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  • Splashy Spotlight: Lillipad Boat Diving Board Review

    by Ringo Ladue February 22, 2022 5 min read

    Lilypad Diving Board for Boats Review article. There are 5 images showing the Lillipad Diving Board in action on lakes and oceans.

    Splashy Spotlight: Lillipad Boat Diving Board Review

    When boaters are getting ready for another boating season they are often looking for a new addition to their boat, or maybe a new boat altogether. Through all of our years of boating there has been one addition that has stood out above the rest... the Lillipad Boat Diving Board!

    The Lillipad Diving Board is a real crowd pleaser and provides thrills for kids and adults. Your days coving out on the lake will reach a new level of fun with this addition! We have tried a variety of other products on our boats and many have been great, but none of them are on the same level as the Lillipad Diving Board.


    Lillipad Diving Board Features and Highlights

    One of the most incredible features of the boat diving board is that the boat doesn't rock or shake when you jump off. The patented and International Innovation Award winning design features a spring loaded system that allows big jumps while the boat stays steady. You almost have to see it to believe it! With a 250 pound weight capacity most people will be able to use it.

    On top of providing endless fun, the boat diving board is easy to set up and has a quick release pin to drop the diving board into the travel position. You can also easily remove the diving board all together by removing a few eye bolts. Daily takedown or installation only takes a couple of minutes and the board can easily be stored in a dock locker or even in storage areas on the boat.


    "Couldn’t have had a better experience. From the website, to the status updates, to the fast delivery I was completely satisfied. And the diving board is AMAZING! So much fun! We’ve been the talk of the lake." - Jill T


    The Lillipad Diving Board can be installed on almost any boat as long as it is at least 18 feet long and 7 feet wide. There are a variety of places that you can mount the diving board, we have ours on the rear platform of our pontoon boat. This is a popular spot to mount because the ladder is near which makes it easy to jump in, climb out, and repeat!

    We have been using our Lillipad Diving Board for almost 5 years and it is showing no signs of letting up. It is still in great condition and bouncing as good as ever. The boat diving board is built to last by using heavy wall Aircraft Grade T60-61 aluminum, stainless steel hardware, and urethane spring components. We added the diving board cover and that has helped keep it looking sharp. 

    Lily pad diving board for boats being used on the lake and ocean. 3 images.


    What Options Does the Lillipad Diving Board Have?

    We did upgrade the diving board surface from the standard grip tape to the textured foam and that is also holding up well in its 3rd season. The grip tape could have made it at least a couple of more years but the textured foam is nice and we wanted to change. It is a very comfortable surface that allows you to get traction and not worry about slipping. It also looks great and is available in several colors so that you can match it to your boat!


    "I have purchased 2 Lillipad Diving Boards. The first one was a unanimous hit! We sold the boat with diving board included, so we ordered another one!" - Gordan G.


    When we got our Lillipad Diving Board installed on our pontoon boat, it was only available in the Silver-Anodized Aluminium finish. Now it is also available in a sharp looking Black Powder Coat finish! Between the finish and the textured foam options, you can get the perfect match for your boat.

    No worries about the black powder coating getting too hot, it doesn't get any hotter than other items on the boat and normally is cooled off by the dripping water from repeat jumpers. Our neighbors have the black powder coated model and they told me they have never had an issue with it getting too hot, even on those hot July and August days. It looks awesome on their boat too!




    "Everybody loved it!! Our diving board was easy to install, we were very impressed with the quality and we earned the award for 'greatest grandparents ever' this weekend. Thanks!" - Diane W.


    What is the Lillipad Diving Board Installation Process?

    We hired a local marina to install our diving board and they had it done in 1 day. It has worked out well with no issues and the board is still cleanly secure. I assisted a neighbor a couple of years ago as he installed his own Lillipad Diving Board and we got it done quickly and without any troubles.

    With the easy to follow instructions and template we had it installed and ready to go in less than 90 minutes. Video instructions make it very easy to follow along. I was actually surprised with how simple it was. We used the underfloor mount and put it over the side door of his pontoon boat.

    Lilypad Diving Board Installation Options


    Lillipad Boat Diving Board Final Thoughts

    ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️  ⭐️ 10/10

    Overall, the Lillipad Boat Diving Board has earned a perfect 10 score from us and our customers. We have sold a lot of these diving boards over the last 5 years and it has been nothing but 5-star reviews and compliments! We have a lot of satisfied customers out there singing its praises.

    If you have kids and a pontoon boat, or any boat for that matter, you should take a real serious look at installing a Lillipad Diving Board. On top of all the fun that the kids will have, it also makes for a relaxing day for parents. Kick back and relax while watching the kids enjoy jumping in the water over and over again. I enjoy the diving board even when I'm not the one using it!

    Not only do we love it and our customers love it, the world's largest boat show loves it too!. The Lillipad Boat Diving Board has earned 2 Innovation Awards at the Miami International Boat Show!

    The first award was the diving board itself, and the second award was for their new 'Ghost-Mount' which is a premium mount that takes up less space than a quarter! The mount works not just for the diving board, but other fun accessories such as grills and flag poles as well.

    Thanks for reading our Lillipad Diving Board review, I hope that you have found it helpful. If you have any questions about the Lillipad Boat Diving Board please contact us, we look forward to helping you get one on your boat!

    You can download this review here: Download Lillipad Diving Board Review


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