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  • How Do I Choose the Best Bounce House?

    by Ringo Ladue October 25, 2021 5 min read

    Cartoon image of 3 kids bouncing an a jump house. The bounce house is blue, green, and tan with pink and light orange highlights.

    How Do I Choose the Best Bounce House?

    Are you looking to take your kids' party to the next level? Or maybe you are looking for some everyday fun for your kids and their friends? Then adding a bounce house to your kids selection is a must. There is no doubt that kids love inflatable bounce houses, however, there are things that you must consider before purchasing a bounce house.

    You certainly don't want a bounce house that will be too small for the number of guests, and you also don't want one that is too large for your yard or home. So how do you choose the right one?

    Our handy bounce house guide will give you everything you need to consider when buying a bounce house to make sure your kid's have a quality product that they will enjoy for a long time.

    What Type of Bounce House Should You be Looking For?

    There are a few things to consider when choosing a bounce house to purchase, so let's review them now so that you can get your party started:

    Number of Guests

    The first factor you need to consider is how many kids will normally be interested in using the bounce house. Perhaps there are only a few young kids that will be using it, and the high school kids aren't interested in using the inflatable, then you can get away with buying a relatively small one.

    A larger gathering with more kids or older kids will probably necessitate a larger bounce house or potentially more than one.

    Age of Guests

    Bounce houses typically have instructions from the manufacturer on the minimum and maximum height and weight for people using the inflatable. When we refer to knowing the age of the children attending, this is more to help us decide what type of bounce house would be ideal.

    If your crowd has a wide variance in age, you can always purchase multiple inflatables to cover an array of different-sized kids.

    Your typical weight limit is between 300 lbs to 1,000 lbs, although smaller bounce houses for toddlers will have a smaller weight limit, and conversely, the commercial inflatables will normally have a higher limit.

    Height limits can range from a low minimum of 3 feet to 5 feet at maximum height.

    Clearance for the Bounce House

    If you host an indoor party, you'll want to consider the height clearance required. For example, most bounce houses need at least 15 feet of vertical clearance, and even larger ones can require as much as 20 feet.

    So it's essential to check the dimensions of the inflatable you're considering purchasing.

    Ground Type

    There are a few things to consider about the type of ground you will be placing your bounce house on.

    Consider using a grass space vs. a concrete area, as small inflatables can have less cushion, which puts the kids lower to the ground and easier to impact. In addition, grass will be a safer option all around, especially if you have smaller children using the bounce house.

    If you place it on concrete, make sure there is a way to secure it down if you can't peg it into the ground, and make sure there is no debris underneath the bounce house that could puncture it. I would recommend putting some type of foam mat underneath it if possible, although it isn't required.

    If you're using an inflatable that involves water, make sure there is a place to drain the water safely to avoid flooding. Unless you are using it in a basement that has floor drains, we don't recommend using the water bounce houses indoors.

    Available Space

    The space available for your bounce house is an essential factor to consider. In addition, you will need an area that is free from obstacles, like trees and debris that can damage the inflatable, like rocks.

    You also have to consider the little bit extra room available for the blower that keeps it inflated. Additionally, if you choose a bounce house with tunnels or slides, they will typically be on the larger side and thus will require more available space.

    Will One Be Enough, Or Should I Buy More?

    Once you have determined the above factors, like height, weight, and the number of kids, you can determine how many bounce houses you need. You may find that one is enough, you may find that more means more fun.

    Additionally, you always want to balance out the number of inflatables to the number of guests, so you don't end up with a bounce house where kids are often waiting to get inside and play.

    Bounce House or Another Inflatable?

    As we've discussed, bounce houses come in many shapes and sizes, but they also come with a range of additions that can take your party entertainment to the next level.

    Consider if it's a hot summer day, you might want an inflatable with a water slide feature or a small paddle pool attached.

    Alternatively, if you have very active kids and want more of an obstacle course, you can purchase a bounce house with tunnels and slides, although don't forget, this will increase the area required to house it.

    What is Your Budget?

    If you are on a budget when selecting a bounce house, there are some good options available that are of great value. On the other hand if you have some extra money to spend, you can look into one of the bigger jump house options.

    There aren't too many other budget factors to consider. There can be a few additional costs, such as electricity or extra balls to play in, but nothing too significant. 

    Bounce House Safety

    Although a bounce house is a toy, these inflatables can be a liability if not selected carefully. Below are bounce house tips to keep in mind when purchasing your bounce house.

    1. Find a bounce house company that uses quality material. You don't want your inflatable to be constructed from inferior materials; instead, you want a heavy vinyl or canvas body. Metal or high-quality plastic anchors are also strongly recommended and are often included.

    2. Make sure it's ASTM-approved.

    3. You want to set it up properly, so you want to use stakes that will support your bounce house. Sometimes that may require a stake as big 30 to 40 inches in length. This will securely anchor the inflatable to the ground. Additionally, you can also hold the stake down with sandbags.

    4. Stick to some basic rules and monitor the usage for every party, like setting up a maximum number of kids allowed in at one time (typically, this information will be in the manufacturer's instructions.) 

    Take Your Kid's Fun to the Next Level

    And that's it; those are the things you should consider when purchasing your bounce house for kids. A warranty backs our inflatables, so you are covered should you have any issues with it, although it's highly unlikely.

    So now that you have all the skills you need to pick your best bounce house, contact us for the best bounce house advice. We want to help you find the perfect bounce house for your kids to enjoy!

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