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  • Bearon Aquatics Ice Eaters - Protect Your Boat This Winter

    Bearon Aquatics Ice Eaters

    Bearon Aquatics Ice Eaters -
    The Best Way to Protect Your Boat This Winter

    Ice eaters, or de-icers, ensure that boats remain protected during winter. They can even keep the fish and aquatic species in your waters safe and healthy. Among the many options of de-icers in the market, the Bearon Aquatics is one of the few that stands out.

    Learn more about this ice eater brand and the features you can enjoy using their products. At the same time, find out how to properly use one to ensure your boat is well-protected once it starts getting icy out there.


    Why Do You Need De-Icers?

    Bodies of water, especially lakes, are prone to ice formations, which isn’t good if you have a dock to take care of. If your dock isn’t cleared of ice, a lot of damage can happen to your boat, marina, boathouse, boat lifts, and even the dock itself. This can result in expensive repairs down the road.

    The freezing of water causes the water to expand. The more and longer this expansion happens, the more the ice can cause damage. It can crush your floats, pilings, and everything else in the water. It can even cause structural damage. These damages can get expensive to repair or replace.

    Additionally, if you want to protect your boat from the ice, you have to ensure the ice doesn’t reach it. If it completely becomes encased in ice, it will be inaccessible and can be damaged. Dock de-icers will get your property protected better than anything else.


    About Bearon Aquatics Ice Eaters

    Bearon Aquatics, formerly referred to as Power House, specializes in producing some of the best de-icers in the market. They have decades of experience in the industry, making them a reliable go-to brand among the others. Using one of theirs, you can ensure the body of water doesn’t completely freeze and damage your boat and dock. 

    Bearon Aquatics Ice Eater Models

    There are four main de-icers you can get from the brand: 

    For Small Boats: P250 Ice Eater

    It works best to protect small boats; this de-icer can move 900 gallons of water per minute. Here are more of its specifications: 

    • Horsepower: ¼ HP
    • Volts: 115 V, 230 V
    • Thrust: 28 lbs
    • Expected Opening in the Ice (Diameter): 20-25 ft

    For Small Boats and Dock Slips: P500 Ice Eater

    This specific model works for both small boats and dock slips. It can also move 1,075 gallons of water per minute. Here are more of its specifications: 

    • Horsepower: ½ HP
    • Volts: 115 V, 230 V
    • Thrust: 32 lbs
    • Expected Opening in the Ice (Diameter): 40 ft

    For Mid-Size Boats and Multi-Slip Docks: P750 Ice Eater

    It works best for slightly bigger boars. This de-icer can move 1,275 gallons of water per minute. Here are more of its specifications: 

    • Horsepower: ¾ HP
    • Volts: 115 V, 230 V
    • Thrust: 34 lbs
    • Expected Opening in the Ice (Diameter): 60 ft

    For Large Boats, Docks, and Marinas: P1000 Ice Eater

    This de-icer can move 1,400 gallons of water per minute. Here are more of its specifications: 

    • Horsepower: 1 HP
    • Volts: 115 V, 230 V
    • Thrust: 36 lbs
    • Expected Opening in the Ice (Diameter): 80 ft


    Key Features They Offer for Boat Protection

    Bearon Aquatics Ice Eater features

    Aside from their technical builds and details, these de-icers offer the following cutting-edge features: 


    These units come with heavy-grade motor housing. They’re made with a 16-gauge 304 stainless steel, bronze endbell, and a 316 stainless steel motor shaft. These make them resistant to corrosion from freshwater and saltwater. Even their power cords are oil and water-resistant. With all of these, you can ensure that you can use your ice eater for a long time. 

    Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly

    Operating at 115 or 230 volts, using any of these ice eaters will be more efficient than using its competitors and can keep your utility bills down. Plus, these units don’t use oil. Their rotors are cooled with an environmentally friendly lubricating fluid. 

    Multiple Operation Settings

    The shroud of these de-icers creates superior water flow and direction. They flare outward and create a greater upward thrust—this pulls warmer water from the deeper areas of the body of the water. Their unique housing also allows them to operate in five different flow patterns. This will enable you to choose which pattern would be the best for your area and situation. 

    Easy Installation

    Unlike other de-icers in the market, these de-icers require little to no setup effort. All you have to do is unbox them, connect their ropes, and place them in the water. After that, you can start using them and watch the ice melt in the water. You also don’t need any extra hardware to use their different patterns. 

    Upgradable With Accessories

    If you want better performance and durability, you can use any ice eater model with useful accessories that you can buy separately. From the same brand, here are the most common accessories people use their de-icers with: 

    • Screen Kit: This can protect the ice eater from getting damaged by debris and ice chunks.
    • Stand: This can ensure that your de-icer stays where you position it, and it can keep weeds away from your machine. It also enables the de-icer to rotate and tilt in place. 
    • Timer: You can use this to ensure that your ice eater only runs for a specific duration. This will help you keep energy costs low. 
    • Thermostat: Like the timer, you can use this to keep the costs down. With this, you can ensure the ice eater runs only when the temperature reaches the freezing point. 


    How to Properly Use Their Ice Eater to Protect Your Boat

    To ensure you’re getting the best de-icing results, here are the proper steps on how to use these ice eaters: 

    Find the Appropriate Location

    De-icers can work in the shallow parts of the water—near the dock. Determine where you will place the ice eater, and don’t randomly place it anywhere. Choosing a location and position at least 5 feet deep is best to ensure efficiency. 

    Hang the Whole Ice Eater Setup

    With the mooring ropes attached to the ice eater, position and hang it in the water. Most of the time, de-icers are suspended vertically to create a circular pattern. In your chosen position, hang the ice eater 2 to 3 feet below the water’s surface and at least 1 foot above its bottom. This will allow the unit to properly thrust warmer water to the surface. Once placed, you can run it to open up your waters. 

    Experiment With Your Ice Eater

    To find the best solution for your water and dock, you can experiment with the settings and setup of your ice eater. You can change the angle to create a different type of opening in the ice. This can work better if you have a different dock shape. You can also experiment with its operation duration. This is to ensure that the ice has completely melted away. 

    Additionally, don’t forget that you can use multiple ice eaters depending on the size of the area you want to protect. For example, a large marina usually has dozens of ice eaters. 

    Place Warnings

    If you’re using the ice eater near the dock, you’re legally obligated to post a sign. This is to warn others about the machines in the waters or the potentially thin ice in the area. Also, unplug them when not in use to ensure everyone's safety. This is especially important once the weather warms up. 



    Bearon Aquatics ice eaters offer top-notch protection once it gets cold and ice starts to turn up. Not only can their de-icers protect your boat, but they can also protect your dock and the whole area. Use one of their models if you’re looking for the best de-icing technology. 

    You can visit our Ice Eater collection for a closer look at their de-icers and accessories.


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