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  • Important Reasons to Install Your Dock De-Icer Before Winter Arrives

    Black and white image of a small lake with a long dock covered in snow.

    Making sure that your property is protected from ice damage over the winter months is a very important task for boaters and lakefront home owners. You want to make sure that any boats, docks, or property is protected before winter starts to arrive.

    You may still have a chance to make adjustments later in winter, but it is very important to make sure your dock de-icers and ice eaters are setup and ready to go before the temperature drops. Read on to see our time tested tips to help make sure you are protected from any damage that can happen over the winter.

    It's a fact of life that once water hits a certain temperature it's going to freeze and ice will begin to form. This is true for water in your freezer, lake, or the ocean itself. And while it's the natural order of things, sometimes that ice can be detrimental and cause a lot of issues or damage. 

    This is especially true in areas where boats and docks stay in the water all year long. Luckily, a dock de-icer can easily eliminate this problem and keep those problems at bay. 

    Many boat or dock owners choose to wait for the ice to start to show up before installing their de-icer devices but it's far better to get the job done in the fall. Here are the benefits you'll see from installing your dock de-icer long before the winter months arrive. 


    Prevents Ice from Forming 

    The whole point of adding a dock de-icer to your water space is to prevent and avoid any of the issues that can come when the water starts to freeze. In order to accomplish this goal, you need to have your equipment in place before the ice starts to form. 

    A dock de-icer with enough power does have the ability to break up the ice that has formed by working hard to get the water moving enough to increase the temperature. But it may be too late at that point to avoid damage to your boat or dock. It's better to keep the ice away altogether than risk letting it set in. 


    Protects Boats from Ice Damage

    Even a little bit of ice build-up around your boat can cause significant damage to the exterior materials. Sometimes damage occurs because the sharp edges of the ice scratch up the protective paint job and can lead to a breakdown on the side of the boat. Or it could come from the pressure ice puts on the boat as it expands while hardening. 

    Either way, leaving your boat in the water where ice is going to be forming is a recipe for disaster and expensive repairs. Getting a dock de-icer in place will allow you to enjoy your boat all the time without issue! 


    Easier Installation Process

    One of the main downfalls of having any kind of extra vehicle is the maintenance required to keep it functioning properly. It can feel like just another long list of things you have to accomplish in your free time. 

    That kind of nagging feeling can often lead us to avoid doing the job altogether and just let things go, especially when it might be a difficult job like installing a dock de-icer when the water is already partially frozen. But when you get the job done before that while the water is still warm, installation is a snap. 

    All of that dread and worry about the job taking too long will be pointless if you time it right. 


    Winterize on Time 

    Closing down your dock and getting your boat ready for the colder winter months is a whole process with steps that can't be missed. It's important to get these done before the weather changes and your boat or dock experience some of the negative side effects of colder weather. 

    But the changing weather doesn't always follow the predictions and can come on suddenly. Installing your dock de-icer early allows you to ensure that you don't miss that window and can get all your winterizing done on time. 


    Creates Healthier Environment for Fish

    While the state of your dock and boat through the winter are obviously very important factors to consider, there's more at stake with the formation of too much ice. If there are fish that live in the water, adding a dock de-icer can help them have a healthier environment throughout the winter. 

    The way the equipment moves the water around keeps it from becoming too stale and stagnant, which is where bacteria and other issues usually form. 

    Giving the fish somewhere to swim, instead of being trapped in the ice also encourages a better status for them through those tougher months. 


    Easier Storage Option 

    Obviously, if you want to avoid ice surrounding your boat through the winter months you can also remove it and store it somewhere else. But installing a dock de-icer and leaving your boat where it is will be a much simpler option and a lot less work. You'll just need to make sure that everything is ready to go before the temperatures really start to drop. 


    Increase Your Peace of Mind 

    It's so fun to own a boat and be able to get out on the water, whether you're pulling inner tubes and water skiers or having a peaceful fishing day. These times are priceless and often some of the best memories for our loved ones. 

    But that job can often be overshadowed by the stress and worry of owning such an expensive vehicle. 

    The last thing you want is for something to happen to it and have to pay a large repair bill. Adding a dock de-icer early in the fall season can give you so much peace of mind. You won't have to panic when you notice the temperature has dropped suddenly, you can feel calm because you've already prepared for it! 


    Importance of Installing Your Dock De-Icer Early

    Owning a boat or a dock is typically not a small investment, which means it can be devastating when something happens to them. Even beyond the financial issues, it's frustrating to not be able to do something you love because of damage that could have been prevented. 

    One of the easiest ways to make sure your boat is always ready to go is to learn what a dock de-icer is and get it installed long before the winter comes. You'll be so glad you took the time to prep your water area beforehand. 

    With a wide range of dock de-icer options, we can help you avoid that winter ice damage in any situation. Contact us today to find just the right fit! 

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