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  • 10 Remarkable Advantages of Using Inflatable Boats for Fishing

    2 men are fishing in a green inflatable boat for fishing. One person is standing up and reeling in a fish. The other is seated and paddling the inflatable fishing boat.

    Decades ago, traditional boats were the only option for trade fishermen. These days, people love using inflatable boats for fishing—read on and we will explain why.

    In 2022, there were a collective 54.5 million fishing outings in the United States, about a 4% year over year increase. That is a lot of fishing, but imagine how many more there would be with more accessibility?

    The excellent news is inflatable boats for fishing have improved significantly. Gone are the days of easily puncturing it with a hook or on a rock. And you no longer have to worry about easily tipping the boat and ending your fishing trip early.

    Inflatable fishing boats are high quality and will give you a great fishing experience. Are you interested in learning more? Read on for ten advantages of using inflatable boats for fishing!

    1. Affordable

    Let's get straight to it. The cost of ownership for inflatable boats is cost-effective for most anglers.

    The catch? The one on the end of your line is the only one! 

    You do not have to make use of it regularly to justify the cost. Plus, you do not need to invest in any equipment or space to store it.

    2. Location Flexibility

    Make the most of your fishing license and explore more spots with an inflatable boat. It is portable, so you can easily pack it in your car, or even take it on public transport, and go. You can take off spur of the moment! Grab your poles and appropriate gear, throw your inflatable fishing boat into the trunk, and you are off! This also makes quick trips after a days work easier to pull off.

    You can also access remote shorelines with no trails or car access. A traditional boat requires docking, which can limit where you fish. Or you have to invest in transport gear like a trailer, but you still will not get to those secret fishing spots.

    3. Storage Space

    An inflatable fishing boat does not take up much space. You do not have to worry when transporting it or even storing it. Most are frameless and come with an included carry bag that is also a storage bag.

    It is perfect for people who do not have somewhere to store a boat but want to get out on the water and fish. Throw it in a carry bag and forget about it until your next fishing trip! It will take up only minimal space in a garage or storage closet.

    4. Easy To Launch

    You do not need a ramp to launch the boat. It is also easy to get on and off the water at the beginning and end of your trip. An inflatable fishing boat is very lightweight. 

    You can also go fishing on your own. You will not need to worry about launching or retrieving your boat independently; one person can usually handle the job. Most inflatable boats are designed for one to two people.

    5. Floats and Sails Well

    Inflatable fishing boats have excellent buoyancy. This is thanks to their inflated tubular walls and air chambers. Separate air chambers give the inflatable boats a firm exterior for great performance. A drop stitch floor will add to the buoyancy and performance.

    They have evolved a lot, and boats such as the popular rigid inflatable boat hold up well. So hop in, or lean over to check the water without worrying about tipping.

    Inflatable boats are also accessible. So, you will be able to steer into shallow waters without difficulty. You will be able to get to some locations that may not be accessible by larger boats or by land.

    6. Carry a Load!

    Are you debating how much gear to take? Or are you asking yourself, how many rods are too many rods?

    Pack them all! Inflatable boats for fishing can carry a lot. 

    Take, for example, this inflatable fishing boat. It can hold up to 1200 lbs, so bring as much, eat as much, and fish as much as you want! It is also quick to set up, so you will be able to pack up and go!

    7. Sturdy 

    An inflatable boat is sturdy, but how sturdy depends on the model you pick. 

    For example, the rigid inflatable boat has a solid boat base. So only the walls are inflatable. A cheap inflatable boat will not be as sturdy. 

    Most inflatable boats are made from rubberized polyethylene. So they can take hard knocks without worry.

    Be on the lookout for inflatable boats with heavy grade 1000 Denier Reinforced. This is designed for extreme outdoor conditions and trusted by the US Navy and US Coast Guard.

    However, do not give it a purposeful beating. As with any boat, know its limit. If you would not take a kayak out into rough ocean conditions, definitely do not take out an inflatable one. 

    8. Repair It Quickly

    Another great advantage of inflatable boats is that they are easy to fix. The materials are accessible. For example, a simple puncture will just require some UV repair adhesive.

    So, do not worry about hesitating before shallow areas! Just keep a lookout for rocks. Most of the time you will be able to brush off of them, but repeated run ins may evolve into a problem down the line.

    If you do damage it, do not beat yourself up, as you can quickly fix it! There is no need to end any fishing trips early. Most of the tools you will need are lightweight and easy to take with you. 

    9. Customize Your Boat

    Inflatable fishing boats are fully kitted out. This is not like a flamingo lilo for the swimming pool! Standard features often include rod holders, chairs, and a fish ruler.

    You can also customize your boat. Add a motor, such as a trolling motor, for extra power. You could also add other features. Some ideas include swivel seats or a canopy. 

    But remember, if there is a motor, you need to register it, like with a traditional boat for fishing. Sometimes you will need to register you inflatable boat for fishing even if it does not have a motor. To find out how, go to the Department of Motor Vehicles for your state. 

    The other great thing is that there are different types of boats dependable on your needs. Maybe you want a rigid inflatable boat, or perhaps just an inflatable fishing skiff. 

    10. Sneak Up on Fish!

    One of the remarkable benefits of inflatable boats for fishing is how quiet they are. Inflatable boats do not have noisy motor, so fish will not sense you coming. You can navigate small ponds, rivers, and lakes without motor limitations!  

    Sneak up on fish even in shallow waters, and catch more! If you use paddles, you will not even disturb the water. However, a trolling motor will add noise to your fishing experience. 

    Try Inflatable Boats for Fishing 

    There are many significant advantages to inflatable boats for fishing. They put the control in your hands. 

    Pick a style that is right for you. And a whole new realm of fishing trip opportunities opens up! Challenge yourself with different fishing locations and types of fishing! 

    It is important to avoid cheap inflatable boats, as they do not offer the advantages listed. Instead, go with a provider you can trust. 

    We only work with the best providers in the industry. Contact us today so we can help you find your ideal inflatable fishing boat. 


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