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  • Sea Eagle Adjustable Black Canoe Paddle

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    Sea Eagle Adjustable Black Aluminum Canoe Paddle

    The Sea Eagle Adjustable Aluminum Canoe Paddle is an extremely durable and tough canoe paddle.  An Aircraft grade aluminum shaft combined with a proprietary filled fiberglass nylon blade produces a canoe paddle with strength and durability that has not been seen before.  An ergonomic handle gives you a perfect grip on the paddle, combining both comfort and performance.  The aluminum canoe paddle is easily adjustable at 2-inch increments from 4 feet to 5 feet, so you are sure to find the perfect length for you.

    The black fiberglass nylon blade of the Sea Eagle Adjustable Canoe Paddle is designed in a teardrop shape that is 17 inches long by 8.5 inches wide.  To increase the amount of water that the paddle can catch and hold the wide spoon blade has a kickback angle of 7 degrees.  This creates a longer power phase of the stroke and creates more lift by keeping the paddle near the canoe.  All of the design features give us more power and better performance with less effort.

    Sea Eagle Adjustable Aluminum Canoe Paddle features:

    • Concave spoon blade with a 7-degree kickback angle in a teardrop shape for maximized performance with minimized effort.
    • Aircraft grade aluminum and proprietary filled fiberglass nylon blade for extreme durability
    • 2-Piece aluminum canoe paddle
    • Fully adjustable anywhere from 4 feet to 5 feet at six 2-inch increments so that you can find the perfect length.
    • An ergonomically designed handle that is perfect for blade orientation and for comfort, again maximizing performance while minimizing energy spent. 
    • Weight:  1.7 pounds
    • Sea Eagle Canoe Paddle Model: PADDLECANO

    Sea Eagle Adjustable Canoe Paddle is recommended for:

    • Sea Eagle Inflatable Travel Canoe™

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