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PowerHouse Aerator Parts | Power House Aerator Accessories

PowerHouse Aerator Parts will maximize the performance, durability, and longevity of your PowerHouse F Series Aerator.

  • Replacement Motors for Powerhouse Aerators are available for all models.  The PowerHouse F Series Aerating Fountain Assembly is for the F500F and F1000F Fountain Aerators, the PowerHouse Dual Propeller Motor Assembly is for the F750DP and F1000DP Aerator, and the PowerHouse Single Propeller F Series Motor is for the F250 Surface Aerator and F500 Aerator
  • The PowerHouse Surface Aerator Square Float fits all of the F-Series Aerators except for the F250 Surface Aerator.
  • A PowerHouse Aerator Shroud and Shroud Down Tube Attachment enable your aerator to pull water from deeper water depths and fits the F750DP and F1000DP Surface Aerator
  • PowerHouse Float Cages and Screen Kits are essential in the protection of your aerator from debris, fish, turtles, and other wildlife. The Large Float Cage is compatible with the F500, F750DP, and F1000DP Surface Aerators as well as the F500F and F1000F Aerating Fountain.  The Small Float Cage fits the Powerhouse F250 Aerator
  • A PowerHouse Aerator Timer is a tremendous convenience and can maximize the efficiency while minimizing the costs of your PowerHouse Aerator
  • PowerHouse Power Cords, Brackets, Shackles, Propellers and Mooring Lines are available.  Check the guidelines on the power cord and Propeller pages for compatibility.  Brackets, shackles, and mooring ropes are compatible with all PowerHouse Aerators and Ice Eaters.
  • Salt water can be a danger to PowerHouse Aerators and Ice Eaters, but luckily there is a solution.  Powerhouse Aluminum Alloy Anodes and the Powerhouse Electrolysis Kit will keep your Powerhouse Aerators and Ice Eaters free of deterioration, corrosion, and electrolysis.  Aluminum Anodes are also environmentally friendly and best for all water types.

PowerHouse Aerator Buyers Guide and Brochure

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