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    ScubaJet Pro Overwater Kit

    The ScubaJet Pro Overwater Kit creates one of the most effective paddlesport motors you will find. The most popular uses are as a kayak motor or paddleboard motor, but there are other vessels it will work with also. You will be more effective and efficient on your adventures and be able to see things that may have been out of reach before. Not only will you see more, but you will conserve energy! You will be amazed at how fresh you feel throughout your outings and after. The ScubaJet Pro is a real game-changer!

    The ScubaJet Pro's 1000W water jet engine will have you cruising across the water at up to 7 mph! All you have to do is steer your vessel and the ScubaJet will take care of the rest. It is a great addition for anybody who enjoys a kayak or paddleboard excursion. If while out on the water you also enjoy fishing, photography, or any other activity the ScubaJet is likely to become your new best friend. You can fully focus on your surroundings and your activity and leave the power to the kayak motor.

    The included Remote Controller wraps around your wrist like a watch and the 2.4LED display clearly shows your run time, the remaining power, and your speed. The ScubaJet Overwater Kit includes 2 airline-compliant, 100Wh batteries and that provide about 2 hours of runtime. You can upgrade to the XR Kit to double your run time with 4, 100Wh batteries that can be stacked on each other. This is a tremendous runtime and better than most, if not all, competitors.

    The most popular upgrade for the ScubaJet Pro is the 1,500 Lumens BEAM. This will 6,000 Kelvin lamp will light up your path and everything beneath your kayak/board. It is great from a functional standpoint for nighttime excursions and it also gives you a great-looking arc of light underneath. You can easily switch the light on and off underwater.

    The ScubaJet Pro comes with a Free 1-Year Warranty and you can upgrade to the SHIELD package for a 3-Year Warranty. You know you are getting a quality kayak motor when you get that type of warranty.

    Get your ScubaJet Pro Overwater Kit and maximize your adventures on the water!


    ScubaJet Pro Overwater Kit Features and Benefits

    • 1,000W SCUBAJET PRO water jet engine: Pushes you across the water at up to 7 mph. That’s 60% faster than Michael Phelps! You will skim across the water effortlessly and effectively.
    • Smart Batteries and XR KIt: The airline-compliant Lithium-Ion batteries each pack 100Wh of power. The overwater kit comes standard with 2 batteries and you can upgrade to the XR Kit to double the power. Stack up to 4 for 400Wh of power and a runtime of 4 hours.
    • Remote Control: A handy remote control is worn as a watch. It features an easy-to-read 2.4LED display that tells you your speed, run time, and remaining power. Giving you all of the most important information.
    • BEAM Headlight: The BEAM headlight is a great addition to your ScubaJet. A 1,500 Lumen, 6,000 Kelvin lamp lights up your path and surroundings and creates a great-looking arc of light around your vessel. 
    • Enhanced Adventures: You will effortlessly and efficiently skim across the water. As a kayak motor, paddleboard motor, and any other vessel, the ScubaJet Pro will give you an unforgettable experience. You will get to where you are going quicker while using significantly less energy. Now you will have more energy for longer adventures and activities. The ScubaJet is a dream for SUP and kayak fishing.


    ScubaJet Pro Overwater Kit Specifications

    • Motor Unit Power: 1,000W
    • Depth rating: 200ft | 60m
    • Speed Overwater: up to 7mph | 11km/h
    • Speed Underwater: up to 6.56ft/s | 2m/s
    • Battery type: Lithium Ion
    • Battery capacity: 2x 100Wh = 200Wh (airline-compliant and stackable) with “Double Your Range™ PRO XR Kit” extendable to 4x 100Wh = 400Wh, both settings are fully airline-compliant 
    • Battery runtime: up to 2h | 4h with “Double Your Range™ PRO XR Kit”
    • Optional LED light (BEAM™): 1,500 Lumen at 6,000 Kelvin with a 120-degree angle

    What comes with the ScubaJet Pro Overwater Kit

    ScubaJet Pro Overwater Kit package inluded items visual.

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