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    Why Kids Love Inflatable Bounce Houses Blog Image. Sketched cartoon image of 2 young kids playing in an inflatable bounce house on the beach.

    Benefits of Inflatable Bounce Houses for Kids

    Bounce houses, moonwalks, inflatable jump houses, blow-up castles—whatever you call them, they are an incredible way for kids to have a ton of fun!

    Since the 1960s, these inflatable fun houses have been the entertainment of choice at parties nationwide, and for good reason. As adults, many of us can remember being lured in by the promise of a party bounce house, and our kids are often the same way. But why have inflatable bounce houses grown so popular with kids (and adults who are kids at heart)?

    If you’re considering getting a bounce house for kids, here’s what you should know about why these beloved inflatables are always the star of the show.

    1. Cool Appearance

    Bounce houses are designed to appeal to kids, which is why they come decorated in brilliant hues to catch the eye. With a rainbow of colors featured, these inflatables easily tempt kids to come inside to play.

    What’s more, you can find inflatable bounce houses that mesh with a huge range of interests. From the latest superheroes and classic princesses to a variety of sports themes, your kids will love showing off their favorite characters to friends.

    In addition, some inflatables come in fun shapes that recreate fun environments, like a tropical jungle, a pirate ship, a basketball court, a princess castle, and everything in between. With selections like these, kids get to imagine themselves in cool settings as part of a fantasy world—in addition to the fun of bouncing all over the place!

    2. Outdoor Fun

    With a bounce house sitting outside on the lawn, parents rarely need to remind their kids to put down their devices and get some sun. Even kids who prefer playing video games in the great indoors can be tempted to get a breath of fresh air.

    Though the benefits of healthy exercise aren’t usually at the forefront of their minds, kids reap those benefits all the same with their energetic outdoor fun. Even better, once they have the opportunity to remember how much fun it is to get outside and let out their playful energy, you may just find that the change of scenery keeps them in the bounce house for hours.

    For parents, this can mean kids get a much-needed boost in vitamin D. It also often means finding kids tired out and ready for bed on time, which is always an added bonus!

    3. Playing With Friends

    Many times, the presence of a bounce house means just one thing: a party or special event! With these celebrations come friends, family, and other kids to play with, and the extra company can be a big draw for kids who often spend time on their own.

    This is especially true for birthday parties. With a larger-than-life inflatable structure to house a full crew of kids, the birthday boy or girl won’t be worried about having party guests who fail to show!

    Even without a party, bounce houses can be your kids boredom cure. They are perfect for a small group of friends or family and can even be great for solo play time. When a child has nobody else to play with, a bounce house with a few fun features will keep them entertained.

    In essence, bounce houses act as a space where kids can play and talk together, developing new friendships and connecting with old playmates. For parents, of course, the added benefit is that children spend a little extra time enhancing their social skills and developing stronger relationships with their peers.

    4. Gentler Activities

    There’s nothing like rough-and-tumble games and tackle sports, but these can be intimidating for some kids (and off-putting to parents who worry about bruises, broken bones, and other injuries). With a bounce house, however, it’s easy for kids to participate in play wrestling, tackling, and more without the worry that a fall will be painful.

    For very young children who are just starting to get active, bounce houses can be a safe space to get used to running and playing—as long as the older kids don’t bounce too close to them.

    For older kids, inflatable bounce houses can be a good place to try out complex trick moves that they’d never practice on the ground. This can include everything from double bounces that propel them high in the air like they would on a trampoline to advanced moves like backflips and frontflips. By the end, you might find that your kids have grown inspired by their inner gymnasts!

    5. Fun Games

    The traditional bounce house is simple: an inflatable floor, four columns, and a roof all filled up with an always in use blower. But even within this standard structure, kids find countless ways to play classic games or invent new ones of their own!

    In addition to the aimless jumping they love, kids can compete with each other in races or bouncing, start a game of tag or Marco Polo, and participate in more fun options.

    Some bounce houses and combo units also come with additional features for extra fun. This may mean basketball hoops, obstacles to climb, or slides. These extra features expand the list of games kids can play and give them a little extra wiggle room to invent fun new activities with their friends.


    Find the Perfect Inflatable Bounce House for Your Kids

    Whether you’re renting an inflatable bounce house or purchasing one for the long run, you can trust that your kids will get a lot out of it! From outdoor fun to a themed appearance, these structures are designed to appeal to every kid, and to every kid-at-heart!

    If you’re looking for the perfect bounce house, trust Splashy McFun for your needs. With inflatables ranging from classic bounce houses to obstacle courses to slide combos, our inventory is sure to please. Get yours today, or reach out to our team with questions.

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