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  • The Pros and Cons of Inflatable Fishing Boats

    The Pros and Cons of Inflatable Fishing Boats

    The Pros and Cons of Inflatable Fishing Boats

    They are a wide variety of inflatable boats available nowadays—they serve all kinds of purposes. You can use them for fun and active water activities. But did you know that you can also use them for recreational activities like fishing?

    In this article, you will learn all about inflatables you can use for fishing. Since there’s no perfect boat, this article will discuss the pros and cons of using an inflatable fishing boat. Use this information to make a more informed decision when choosing the best boat for your fishing hobby. 


    Types of Inflatable Boats for Fishing

    Inflatable fishing boats are far different from regular fishing and inflatable boats. They have characteristics crafted for the particular task. Here are some of those common characteristics: 

    • Built-in storage pouches that you can use to store fishing gear
    • Rod and lure holders
    • Raised seating position
    • Brackets and other attachment points you can attach fish finders and accessories 
    • Usually comes in green color
    • Design where you can mount a motor
    • Design that will allow you to stand without the boat capsizing

    But take note that not all fishing boats share these characteristics. For an inflatable boat made for fishing, here are the most common types you can look at: 

    • Inflatable Pontoon Fishing Boats: The most popular type, mainly because of its extreme portability.
      Ex: Sea Eagle 375fc FoldCat 

    • Frameless Boats/Floats: The most comfortable type to use, especially if you’re fishing with someone else.
      Ex: Sea Eagle PackFish7
    • Dinghies: This small fishing boat is great for squeezing into tight spots. It is also good for navigating shallow waters.
      Ex: Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker 10
    • Inflatable Fishing Kayaks: This is the most versatile type and comes in different models.
      Ex: Advanced Elements StraitEdge Angler Pro

    • Modular Fishing Kayaks:  Easy to use on the go that operates just like a traditional kayak.
      Ex: Point 65 KingFisher


    Pros of Using an Inflatable Fishing Boat

    Many advantages come using inflatable fishing boats. Let us tell you about some of the more popular advantages that we hear the most praise about.


    Owning a fishing boat can be expensive—the upfront costs, maintenance, and storage are costly. Compared to that, inflatable fishing boats are more cost-effective—owning one doesn’t cost much. Their upfront prices are more affordable, and you don’t have to pay for any space or equipment to store and maintain it. 


    Extremely Portable

    This is one of the best characteristics of inflatables. All types of inflatable fishing boats are lightweight and compact. This holds particularly true when deflated, rendering them easy to transport and store.

    They’re quick to deflate and be packed in a bag. This would allow you to bring it wherever you plan to fish. It would also let you explore new fishing spots—more than when you use a traditional fishing boat.


    Safe to Use

    Compared to traditional, like hard-shell boats, inflatable boats are safer to be in during events of an impact or collision. The inflatable feature can dampen the impact so the effect on the passengers is more forgiving and tolerable. This is a great advantage for beginners in fishing who still need to familiarize themselves with different waters. 


    Versatile to Use 

    Inflatable boats can also handle various fishing styles, unlike traditional fishing boats. From battling river rapids to leisure lake casting, you can use an inflatable boat for any style of fishing you want to try. You can also use it for other recreational activities, not just fishing. 


    Stable and Sails Well

    Inflatable fishing boats have great buoyancy and are also stable on the water because of their design. Inflatable boats have a firm exterior because of their air chambers, and their drop stitch floor adds to that buoyancy. This ensures that your boat floats well in any body of water, even with you and your gears on it.


    Easy to Maintain

    Compared to regular hard-shell fishing boats, inflatable ones are simpler to take care of and repair. Cleaning them is super easy, thanks to the materials they're made of. Plus, if something needs fixing, you can easily get the stuff you need. For instance, if the boat gets a rare puncture, you can apply some UV repair adhesive. 


    Makes Catching Fish Easier

    Since you can choose not to use a motor when using an inflatable, there would be no noise that would disturb the fish. They won’t be able to sense you’re coming. This makes it easier to go to spots where you can catch more fish—they won’t run away from your boat.


    Cons of Using Inflatable Fishing Boats

    Despite all the advantages they offer, these boats aren't perfect for everybody and do lack in some areas.


    Limited Capacity

    When planning a fishing trip with friends, it's important to check how much stuff an inflatable boat can handle. Even though these boats are portable, some of them might need more space or can carry too much weight. Ensure you pick a boat that fits you, your friends, and all your gear comfortably. Over the weight limit can cause problems during your trip, making it less safe and fun.


    Challenging to Maneuver

    While inflatable fishing boats are suitable for reaching tight spots to fish, their lightweight characteristics can make them hard to maneuver in windy conditions. They can be easily affected by strong currents, making them harder to control. If you aren’t that physically fit, you might have to put in extra effort to stay on course in rough waters.


    Durability Concerns

    While inflatable fishing boats are usually built with tough materials, they're less strong than hard-shell boats. They can get holes, be affected by sunlight, and wear down afterward. Sharp rocks and hooks can tear it. Also, even though they're easy to repair, they can be challenging on the water. 

    Additionally, the sturdiness of the boat depends on the specific model you choose. So, you’re never 100% sure it’s durable enough to withstand extreme outdoor conditions. 

    The durability concerns are very rare, but we felt inclined to include it here because it is normally the first question that new users ask. High quality inflatable fishing boats are so incredibly durable that they can stand being run over and getting hit with sharp objects.



    Inflatable boats offer a good amount of benefits when it comes to fishing, and they more than live up to the hype. Although one has cons, these issues can be solved or prevented by ensuring you're using a high quality model. Additionally, choosing the appropriate type of water they're designed for can make a significant difference. Overall, they're still a good option, especially for beginners. 

    For some options, you can look at our inflatable fishing boat collection . We have a wide selection of high-quality boats that can keep you safe and comfortable while having fun catching fish!

    You can download this article here: 
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