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  • Lake Life: How an Inflatable Dock can Enhance Your Summer Fun

    How an Inflatable Dock can Enhance Your Summer Fun at The Lake. Images shows 10 people sitting on an Inflatable Dock with chairs, loungers, and coolers. There is a subset image of an inflatable dock for a pontoon boat.

    Inflatable Docks have seen their popularity grow exponentially in the last couple of years, and there doesn't appear to be an end in sight! There are new styles being introduced and the good times are only going to get better. Inflatable Docks are one of the best ways to enhance your fun on the lake this summer!

    Do you enjoy relaxing on the lake? Perhaps you enjoy having friends or family over to kick back and enjoy some summer fun? Maybe you even might enjoy boating on the lake and 'coving out' or meeting up with friends near a beach or sandbar? If any of these activities or something similar interest you, read on, we want to tell you about a fantastic way to maximize the fun this summer!

    Welcome to the next big thing in boating and lake life, the inflatable dock. These inflatable swim platforms are growing in popularity and it's easy to see why: they’re tons of fun, affordable, versatile, easy to store, and very low-maintenance. 

    We are here to tell you all about how an inflatable dock can boost your fun factor on the lake this summer. Before you buy your summer fun enhancer, read all the finer details so that you can find the right inflatable dock for you.

    How Will an Inflatable Dock Increase My Fun?

    Inflatable docks unlock a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to where you can have fun in the sun. They are very similar in concept to a water mat, except they are much more stable and capable of holding much more weight. Once you see the advantages of an inflatable dock or inflatable water mat, you will never go back to the foam style.

    Inflatable docks are so sturdy that they also make it easy to stabilize coolers, chairs, and gear so that you can enjoy food, drinks, and fun in the sun right on the water. They have steel rings to attach anchors to keep them moored in place, making them a great place to kick back and relax.

    Whether you are kicking back dockside at the lake or out on a boat ride, an inflatable dock is your ticket to a great time. They are one of the best pontoon boat accessories that you will find for enjoying a day on the lake. Inflatable docks are a great solution when you need some extra space outside of your boat to enjoy the water with friends and family.

    Inflatable docks can open the door to more fun in many different ways. First, they make a great floating island to relax or sunbathe on. Second, an inflatable dock can make one of the best floating islands or floating swim platforms to be your home base when playing in the water. We're not done yet, they make a great waterski, wakeboard, SUP, or kayak launch for maximum water sports fun. Want a great fishing platform? Inflatable docks will give you a very unique and exciting way to fish. The list goes on and on.

    Features and Benefits of Inflatable Docks

    Inflatable docks share some similarities with floating water mats. They're both convenient to set up and offer a floating surface to have fun on. The original foam floating water mats were a big hit when they were introduced, but the inflatable water mats have proved to be a better option in many ways. Compounding on that, inflatable docks now provide an incredibly sturdy inflatable floating platform that most people would have never thought possible.

    Inflatable docks are a better option when you need something that offers more stability. An inflatable dock can support several people, pets, coolers, gear, and even chairs and patio furniture. They are high-quality and built to withstand more weight, pressure, and exposure to the elements. 

    Let's take a closer look at some of these great inflatable dock features and benefits.


    One of the immediately noticeable features of an inflatable dock is its affordability.

    The amount of enjoyment and value you can get from an inflatable dock with just a minimal investment is tremendous. When the warm weather gets here and those perfect lake days arrive, an inflatable dock will give you one of the best bangs for your buck on the water.

    For a very reasonable price, you can spread out on an inflatable dock and leisurely drift anywhere your heart desires. Many models come with a price match guarantee, free shipping, and a 30-day money-back guarantee if you're unsatisfied with your purchase.

    Why wouldn't you try one out? These offers give you the confidence to invest in an inflatable dock and see what you've been missing out on. 


    Another beautiful thing about the inflatable dock is how versatile it is.

    Inflatable docks can be used for a wide range of activities, including: swimming, yoga, stretching, sunbathing, fishing, many watersports, and much more. 

    Since they come with welded loops for easy attachments, they can also help store popular gear like inflatable tubes, wakeboards, inflatable kayaks, and other inflatable towables.

    The welded loops around the perimeter of the inflatable dock make it easy to expand by attaching to other inflatable docks. This allows you to customize the size of your inflatable dock or make it a part of an inflatable water park. Having that kind of flexibility creates new opportunities for fun and socializing on a wider scale.


    One of the most alluring features of the inflatable dock and one of the greatest advantages over a cumbersome foam floating water mat is its mobility.

    Within a matter of minutes, you can have your inflatable dock aired up, set up, and ready for fun. Inflatable docks were specifically designed with ease of use in mind, and there is no question that they pass that test. Most models come with an electric inflator that will help you get set up in no time. Less time setting up means the fun starts sooner!

    Once your day of fun has come to an end, you can just as easily deflate it and pack it up for easy transportation and storage. Nobody wants to spend time packing up gear and getting frustrated after an enjoyable day with family and friends. Inflatable docks solve this problem with their easy setup, easy breakdown, and fantastic mobility. 

    Having this kind of mobility frees you up to enjoy your inflatable dock on any beautiful body of water you wish.

    Watersports Basecamp

    Your inflatable dock can also serve as a reliable floating platform to hold your water sports gear that your aren't currently using. Now you can quickly and easily switch between activities as well as hold any extra gear to enhance your adventures.

    You can easily attach any gear you have to it and free up significant space on your boat or the shore, or to give you easy access. Many use inflatable docks to secure their wakeboards, tubes, kayaks, and other gear while they are playing in the water.

    Keeping your gear at water-level makes it the perfect spot to hop in for a swim. Now any snorkel, mask, ball, lounger, etc can be right at your fingertips. Inflatable docks make it easy to play in the water and have tons of fun with friends and family all summer long.

    Having easier access to your favorite water toys while also giving you a little more space on your boat or dock can make a world of difference.

    Low Maintenance

    Inflatable docks are easy to take care of and very low maintenance.

    With just some fresh water and a gentle scrub brush, you can wash away any dirt or grime. Once cleaned, you can air it out, dry it off, and store it away. Always make sure to air-dry it before packing it away to prevent mildew and mold. Easy to use repair patches will normally take care of any leaks that could possibly develop after long periods of use or the rare accidental puncture.


    In addition to all of the fun that they provide, Inflatable docks can also function as a great safety measure.

    Keeping an inflatable dock floating in the water makes it safer for swimmers. It gives swimmers an accessible, stable spot to rest, stabilize, and catch their breath. This can be very important in cases where someone suddenly gets tired, injured in the water, or bothered by the heat. 

    Inflatable Dock Reviews and Highlights

    Now that you know a little more about these awesome inflatable docks, let's give you some advice on choosing one. Everybody has different preferences and needs, so see which of these best inflatable docks will work best for you!

    Island Hopper Inflatable Docks

    One of the most popular inflatable docks, The Island Hopper Patio Dock, features a heavy-duty 1500 Denier drop stitch material. It's heat welded to top boating industry standards, providing excellent balance, buoyancy, and support. An awesome, non-slip EVA foam surface gives you traction and safety even when it gets wet.

    The Island Hopper Patio Dock comes with carrying straps, a 5-year no seam blowout warranty, and a portable 15 PSI auto-set electric power pump for rapid inflation. Welded loops so that you can secure chairs, coolers, and other popular gear like inflatable kayaks, SUPs, and loungers.

    Keep in mind that's just one model. Selecting the right inflatable dock depends on how many people and how much weight you need to support. The good news: there are several good options to choose from.

    If you want a smaller version of an inflatable dock, Island Hopper also makes The Island Hopper Island Buddy Inflatable Swim Platform. This inflatable dock is available in an 8 foot and 12 foot option. The smaller swim platform weighs in at only 30 pounds and boasts an 8 ft X 6ft surface area that can hold 4-6 people up to a total of 1000 lbs. Not to be outdone, the 12 foot version can hold 6-8 people and over 1200 lbs! There are 8 web-loops to help you secure personal items like chairs and coolers as well as to help anchor. It's perfect for sunbathing and relaxing right on top of the water.

    Aquaglide Inflatable Docks

    Aquaglide is another name that is well respected in the water sports business. They offer a few high-quality inflatable dock options that are also amongst the best inflatable docks for sale. 

    The Aquaglide Full Deck 15.0 Inflatable Dock and the Half Deck 7.5 Inflatable Dock are excellent options. These inflatable docks are also great for slipping and sliding on. They don't have the non-slip floor for securing items, instead it is designed to have less friction to give you more fun. You can enjoy these as great inflatable swim platforms and take a few steps across the full deck and gracefully slide into the water.

    For the inflatable patio deck feel, the Aquaglide Solarium Inflatable Dock gives you a 10ft by 6.5ft inflatable swim platform that can support chairs, coolers, and up to 5 people. It can be utilized as a stand-alone swim platform or you can attach it to an Aquaglide inflatable water park.

    Mission REEF Inflatable Water Mats

    The Mission REEF Inflatable Water Mat by definition is not an inflatable dock, but by performance, we say it fits right in. Similar to other inflatable docks it features a drop-stitch material that gives their inflatable dock great rigidity and support on the water.

    The design makes it very stable on the water and can easily hold coolers, pets, chairs, etc; like other inflatable docks. One of the awesome features of these Mission Inflatable Water Mats is their unique designs.

    In addition to the familiar rectangle and square designs there is also the very popular Reef 112 - Hex that features a hexagon design. This utilizes the space better and gives you an overall better inflatable dock and a floating swim platform that is sure to impress all who use it. They also offer the long, jumbo inflatable water mat known as the Mission REEF-129. It gives you almost 130 square feet of luxurious water mat and comes in at a whopping 26 feet long!

    BOTE Inflatable Docks

    BOTE Inflatable Docks combine some of the features of the other inflatable docks and inflatable water mats while adding a trendy look. A traditional wood look, provided by an awesome BVA non-slip foam deck pad, combined with a combination of pastel colors gives them a dynamic look that stands out. 

    Not only are they good looking they also feature a tremendously durable design. Made with military-grade PVC, it can really take a beating and it is virtually indestructible.

    The BOTE Inflatable Dock is available in a sturdy 7ft x7ft, a solid 10ft x 10ft, or an 8ft x 3ft EX option. All 3 of these inflatable docks are excellent options that we recommend. They also feature extra bungee cords and grab handles to easier use and handier storage. 

    Paddle North Inflatable Dock

    Paddle North has added their name to the list of best inflatable docks for sale. Their inflatable docks feature a crisp hardwood look even though it is an inflatable. These inflatable docks are high performing and great looking.

    The Paddle North Utility Dock gives you 54 square feet of inflatable swim platform while the XL Utility Dock comes in at 72 square feet with 12ft x 6ft dimensions. Additionally, they also offer the 8ft x 3ft Utility Raft that also performs like an inflatable dock.

    Buy an Inflatable Dock to Maximize Your Fun at The Lake Today!

    Why settle for less when you can have so much more fun? Treat yourself and your loved ones to your own little slice of heaven on the water.

    With tons of uses and minimal investment, take your lake life to the next level with one of these best inflatable dock.

    Connect with us to get in touch with any questions you might have. We would absolutely love to help you get the best inflatable dock for you in your hands so that you can really start to maximize your summer fun! If you found any of these tips useful, reach out to us or feel free to explore the rest of our site to learn more about our products.

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