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  • How do I Find the Best Bounce House with Water Slide?

    2 young girls sliding down a bounce house with water slide with their hands up. They are having fun!

    How do I Find the Best Bounce House with Water Slide?

    When you're having a party and the heat turns up, a bounce house with a water slide is the perfect way to keep cool. 

    Since the accidental invention of the Slip 'N Slide in 1960, bringing all the fun of a water park or pool to your yard has remained a popular choice for summertime fun.

    Bounce house features have only gotten more creative over time, so when it comes time to survey your bounce house options there is plenty to pick from. How do you know what kind will be best for your next party? 

    Read on and we will explore all your best options so you can confidently choose a bounce house with water slide that will meet all your needs.

    Just The Slides 

    If you're looking for simplicity when it comes to the design of your bounce house, then you will want to check out the models that just feature a slide. 

    A bounce house with a slide alone will no doubt keep everyone entertained for hours. When you add water to the mix, there is even more fun to be had! 

    At Splashy McFun water is our game and we offer you the best in bounce house water slides.

    The KidWise Hot Summer Double Water Slide is ideal for those who want a simple slide but still want to have tons of fun. This slide features dual water slides so kids can have fun racing and challenging each other.

    This bouncer slide is decorated with a fun, tropical design and features double water canons that spray you with water as you slide down into the splash pool zone. For an added challenge this slide also comes with a fun climbing wall that leads to the top of the slide. 

    The KidWise Cyclone 2 Back To Back Water Slide also features a fun design with climbing wall, basketball hoop, and back-to-back water slides for racing fun. It also comes with a lazy river, crawl tunnel, and basketball hoop

    You can also use this combo slide without water for a fun, dry time during the winter! You can even add bouncy balls in to the pit.

    Slides And Climbs

    There are also water slide bounce house designs that are designed with maximum fun in mind and have extra features to keep everyone entertained all day. 

    If you're looking for more than a water slide, these models are for you. 

    The KidWise Endless Fun 11 in 1 Inflatable Bounce House and Water Slide is an excellent model for those looking for the ultimate package. This model features 11 different types of fun for kids to have the time of their life with! 

    With the Endless Fun 11 in 1, you will get a water slide, bounce house, ball pit, basketball hoop, climbing wall, crawl space, splash pool, dry slide, tunnel, toss game, and a short obstacle course!

    It also comes with a neoprene ball and two velcro balls for maximum throwing and tossing fun. The best part is that this model can also be used inside for dry fun when you remove the water and replace it with PVC balls to make a ball pit.

    Another great option is the KidWise Little Sprout All-In-One Bounce 'N Slide Combo. This 6' x 6' bounce house with slide combo is a simpler design with a beginners slide. This model is designed for younger kids to enjoy. 

    The Little Sprout Bouncer features a bounce house, water slide, ball pit, and a splash zone that the youngsters are sure to enjoy. When using it without water you can always add more bouncy balls to the mix.

    Themed Slides

    What makes a bounce house party even more fun? A bounce house with a fantastic and whimsical theme! 

    If you want your water slide bounce house to feel even more unique to your taste and special you can choose a model whose theme stands out to you. 

    You often find themes on dry land bounce houses, but there are themes for a bounce house with water slide too. At Splashy McFun we pride ourselves on carrying models made with bright, fun colors and made with themes in mind for a kid-friendly finish. 

    The KidWise Dinosaur Rapids Back To Back Water Park is a perfect example of a themed water slide that your kids will love. This model will keep dinosaur fans entertained all summer long.

    It features two water slides, one that slides down a dinosaur's back and one that slides out of his mouth. It also comes with a splash zone pool, climbing wall, water cannon, and basketball hoop. 

    If you're trying to keep a number of kids entertained, the KidWise Aztec Falls Back To Back Water Park model is simple but big enough to keep plenty of kids busy. This model features two slides, a climbing wall, two basketball hoops, and a water cannon. The fun Aztec-inspired designs on this model will ramp up your kids' sense of adventure and keep them cool in the heat. 

    Buy Your Bounce House with Water Slide Today

    Now that you know your bounce house with water slide options you have a better sense of the kind of model that you and your family will benefit from the most. It's time to take the plunge and purchase yours!

    Comparing bounce house costs doesn't have to be a headache or hassle when you shop with Splashy McFun. Browse through our bounce house with water slide page and find your next favorite source of summer fun!  You can contact us here with any questions. We would love to help you find the best bounce house with water slide to maximize your fun!

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