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  • Kayak Accessory of the Year 2022: The Bixpy Kayak Jet Motor

    by Ringo Ladue March 25, 2022 5 min read

    Bixpy Motor for Kayaks, Paddleboards, and Boats, 4 images and in white letters, 'Best of 2022'.

    Kayak Accessory of the Year 2022: The Bixpy Kayak Jet Motor

    Kayaking is one of the all time greatest outdoor activities. You can enjoy a relaxing day on the water while getting a full-body workout and taking in some sunshine and vitamin D! 

    However, sometimes that workout can be more than we want to handle. A challenge can be fun, but if it is an easier day on the water that you are looking for then the challenge can feel more like work. We don't want our day of enjoyment to feel like work!

    We've all had those exhausted moments on the water thinking 'I wish a boat would pick me up?' Or, 'why didn't I buy a motor already?!' But you probably had questions about the motor options and didn't want to risk wasting your money.

    Having a motor on a kayak isn't anything new, so why is the Bixpy Kayak Jet Motor at the top of our list of best kayak accessories in 2022?

    Keep reading to find out how the Bixpy motor continues to innovate the kayaking scene around the world. 

    The King of Kayak Accessories 

    In a world of gimmicks and quick sales of cheap kayak accessories that people often regret, there is one that will give the best bang for your buck. Trolling motors for kayaks have been around for many years, making kayaking more relaxing, safer, and easier – or so we all thought. 

    Unfortunately, many kayak motors have disappointing battery life and can be difficult to mount. Luckily, the designers of the Bixpy kayak motors have tackled these issues head-on and provided us all with a trolling motor that is filled with benefits for paddlers! 

    Minimal Weight

    If you have a full suite of kayak fishing accessories strapped onto your kayak, you'll know how they can add weight to your craft. Heavier kayaks are generally more stable, but they tend to be slower through the water.

    Although you're probably not in racing mode on your kayak a lot of the time, speed and streamlining are still important. The entire Bixpy kit for kayaks including the battery weighs in at only 9 pounds!

    Excellent Battery Life

    One of the pitfalls of other kayak motors is the poor battery life. The high-performance battery on the Bixpy can deliver up to 80 mins on full power at 7 miles per hour.

    At half speed to assist your paddling efforts, you'll get a whopping four hours of battery life at speeds of around 6 km an hour. You can enjoy a whole day of assisted power at lower speeds, perfect for cruising or trolling your fishing lures.

    Bixpy Jet Motor for Kayaks, SUPs, and Inflatable Boats. 3 images, kayak with motor on the beach, kayak motor side view underwater, and top view of bixpy motor on a kayak.

    Need for Speed

    The streamlined design reduces the potential for drag when the motor is in the water. With 10 speeds to choose from, you can utilize the versatility of the Bixpy like a pro. You'll be able to cruise full speed ahead at around 7 miles per hour for around 70-80 minutes depending on:

    • Kayak weight
    • Kayak shape
    • Current speed and direction
    • Wind speed and direction
    • Wave frequency and size
    • Fishing gear dragging in the water

    Paddle at the same time as using the Bixpy and enjoy effortless cruising every time. At the end of a long day of exploring and fishing, you'll be able to get back to shore in a fraction of the time of manual paddling.

    Extend Your Range

    Don't limit yourself to the nearest two miles of water to fish in. With the assistance of the Bixpy kayak motor, you'll be able to extend your range to 4-5 miles from your starting point. This will open the opportunity to access more fishing spots and return to shore on a single battery charge.

    You can also fish in areas with a current and tidal flow that would be inaccessible for regular paddling. Set the speed to match the water flow and sit stationary in prime fishing spots with no effort.

    Easy Installation

    Accessories for kayaking can often be a little cumbersome in their onboard attachment. The Bixpy Jet Motor can be easily mounted on your kayak rudder, under the center pod, or in the drive-well of pedal kayaks.

    The battery pack can be fixed onto the back of your seat or backrest – perfect for balance on inflatable kayaks. Simply connect the motor to the battery via the waterproof cable, and you're good to go.

    Handy Bluetooth Controller

    The handheld Bixpy controller makes operating the motor totally hassle-free. It connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to the motor, eliminating the need for annoying cables. The compact design with Velcro strap means you can wear it on your wrist, attach it to your life jacket, or anywhere convenient on your kayak. 


    Kayaks are one of the highest risk vessels for accidents reported to the US Coast Guard. The most important kayak accessories are those that improve your safety while on the water. The Bixpy Kayak Jet Motor massively reduces the risk of uncontrollably drifting off course when you're unable to paddle back to shore.

    If an unexpected storm arrives, you will certainly be thankful for the Bixpy's motor power to get you home faster! In the unfortunate event that you suffer an injury, you'll be able to reach the shore to seek medical help sooner.

    One of the best features has to be the addition of the magnetic kill cord. Like a jet ski or motorboat, you clip the kill cord to yourself, and in the unlikely event of a capsize, the cord will end the connection to the motor, killing the power. 

    Small Environmental Footprint

    One of the great benefits of kayaking is the almost zero carbon footprint (apart from the one made during its fabrication). 

    The main contributor to a vessel's carbon footprint is the fuel from the engine and the generator. Unlike fuel-powered motors, the battery-powered Bixpy is a great environmentally friendly way to get a boost.

    Add Some Power to Your Paddle

    This is the time you can finally put a stop to those frustrating moments when you're out on the water wishing you had a kayak motor. With all these benefits, the Bixby Kayak Jet Motor is certainly one of the best investments in kayak accessories you'll ever make. 

    Contact us for more information on the best kayak accessories to make your time on the water the best it can be!



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