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    Best De-icer for Boats

    The Best Dock De-icers for Boats, Docks, & Marinas

    When winter rolls in, the bad weather come with it. Freezing temperatures can wreck havoc on a dock if you are not prepared. The marina and the area around your boat can freeze solid which can put extreme pressure and stress on your boat or dock. In winter, boat owners, marina operators, and dock enthusiasts face this problem.

    This article helps you pick the best dock de-icer for your needs by giving valuable information and insights. Keep reading to discover the best solutions for these challenges and safeguard your investments.


    Dock De-Icers protect your property against dock ice damage. Images here show how.


    What is a Dock De-Icer?

    A dock de-icer is a unit placed in the water during winter mostly by boat owners, to keep the water around their dock from freezing.  Dock de-icers use a motor with a propeller to thrust warmer water from below the surface up to the top. This not only keeps ice from freezing, but will even melt areas that have already frozen over. They are key in keeping the water from freezing around your boat.


    Benefits of Using a De-Icer

    • Protect your Property Damage: They keep the water around your dock and boat from freezing. This will protect your assets from damages and expensive repairs.

    • Saves Time Later: When the nice weather arrives in the Spring and Summer, you want to be out on your dock and boat. What you don't want is to have your dock or boat under repair when you want to be enjoying it.

    • Good for Ponds: In ponds, de-icers are crucial for the health of fish and other pond life in winter. It also protects the pond itself from ice damage. By keeping part of the water ice-free, pond life can survive the cold months better. Duck and waterfowl hunters also use them to keep their ponds open.


    Top De-Icer Brands

    Bearon Aquatics Ice Eaters

    The Bearon Aquatics Ice Eater

    Bearon Aquatics brand is well-known for its Ice Eater, a great tool for keeping ice from forming around your dock.  It has been keeping docks from ice damage for over 50 years! It's made to be tough and keep working even in extreme conditions. Bearon Aquatics’ costs are based on $0.14/kWh.

    Ice Eater Features:

    • Variety of Models: Bearon Aquatics offers four Ice Eater models, ensuring all your needs can be met.
    • Water Opening Patterns: With the Ice Eater, you can create five different water-opening patterns without needing extra equipment.
    • Dock Mount or Shallow Water Stand: Consider a dock mount or shallow water stand to suit your specific setup.

    Bearon Aquatics P250 Ice Eater

    • Suitable for small boats
    • 1/4 Horsepower
    • Moves 900 gallons of water per minute
    • Approximate Cost for 24 hours of use: $0.95

    Bearon Aquatics P500 Ice Eater

    • Suitable for small boats and dock slips
    • 1/2 Horsepower
    • Moves 1075 gallons of water per minute
    • Approximate Cost for 24 hours of use: $2.10

    Bearon Aquatics P750 Ice Eater

    • Suitable for mid-size boats and multi-slip docks
    • 3/4 Horsepower
    • Moves 1275 gallons of water per minute
    • Approximate Cost for 24 hours of use: $2.10

    Bearon Aquatics P1000 Ice Eater

    • Suitable for large boats, large docks, and marinas
    • 1 Horsepower
    • Moves 1400 gallons of water per minute
    • Approximate Cost for 24 hours of use: $2.47


    Kasco Dock De-Icers

    Kasco Dock De-Icers for Sale

    Kasco is another top brand for de-icers. They are perfect for ponds, lakes, and other water areas. They are known for being efficient and standing the test of time. It's one of the most trusted brand for dock de-icers.

    Mounting Options:

    • Mooring Lines: You can hang your de-icer vertically using suspension mooring lines to create a circular opening in the ice.
    • Universal Dock Mount: This mount lets you attach the de-icer directly to your dock, allowing you to adjust the depth and angle for your desired water movement.
    • Industrial Dock Mount: Similar to the universal mount but built tougher for harsh conditions.
    • Horizontal Float Mount: Suitable for shallower water such as in ponds for duck hunting.


    Scott Aerator De-Icer

    Scott Aerator Dock DeIcers for Sale

    This de-icer stops ice from forming around docks and water areas. It works by moving water around, which keeps ice from building up and doing damage.

    Specifications and Additional Features:

    • Moves 400 to 500 gallons of water per minute, depending on the model
    • Motor options range from 1/3hp to 1hp
    •  Built with durable American stainless steel
    • Oil-free operation for environmental safety
    • Simple to install and adjustable for various water levels
    • Features GFCI and recommended disconnection during swimming
    • Oscillator Option

    Additional Types:

    • Free-Standing Post De-Icer: Ideal for situations where mounting to a dock is not possible. It can be positioned more flexibly in different parts of the water area.

    • Slinger De-Icer: A variant that provides a wider range of ice clearance. It’s suitable for larger areas where more extensive ice prevention is needed.

    • Floating Dock De-Icer: Floats on the water, making it easy to use in various locations. It’s good for areas where the water level changes often.


    The Dock Bubbler Technique

    This method uses diffused air to stop ice from forming. It works by a massive flow of air bubbles moving warm water from the bottom of a body of water to the top. This flow of warm water keeps ice away. This is also energy-efficient because it uses naturally warm water from below. 

    Here are some easy tips for using it:

    • Place the diffused air manifolds in and around the area that you want protected. 
    • Make sure manifolds are weighted so that they stay in place. You can attach ropes to them so that they can be easily moved.
    • Make sure to follow the manufacturers safety rules.
    • Watch the water to make sure the stays clear of ice. Make changes to the dock bublers position if you need to.



    Selecting the correct and best dock de-icer is important to keep things safe and protect your investments in the winter. Whether you go for the water circulator de-icers or the dock bubbler method, being proactive about dealing with ice is the way to have a stress-free winter on the water.

    Don't wait for winter surprises. Explore our collection of de-icers now and stay prepared for a safe and worry-free season.


     You can download this article here: Download


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