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  • Will Adding a Motor to My Kayak or SUP be Worth It?

    A man stands on a kayak fishing and you can see that he has a kayak motor on the back. He is on a small lake in the fall, as is evident by the trees in the background.

    Are you looking for a little assistance with your kayaking or paddle boarding adventures? Would you like to make them a little easier? Or, maybe your adventures are in an area where the weather or conditions can change and you would feel better having some assistance to get you out of trouble. We are here to show you why adding a motor to your kayak or paddle board is likely to enhance your fun!

    Did you know that motorizing your kayak can be done very easily? Kayaking is a popular pastime. So much so that in 2021, at least 18.6 million people across the U.S. took a kayak out onto the water at least once. Aside from simplicity, a motor for kayaks means faster sustained speeds, trips that are much more energy efficient, and the fun meter will be off the charts!.

    Whether you want to put a motor on your fishing kayak to be able to cover more ground or you just want to take a break from paddling, adding in a feature like this has countless benefits. Plus, if you decide you want to sell your current kayak, including the motor, it makes for an easy upsell.

    To find out more about adding a motor to your kayak or SUP board, keep reading as we discuss why it's needed, the benefits, and how it works.

    Why You Should Add a Motor to Your Kayaks or SUP

    When you add a motor to your kayak, the main thing that you'll gain is efficiency. A trolling motor means less work you have to do and this is an ideal setup for someone with a fishing kayak or even just a kayak or SUP for recreation. When you can get from one point to another without exerting as much energy, that leaves time for you to focus on your hobby versus how much energy you'll expel from paddling.

    Additionally, did you know that a motorized kayak can go about two to four mph? This is the average speed for your standard trolling motor. What this means is that with your more standard options, you could be quite limited in your speed options.

    For high-quality models like the Bixpy Jet Outboard motor, your top speed will exceed what the average kayak motor can do. One of the Bixypy models can go at a top speed of 6.5 mph meaning that you can cover more surface area of any body of water that you decide to visit.

    Additional Kayak/SUP Motor Benefits to Consider

    A motor for kayaks isn't just good for being able to take it easy or cover more ground. It's also a beneficial add-on for anyone that might have suffered an injury or that may have a disability that would make consistent paddling difficult to do. Overall, you will have a few benefits of motors for your kayak or SUP to look forward to after installing a kayak motor such as;

    • Increased levels of comfort and security
    • The ability to get safely into or out of certain areas or situations if needed
    • Top speed options
    • The choice to paddle or use the motor versus only having one option
    • Simple installation processions and ease of use
    • Lightweight
    • The ability to use the motor in both fresh and saltwater
    • Up to 30 feet of range for a remote control
    • Reverse speed options

    As an example, in low tides or inclement weather, a motor can come in handy to quicken your response times to those situations. A kayak motor is a bona fide safety feature!

    Did You Know That There Are Health Benefits to Adding a Motor to Your Kayak or SUP?

    While kayaking is technically a low-impact form of exercise, it can be taxing in some ways. Overuse during the sport can cause wrist and arm strain and depending on your initial physical health status, this might be strenuous. This is mainly due to the repetitive motions associated with paddling.

    Kayaking in general is a great form of aerobic fitness and good for strengthening muscles along with other benefits, however, if you are just looking to use your SUP or kayak in the most simple way, a motor for SUPs or your kayak could help with this. Motorizing SUP boards is a good way to deter strain on the wrist and arms, complicating an injury, and deterring potential injuries.

    How Much Does it Cost to Add a Motor to a Kayak or SUP?

    The exact cost of adding a motor to your kayak or SUP will depend on the type of motor you choose and the model of your choice. You could pay hundreds or over $1000, it will all depend on what you hope to gain from your experience out on the water.

    The price will also vary based on the quality of the motor and the features it offers. If you go with a more premium motor that can offer faster travel speeds, more of a modular design, and a zero-emission battery for starters, the price may be on the higher end. However, there are kayak and SUP suppliers that offer high-end features and low-profile designs without sacrificing affordability.

    How Do You Install It?

    Kayak motor assembly is quite simple and it doesn't take an expert to do it. Not only should the process take no more than about an hour, the tools needed to do it, you probably have laying around your home already.

    To make things easier, buying your motor in a kit will allow you to get more of what you need but within a bundle. Also, purchase a wiring kit to make wiring the motor much simpler. Overall, the general steps for installing the motor will consist of;

    • Installing the mounting bracket for the motor to the bow of the kayak
    • Wiring your motor using a wiring kit
    • Taking the motor out for a test drive to ensure everything is installed properly

    The process is as easy as unboxing what you need and then putting it together.

    High-Quality Fun With Affordability

    Getting a motor for kayaks in your personal fleet is the top way to get the best experience on the water. It not only increased efficiency, and allows for more comfort, but it can also increase safety and increase the value of what you currently have and Splashy McFun knows this.

    What's even better is that if you're in a high-traffic fishing area, you're unlikely to disturb your potential catch. To find out more, check out our collections of kayak accessories and the Bixpy Kayak/SUP motor today.

    Please contact us with any questions, we would be thrilled to get you set up with one of the best kayak/SUP motors on the market!

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