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    Nautica J-Class Sea Scooter

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    Nautica J-Class Sea Scooter

    The Nautica J-Class Sea Scooter is the world's first foldable DPV, or dive propulsion vehicle. This amazing patented design makes it easy to travel with, it is sized to carry on an airplane, and easy to store.


    This sea scooter has some power to it! The Nautica J-Class Sea Scooter will reach a top speed of 5 mph, which is about twice as fast as the average swimmer! It has 3 gears, a depth rating of 130 feet, and a runtime of 40 minutes. This Nautica Sea Scooter is great for almost any dive and is perfect when you are on the go!



    A woman holds a Nautica J-Class Seas Scooter in her lap. The last quadrant on the right side shows that the Nautica J-Class Seascooter is the worlds first foldable underwater scooter.

    The Nautica J-Class Sea Scooter is part of the new Nautica Sea Scooter Travel Series, along with the Q-Class. When you want an easy underwater scooter to travel with that delivers a fantastic performance, the Travel Series is your answer. They are amongst the fastest sea scooters in the water and will allow you to go on longer adventures while conserving energy. The Nautica J-Class Sea Scooter will give you all that you want in a water adventure!


    The left third of the graphic shows an image of a woman using a sea scooter underwater and then sitting next to the Nautica J-Class Sea Scooter on a dock. We see that is is durable with waterright construction. 3 speeds with LCD display. up to 5mph, 3-4 hour recharge time, 40-minute run time,130 ft depth rating, 15 lbs weight, and sized for carry-on travel

    Nautica J-Class Sea Scooter Scorecard

    ☑️ Top Speed: 5 mph

    ☑️ Run Time: 40 Minutes

    ☑️ Depth Rating: 130 feet

    ☑️ Recharge Time: 3-4 Hours

    ☑️ Lightweight: 15 lbs including battery



    J-Class Sea Scooter Features and Benefits


    • Lightweight and Easy to Handle - Weighing in at only 15 lbs, this sea scooter allows you to navigate through the water without tiring you out. The lightweight design also makes it easy to transport.
    • Powerful - The propeller and motor create a steady thrust that will zip you through the water comfortably at up to 5 mph. That is twice the average swimming speed! You will be able to cover more areas with ease!
    • Great Battery for Long Run Time - The lead-acid battery is a first-class battery that is specifically designed for each sea scooter. You will be able to run the sea scooter for 90 minutes on a full charge. That's a lot of time for fun!
    • Superior Safety - When the sea scooter triggers are released there is an automatic shutoff so you don't have to worry about the sea scooter getting away from you.
    • Water Leakage Sensor - Nautica Sea Scooters are first-class and reliable, but just in case a problem develops there is a water leakage sensor. This way you will know if there is a problem right away which will make it more easily fixed.
    • Camera Mount - A camera mount is fixed atop the sea scooter so that you can record your adventures. This just adds to the fun and lets you relive and share experiences.
    • Go Deep! - With a 130ft depth rating the Nautica J-Class Sea Scooter can be used on almost any diving adventure!


    Nautica J-Class Sea Scooter Specifications

    • Depth Rating: 130ft (40m)
    • Battery Type: Lithium-ion
    • Max Speed: 5.0mph (8km/h)
    • Gears: 3
    • Run Time: 40 Mins
    • Battery Recharge: 3-4 Hours
    • Camera Mount: Yes
    • Product Weight with Battery: 15 lbs (6.8 kg)
    • Product Dimensions:
      • (Unfolded)
        • 11.8 x 26.2 x 6.7"
        • 300 x 665 x 170 mm
      • (Folded)
        • 16.9 x 12.1 x 6.7"
        • 430 x 270 x 170 mm

    What comes in the J-Class Sea Scooter box?

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