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    Nautica Navtech 1 Sea Scooter

    The Nautica Navtech 1 Sea Scooter is the pinnacle of the Nautica Sea Scooter line and of underwater scooters in general. It checks all of the boxes and will power you on amazing adventures that you may have only dreamt about! It is fast, powerful, lightweight, and durable!


    The Natuica Navtech 1 is great for both professional and recreational explorers. Diving, snorkeling, and general exploring will be taken to the next level. You will see more, cover more area, and conserve energy. This sea scooter will give you a water experience like never before!

    The navy blue and black Nautica Navtech 1 sea scooter sits on the motor side on the front of the boat. Text reads; Dpv is designed for both professional and recreational divers..


    The Nautica Navtech 1 Sea Scooter - A Deeper Dive

    There are 2 images of a boy diving with the Nautica Navtech 1 Sea Scooter and a closeup side view of the dive scooter. Show that it has 90 minutes of runtime, 4.35 mph speed, and battery level indicator.

    ⭐️ Powerful Motor - 500 watts of power will jet you quickly through the water via 3 gears to a top speed of 4.35 mph. That is over 2x normal swim speed!


    ⭐️ High-Performance Battery - A Lithium-Ion battery, with a battery level indicator, gives you the high top speed as well as up to 90 minutes of runtime!


    ⭐️ Deep Depth Rating - With a 130ft depth rating the Navtech 1 is perfect for almost any dive!


    ⭐️ Interchangeable Battery - The Nautica Navtech 1 uses an interchangeable battery system so that you can keep the adventures going. Simply switch out the battery that has run out of charge with one that is fully charged and you will be back to exploring!

    The Nautica Navtech 1 Sea Scooter is shown as it would look if pulled apart. It shows that you can replace the battery so that you can keep going.


    The Nautica Navtech 1 Sea Scooters Superior Flodd Prevention System is featured. It shows a closeup of the inside and how the rubber rings seal it air tight.


    ⭐️ Superior Flood Prevention System - The Navtech 1 Sea Scooter utilizes 3 layers of rubber rings that creates an air-tight seal in each compartment. In the unlikely case that there is a leak, a sensor will deactivate the underwater scooter to prevent damage.


    ⭐️ Adjustable Buoyancy - You can easily adjust the buoyancy of your Navtech 1 by inserting ballast weights into any of the 4 slots. The Navetech 1 also features an integrated ballast space with a multi-hull design which allows the sea scooter to fill up with water to automatically achieve neutral buoyancy.

    Closeup view of the underside of the Nautica Navtech 1 sea scooter. Shows that 4 weights can be slid into slots to achieve neutral buoyancy.


    Shows a closeup of the ballast weights again and the proper way to hold the Nautica Navtech 1 Sea Scooter which is with your arms bent at a 90 degree angle

    Nautica Navtech 1 Sea Scooter Summary

    ☑️ Top Speed:  4.35 mph

    ☑️ Run Time:  Up to 90 Minutes

    ☑️ Depth Rating:  130 feet

    ☑️ Recharge Time:  8-10 Hours

    ☑️ Lightweight: 21 lbs including battery

    ☑️ Camera Mount: Record your adventures!

    Nautica Navtech 1 Sea Scooter Specifications

    • Size: 12.6in x 11.8in x 24in
    • Ages: 16 and up

    User Manual

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Kenny Johnstone
    500Li is our favorite underwater scooter

    We have a couple of other Yamaha sea scooters (RDS280 and JetPod) but the 500li is our favorite. We use it for snorkeling and just playing in the water and all of our visitors really enjoy it. It is big, but not too bulky, and is easy to use. 10/10

    The Yamaha 500Li Sea Scooter has made changes and is now the Nautica Navtech1 Sea Scooter. We wanted to add the review for the Yamaha 500Li here so that those looking at the new Nautica Navtech1 would have a customer reference.

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