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    Nautica Navtech 3 Sea Scooter


    The Nautica Navtech 3 Sea Scooter is a great underwater scooter for any adventure. It is a member of the highly regarded Nautica Professional Dive Series. The Navtech 3 is lightweight, has great speed, and is easy to operate.


    Both professional and recreational divers, snorkelers, and other water explorers will love the Natuica Navtech 3 Sea Scooter. It will take you through the water quicker and more efficiently than ever before. Get to areas you never thought you would, and do it with ease! Get everything you can out of your water experience with the Nautica Navtech 3!


    The lime green and black Nautica Navtech 3 sea scooter rests on its back or motor side while it rests on the front of a boat. Text reads; Let the underwater adventure begin!



    The Nautica Navtech 3 Sea Scooter - Diving Deeper


    There are 2 images of a boy diving with the Nautica Navtech 3 Sea Scooter and a closeup side view of the dive scooter. Show that it has 60 minutes of runtime, 3.1 mph speed, and battery level indicator.


    ⭐️ Powerful Motor - You will be propelled through the water quickly with strong motor. 2 gears will lead you to a top speed of 3.1 mph. That is almost twice the average swimming speed!

    ⭐️ High-Performance Battery - A Lithium-Ion battery, with a battery level indicator, gives you the great top speed as well as up to 60 minutes of runtime!

    ⭐️ Deep Depth Rating - With a 100ft depth rating the Navtech 3 is great for exploring on almost any dive!


    ⭐️ Interchangeable Battery - The Nautica Navtech 3 features an interchangeable battery system. Simply switch out the battery that has run out of charge with one that is fully charged and you will be back to exploring!


    The Nautica Navtech 3 Sea Scooter is shown as it would look if pulled apart. It shows that you can replace the battery so that you can keep going.




    The Nautica Navtech 3 Sea Scooters Superior Flood Prevention System is featured. It shows a closeup of the inside and how the rubber rings seal it air tight.


    ⭐️ Superior Flood Prevention System - The Navtech 3 Sea Scooter utilizes 3 layers of rubber rings that creates an air-tight seal in each compartment. In the unlikely case that there is a leak, a sensor will deactivate the underwater scooter to prevent damage.




    closeup of the Nautica Navtech 3 Seascooter for sale. It is lime green with black handles and highlights. The Nautica Sea Scooter logo is on the side.


    Nautica Navtech 3 Sea Scooter Summary

    ☑️ Top Speed: 3.1 mph

    ☑️ Run Time: Up to 60 Minutes

    ☑️ Depth Rating: 100 feet

    ☑️ Gears: 2 gears

    ☑️ Recharge Time: 2.5-3.5 Hours

    ☑️ Lightweight: 18.7 lbs including battery

    ☑️ Camera Mount: Record your memories!

    Nautica Navtech 3 Sea Scooter Specifications

    • Size: 12.6in x 11.8in x 24in
    • Ages: 16 and up

    Navtech 3 User Manual

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