking or food and drinks spilling.

    Click here to watch a quick demo. It is hard to say enough good things about the amazing Lillipad Diving Board
    Lillipad Diving Board for Boats on a Sea Ray Cruiser. A young man does a backflip off the side of the boat. 

    Lillipad Diving Board for Boat Features and Benefits: 

    • Big Bounce; Boat Stays Steady: The boat diving board is spring-loaded which neutralizes the energy created from jumping. The boat stays steady, and there is little stress on it. People can kick back and relax without the boat rocking while others jump into the water.

    • Kids & Adults Both Approve: Kids love it unanimously, and adults do too. Parents love to kick back and watch the kids play; while relaxing in the boat.

    • First Class Design & Construction: Heavy-duty, aircraft-grade aluminum extrusions, stainless steel, and urethane spring components ensure that your board is built to last and that corrosion and component failures are minimal.

    • Quick Release Pin for Fast Setup & Safety: The captain can now ensure the boat is in a safe area (No obstructions, at least 15ft deep) before it is used.  It also allows you to easily put the board down for docking, trailering, or when the boat is in motion.

    • Easily Stowed: By quickly unscrewing 3 eye bolts that secure the frame to the boat, the board and frame easily separate into 3 smaller components for storage.

    • No-Slip Jump Surface: 2 great options to choose from, the SeaDek textured foam or heavy-grade grip tape. The grip tape will last 3-5 years and the textured foam 5-9 years under normal conditions and longer when a cover is used. 

    • Match Your Lillipad Diving Board to Your Boat: There are a variety of SeaDek textured foam color options to choose from so that you can match your boat and diving board. You can choose between a Sliver-Anodized or a Black Powder Coated finish. Your boat diving board will look sharp!

    Lillipad Diving Board color combo options, 8 are shown.

     Match Your Lillipad Diving Board to Your Boat!

       The Lillipad Boat Diving Board has an array of color options so that you can match your diving board to your boat. First, you have your jump surface option. Choose from multiple good-looking SeaDek Textured Foam-colored options or a black and white grip tape.

      Next, you can choose between the Silver Anodized and Black Powder-Coated finishes. With these options, you are sure to find a combo that looks great on your boat!


      Where Do I Mount My Lillipad Diving Board? 

      Your first 2 steps in deciding on a mount are to decide where on your boat you want to mount the diving board and to make sure your boat meets the minimum requirements.

      • Boats must be at least 18ft long and 7 ft wide for a LIllipad Diving Board to be used. 
      • Your boat floor needs to be at least ¾” Marine Grade Plywood, ¾” Solid Fiberglass, or composite flooring.

      Approved Diving Board Mounting Positions:

      Side Door Mounting:  This popular mounting position provides stability from boat movement and is free of protruding obstructions. You can still use the side door as the diving board can quickly and easily be taken down and stowed.

      Rear Platform / Swim Platform Mounting: Another popular position. If you have a swim platform at the stern, mounting on the Port side is preferred because the stabilizer handle is mounted on the left. This keeps jumpers away from the motor.

      Bow / Front Mount: This position is permitted on boats that DO NOT have any objects protruding from the front of the vessel.

      Lillipad Diving Board for Boats mounting specifications. Shows the 17in x 24 in outline for the boat diving board. 


      3 Lillipad Diving Board Mounting Kit Options

      • Underfloor Mount: Best option when you can easily access the underside of your boat and it meets the correct spacing requirements for placing the mounting plates without obstruction.
        This mount is most often used for side door mounts on pontoon boats and anywhere on pontoon boats that have lower horsepower ratings. 

      • Surface Mount: Normally used on boats with fiberglass installs and boats with a lot of bracing in the mounting area. It utilizes the strength of the boat's cross members to secure the diving board. You will only need to drill some holes and tighten some eye bolts and you will quickly be ready to go.
        Most often used on tri-toon boats for aft-deck installations and horsepower ratings above 150.

      • Ghost Mount: A nearly invisible mounting option. Installs flush with the surface so that there is no obstruction. It is fully encapsulated by the flooring surface to utilize its wall strength. A controlled compression system secures the backside of the mount and locks it in at 3/4” using the step in the shoulder of the mounting body. It has been tested to over 1,000 pounds of straight pulling force in marine-grade plywood flooring with minimal deflection. Can also be used for flagpoles, grills, and more.  Send us a picture and we can verify that the ghost mount will work on your boat.