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Inflatable Docks | Inflatable Floating Docks

Inflatable Docks are the latest craze for those looking to enhance their summer fun at the lake. A floating inflatable dock will be praised by everybody who uses it. They are so much fun!

Don't you ever feel like throwing away all your worries, and relaxing on a lake? Well, we are here to make your dreams come to life. We bring to you a premium range of Inflatable Floating Docks, that are going to make summers so much more relaxing yet fun. 

The joy of enjoying your favorite drink, basking under the sun while floating on an inflatable dock is absolutely unmatchable. Whether you're looking for some quality family time, or you wish to be left alone for a peaceful moment of introspection, these docks will surely meet your requirements. They are sturdy and durable enough to host a number of people, including your pets, necessities, and furniture too! 

The best part about these docks is their functionality and ease of use. You can carry them along for a vacation, or while you're headed to a day-out by the lakeside. Inflating and deflating the dock is very easy. You can even bring it on the boat deflated and then inflate it once you get to your spot. Once you're done with your chilling session, you can deflate the model, and carry it home. 

So if you wish to own one of our beautiful inflatable docks, feel free to check out the wide range of products we have listed below. All of them are backed by a money-back guarantee and Splashy McFun will cover the shipping cost!

Now it's time for you to choose a dock for yourself. This will obviously depend on how much capacity you want it to bear, how many people you would like the inflatable dock to accommodate, and how much you're willing to invest in this product. We have an inflatable dock for every need and budget– so go ahead, pick one, and place your order while stocks last!



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Island Hopper Patio Dock Inflatable Dock

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